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A Time for Transition: Policy, Practice & Research in Aging and Mental Health
Embassy Suites Hotel Des Moines
101 East Locust ST
Des Moines, Iowa
A Time for Transition: Policy, Practice & Research in Aging and Mental Health

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, October 19, 2009
09:00:00 Welcome & Opening Lila Starr
09:30:00 Opening Plenary: “Aging & Mental Health in the 21st Century” Bob Knight
11:00:00 Plenary: “What’s Happened After 20 Years of PASRR” Dan Timmel
12:00:00 Lunch (provided)
13:00:00 Afternoon Breakout Sessions:
13:15:00 a) PASRR: “The Nuts & Bolts of PASRR” Dan Timmel
13:45:00 b) Evidence Based Care: “Iowa Model of Collaborative Care” Brian Kaskie
14:00:00 c) Emerging Issues: “Community Models of Care: Healthy IDEAS & PEARLS” Nancy Wilson, Alixe McNeil
14:20:00 Afternoon Breakout Sessions:
14:35:00 a) PASRR: “Nuts & Bolts” Continues Dan Timmel
14:45:00 b) Evidence-Based Care: “Telehealth-Chronic Illness & Depression” Carolyn Turvey
15:00:00 c) Emerging Issues: “Marijuana Use and Aging Baby Boomers” Mich Magness
15:45:00 Plenary: “How State Coalitions Can Address Emerging Issues in MH & Aging” Alixe McNeil
17:00:00 NASMHPD: OPD Annual Meeting; Expert Tables
17:30:00 Reception
20:30:00 Movie—The Alzheimer’s Project Part 2 Kitty Buckwalter
Tuesday, October 20, 2009
09:00:00 Welcome & Opening Remarks Lila Starr, Joel Olah
09:30:00 Plenary: “Targeted Capacity Expansion Grants: Lessons Learned” Marcia Marshall
11:00:00 Morning Breakout Sessions:
11:00:00 a) PASRR: “Promoting Behavioral Health in Long Term Care Settings” Jane Fisher
11:15:00 b) Evidence Based Care: “Collaborative MH Care in the VA System” Angela Hoth
11:45:00 c) Emerging Issues: “It’s a Family Affair: Parents with Mental Health Needs” Mercedes Bern-Klug
12:00:00 Lunch: “Promoting MH & Preventing Mental Illness in Older Adults” Bob Bender
13:05:00 Afternoon Breakout Sessions:
13:15:00 a) PASRR: “Diversion of Persons with Mental Illness from Nursing Facilities” Darlene O’Connor
13:30:00 b) Evidence Based Care: “Integration of MH in the Primary Care Setting” Lou Carmichael
14:00:00 c) Emerging Issues: “Change Agents: Building a Solid Foundation” Joel Olah
14:30:00 Plenary Panel: “Medicare Part B Payment for Mental Health Services” Ellen Berra
15:45:00 Closing Plenary: “Health Care Reform: Is Aging & MH at the Table?” Robyn Golden
17:00:00 PASRR Brag & Steal; Targeted Capacity Expansion TA Meeting
20:30:00 Movie—The Alzheimer’s Project Part 3 Kitty Buckwalter
21:00:00 Dinner on Your Own
22:05:00 Adjournment
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