9th Annual Biomarkers Congress
Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials
Hyatt Harborside Boston
101 Harborside Drive
Boston, MA
Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials 
 Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Hyatt Harborside Boston

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, May 11, 2009
08:00:00 Pre-Conference Workshop Registration and Morning Coffee
08:30:00 Interactive Open-Forum Format Susan Campbell, Melynda Geurts
10:00:00 Main Conference Registration
10:30:00 End of Pre-Conference Workshop
11:00:00 Organizer’s Welcome and Chairperson’s Remarks Micah Lieberman
11:00:00 Optimization of Patient Recruitment Strategies
11:05:00 KEYNOTE: Increasing Investigator Site Performance & Productivity Brian York
11:45:00 Recruitment Planning Starts Earlier Than You Think Katherine Valentine
12:15:00 Luncheon Co-Presentation Recruiting Recipes that Will Cook-up Immediate Results Christine Pierre, Lance Nickens
13:45:00 INTERACTIVE PANEL: Can Sponsor/CRO Collaboration Yield an Effective Recruitment Strategy? Tara Gladwell, Peter Keim, Joshua Schultz, Tim Warneke, L. Joshua Davis
14:30:00 Networking Refreshment Break with Exhibit Viewing
15:00:00 Do You Have an Implementable Protocol? Brendan O’Neill
15:30:00 Supplementing Traditional Site Relationships in Clinical Trials by Partnering Clinical Operations and Medical Affairs – A Novel Approach to Enhancing Patient Identification, Accrual, and Retention Ross D. Pettit
16:00:00 Program-Level Branding: Solving Complex Patient Recruitment Needs Donna Beasley
16:15:00 Informal Break-out Discussions
16:20:00 Global Regulatory Strategies to Deal with Recruitment of Patients in Placebo-Controlled Studies Alex Kudrin
16:25:00 Table #2: How to Deal with the Growing Size/Complexity of Clinical Trials Alex Lancksweert
16:30:00 Table #3: When Do You Need to Hire a Patient Recruitment Service Provider? Matthew R. Dauphin
16:35:00 Table #4: How Can Operations Influence Patient Definition and Protocol Design? Brendan O’Neill
16:40:00 Table #5: Challenges and Opportunities for Optimizing Patient Recruitment in Latin America Jeff Goldfarb
16:45:00 Table #6: Centralized Campaign Versus Site Specific Campaigns: What Works the Best for the Study? Lance Nickens
16:50:00 Table #7: When Should a Risk Share Model Be Utilized? Melynda Geurts
17:00:00 How can we Accurately Project Site and Patient Recruitment in Order to Ensure Trial Milestone Deliverables? Kurt Shampine
17:30:00 Networking Cocktail Reception with Exhibit Viewing
18:30:00 Close of Conference Day
Tuesday, May 12, 2009
07:45:00 Breakfast Presentation:Overcoming the Six Risk Areas of Study Enrollment Matt Kibby
08:45:00 Opening Remarks Brian York
08:55:00 Recruiting Special Populations
09:00:00 Current Challenges in Phase I Pediatric Research Barry Mangum
09:30:00 Subject Recruitment Strategies from the Perspective of an Institutional Review Board James Saunders
10:00:00 Informed Consent, Informed Decision, and the Good Recruitment Practice Initiative Linda Wolff
10:15:00 Networking Coffee Break with Exhibit Viewing
10:15:00 Conducting Studies Outside of the US to Maximize Enrollment
10:45:00 Patient Recruitment in Central and Eastern Europe – a CRO Perspective Kerry Dyson
11:00:00 Regulatory Challenges and Expectations in Latin America and Asia Pacific to Effective Clinical Trial Development Jerry Stewart
11:30:00 Global Regulatory Strategies for the Optimization of Modern Study Designs: Challenges of Using Placebo and Active Reference Products Alex Kudrin
12:00:00 Luncheon Presentation Clinical Trial Patient and Site Recruitment Optimization: Reduce Risk and Accurately Forecast Results Kurt Shampine
13:30:00 Delivering Predictable Performance in Patient Recruitment (DRAFT) Alex Lancksweert
14:00:00 The Importance of Standardizing Study Coordinator Training: Essential Elements April Bower
14:30:00 Networking Refreshment Break
14:30:00 Management of Clinical Sites: Understanding the Challenges and Optimizing Site Relationship Management
15:00:00 Increasing the Communication between the Sponsor and Investigational Sites to Facilitate Patient Recruitment and the Timely Collection of Quality Data Matthew R. Dauphin
15:30:00 Case Study: Recruitment and Retention Planning at the Site Level Kim Hirsch
16:00:00 The Recruitment Enhancement Core: Innovative Recruitment Strategies for Washington University School of Medicine Charles Rathmann
16:30:00 Closing Remarks
16:45:00 End of Conference
4th Annual Pharma R&D Asia Congress
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