3D Tissue Models
Collaborative Innovation in Biomedicine
Marriott at Metro Center
775 12th Street NW
xx, Washington DC
Collaborative Innovation in Biomedicine
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
 Marriott at Metro Center

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, June 22, 2009
07:30:00 Registration and Morning Coffee
07:35:00 Morning Session
08:30:00 Conference Introduction
08:45:00 The Power of Collaborative Innovation and the Architecture of Trust Robert Porter
09:15:00 Defining Characteristics of Successful Models of Collaborative Innovation William B. Mattes
09:45:00 Revising the Role of Intellectual Property - From Exclusivity to Partnership Richard Gold
10:15:00 Information Flows and IP Control in Pre-Competitive Collaborations Mark Anthony Mersereau
10:45:00 Networking Coffee Break
11:10:00 “Radical Collaboration” – How IBM Transformed the Semiconductor Industry through Pre-Competitive Collaborative Innovation – A Hi-Tech Industry Case Study Bernard Meyerson
11:45:00 How Collaborative Innovation Aids the Regulatory Process and Vice-Versa Bruno Flamion
12:00:00 Overcoming Resistance to Sharing Drug Safety Results Arthur L Holden
12:15:00 Lunch on Your Own
12:20:00 Afternoon Session FACILITATING DATA SHARING
13:45:00 Chairperson’s Remarks
13:50:00 Keynote Address Keynote Address Speeding Research and Development through a Collaborative Ecosystem Ken Buetow
14:25:00 Taking a Pre-Competitive Approach to Defining Standards and Leveraging Best Practices to Enable Basic Research Collaboration Martin D. Leach
14:55:00 Gaining Efficiencies through Open Innovation Susie Stephens
15:25:00 Networking Refreshment Break
16:00:00 Customer Perspective on Pre-Competitive Software Development (tentative)
16:30:00 The Value of and Standards for Facilitated Data Sharing- Collaborative Activities in Research and Healthcare Rebecca Kush, Jessica J. Nadler
17:00:00 Breakout Round-Table Discussions
17:05:00 Issues of Shared IP from Consortia Research Richard Gold
17:10:00 Solutions for Facilitating Data Sharing in Collaborative Research Martin D. Leach
17:20:00 Governance, Organizational Management and Trust Building Issues for Consortia Robert Porter
17:25:00 Shared Development of Tools and Technology Erik Kuja, Catherine Oyler
17:30:00 Working to Enable Regulatory Changes Bruno Flamion
17:35:00 Information Infrastructure for Collaborative Therapy Development Jay Tenenbaum
18:00:00 Networking Reception
19:00:00 End of Day One
Tuesday, June 23, 2009
07:30:00 Morning Session Micah Lieberman, Paul Labute, Raymond C. Stevens, Dagmar Ringe
08:00:00 Chairperson’s Remarks
08:05:00 Round-Table Reports
08:45:00 The Innovative Medicines Initiative: Driving a New Paradigm in Pre-Competitive Research Jackie Hunter
09:15:00 Successes and Renewal of the Dundee Signaling Consortium Malcolm M. Skingle
09:45:00 Where No One Has Gone Before – A Collaborative Model to De-risk Discovery and Development of First-in-Class Therapies (How Non-Profits can use their Mission to be a Unique Convener of Pre-Competitive Collaborations) Rusty Bromley
09:45:00 Where No One Has Gone Before – A Collaborative Model to De-risk Discovery and Development of First-in-Class Therapies (How Non-Profits can use their Mission to be a Unique Convener of Pre-Competitive Collaborations) Rusty Bromley
10:15:00 Enlight Biosciences and Related Examples: Pre-competitive Collaboration to Ensure Development and Acceptance of Critical New Technology Erik Kuja
10:55:00 Networking Coffee Break
11:30:00 The Serious Adverse Event Consortium, Ltd. [SAEC] — Formation and Current Status of an International Effort to Understand the Genetic Basis of Drug Related Serious Adverse Events Arthur L Holden
12:00:00 The Drug Safety Executive Council (DSEC) Efforts in Collaborative Drug Safety Evaluation Ernie Bush
12:30:00 Luncheon Presentation Health Commons: An e-Business Approach to Collaborative Therapy Development Jay Tenenbaum
12:35:00 Afternoon Session
14:10:00 Chairperson’s Remarks
14:15:00 HESI’s Experience in Collaborative Approaches to Science Syril D. Pettit
14:45:00 The Biomarkers Consortium David Wholley
15:15:00 The Predictive Safety Testing Consortium: Advancing Translational Toxicology through Inter-disciplinary and Inter-organizational Collaboration Elizabeth Gribble Walker
15:45:00 The Future of Pre-Competitive Consortia – A Best Practices Panel Discussion William B. Mattes, Jay Tenenbaum, Arthur L Holden, Martin D. Leach, Jackie Hunter
17:00:00 Close of Conference
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