Applied Statistics
11th Annual UCSF/UC Davis Thoracic Oncology Conference
The St. Regis Hotel San Francisco
125 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA
11th Annual UCSF/UC Davis Thoracic Oncology Conference

Schedule of Presentations:

Saturday, November 21, 2009
07:30:00 Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Exhibits
08:00:00 Welcome and Introduction David M. Jablons, David R. Gandara
08:05:00 KEYNOTE:
08:05:00 ADVANCED NON-SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER Michele Carbone, Sarita Dubey, Alexander Gottschalk, Heather A. Wakelee, David R. Gandara
08:10:00 Asbestos and Erionite Carcinogenesis Michele Carbone
08:35:00 Questions
08:40:00 Anti-Angiogenesis Agents in NSCLC Heather A. Wakelee
08:55:00 Questions
09:00:00 Cyberknife Options in Advanced Disease Alexander Gottschalk
09:15:00 Questions
09:20:00 Novel Agents for Advanced NSCLC Sarita Dubey
09:35:00 Questions
09:40:00 Case Presentation/Roundtable Discussion Ken Y. Yoneda
10:10:00 Break
10:15:00 LOCALLY ADVANCED NSCLC Sue S. Yom, Lorriana Leard, David R. Gandara, Primo N. Lara, Tina Li
10:25:00 Decision-Making Process for Lung Cancer David R. Gandara
10:40:00 Questions
10:45:00 The Need For New Paradigms in Stage III NSCLC Improving Combined Modality Approaches Primo N. Lara
11:00:00 Questions
11:05:00 Case Presentation/Roundtable Discussion Allen Chen
11:10:00 ESOPHAGEAL CANCER David T. Cooke, Guilherme M. Campos, Andrew Ko, Derick Lau, Pierre Theodore
11:35:00 Tumors Below the GE Junction - Operative Management and Strategies Guilherme M. Campos
11:50:00 Questions
11:55:00 Multi-Disciplinary Management of Esophageal Cancer Pierre Theodore
12:10:00 Questions
12:15:00 Case Presentation/Roundtable Discussion Andrew Ko
12:45:00 Break/Boxed Lunches
12:50:00 EARLY STAGE NSCLC Sue S. Yom, Royce F. Calhoun, David M. Jablons, Thierry M. Jahan, Jasleen Kukreja, David K. Shelton
13:15:00 Subanatomic Resection for Early Stage NSCLC Royce F. Calhoun
13:35:00 Questions
13:40:00 Spiral CT Screening- ACRIN Trial and World Perspective David K. Shelton
13:55:00 Questions
14:00:00 Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy: Has Its Time Come? David M. Jablons
14:15:00 Questions
14:20:00 Role of the Pulmonologist in a Multidisciplinary Thoracic Program Ken Y. Yoneda
14:35:00 Questions
14:40:00 Case Presentation/Roundtable Discussion Jasleen Kukreja
15:10:00 Break
15:25:00 World Perspective on the Treatment of Mesothelioma Thierry M. Jahan
15:40:00 Questions
15:45:00 Targeting the Cancer Stem Cell Tina Li
15:45:00 TRANSLATIONAL UPDATE David M. Jablons, Philip Mack, Michele Carbone
16:00:00 Questions
16:05:00 SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER Heather A. Wakelee, Sarita Dubey, Derick Lau
16:05:00 Small Cell Lung Cancer – Has There Been Any Progress in It’s Treatment Derick Lau
16:20:00 Questions
16:25:00 Case Presentation/Roundtable Discussion
16:55:00 Questions/Closing Remarks/Evaluations
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