9th Annual Biomarkers Congress
Clinical Advances in Ophthalmology for Practicing Ophthalmologists
The Houstonian Hotel
111 North Post Oak Lane
Houston, Texas
Clinical Advances in Ophthalmology for Practicing Ophthalmologists

Schedule of Presentations:

Friday, February 26, 2010
07:15:00 Registration, Continental Breakfast, Exhibits
08:00:00 Welcome
08:05:00 Pediatric Ophthalmology and Genetics Paul G. Steinkuller
08:05:00 Amblyopia Update – All you Need to Know
08:10:00 How to Properly Measure Vision to Detect and Follow Amblyopia David K. Coats
08:15:00 Patching for Amblyopia Paul G. Steinkuller
08:15:00 The Role of Glasses in Treating Amblyopia David K. Coats
08:15:00 Atropine Treatment Paul G. Steinkuller
08:20:00 What to do When a Child is Not Responding to Treatment Evelyn A. Paysse
08:25:00 When Can Amblyopia Treatment be Stopped? Evelyn A. Paysse
08:30:00 Amblyopia Management in Pediatric Aphakia and Pseudophakia Michael T. Yen
08:40:00 Hereditary Vitreoretinopathies Richard Lewis
08:50:00 Retinopathy of Prematurity 2010: Up-to-the-Minute News Paul G. Steinkuller
09:00:00 Ptosis Management in Children Evelyn A. Paysse
09:10:00 Common Pediatric Optic Neuropathies Jane C. Edmond
09:20:00 Congenital Cataracts: Evaluation and Management Kimberly G. Yen
09:30:00 A New View of Retinal and Systemic Disease: The Ciliopathies Richard Lewis
09:40:00 Case Presentations and Panel Discussion
10:00:00 Health Break/Exhibits
10:05:00 Plastics/Neuro Michael T. Yen
10:30:00 Management of Orbital Cellulitis in the Age of MRSA Michael T. Yen
10:40:00 Periocular Lesions – Pearls for Practical Management Debra R. Shetlar
10:50:00 Surgical Approaches to Orbital Abcesses Michael T. Yen
11:00:00 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges – Part 1 Milton Boniuk
11:10:00 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges – Part 2 Milton Boniuk
11:20:00 Nonphysiologic Vision Problems – Nobody Likes ‘em, but sometimes you have to Deal with ‘em
11:30:00 Functional Vision Loss and Visual Fields Rod Foroozan
11:40:00 Functional Vision Loss – Testing Tips and Tricks Jane C. Edmond
11:45:00 The Leftovers – Ocular Motility, Pupils, etc. Rod Foroozan
11:50:00 Case Presentations and Panel Discussion
12:15:00 Luncheon
13:15:00 Ethics Lecture Sarah F. Fontenot
14:15:00 Health Break/Exhibits
14:20:00 Cornea and External Disease Dan B. Jones
14:35:00 Common Problems in Cornea and External Disease – how I Treat It
14:40:00 Scleritis Kirk R. Wilhelmus
14:40:00 Corneal Abrasion Dan B. Jones
14:45:00 Corneal Deposits Alice Y. Matoba
14:50:00 Dry Eye Stephen C. Pflugfelder
14:55:00 Chronic Blepharitis Kirk R. Wilhelmus
15:00:00 Keratitis Associated with Contact Lens Wear Dan B. Jones
15:10:00 Peripheral Corneal Thinning and Inflammation Alice Y. Matoba
15:15:00 Nonhealing Epithelial Defects Stephen C. Pflugfelder
15:45:00 The ABCs of Keratoconus Management
15:50:00 Advances in Contact Lenses Stephen C. Pflugfelder
15:55:00 Intracorneal Ring Segments Mitchell P. Weikert
16:00:00 Corneal Collagen Crosslinking Elizabeth Yeu-Lin
16:00:00 Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty Alice Y. Matoba
16:05:00 Penetrating Keratoplasty M. Bowes Hamill
16:15:00 Case Presentations and Panel Discussion
16:45:00 Adjourn and Reception
Saturday, February 27, 2010
07:00:00 Registration, Continental Breakfast, Exhibits
07:00:00 Breakfast with the Experts (Cypress Room)
07:15:00 GLAUCOMA Silvia Orengo-Nania
08:00:00 Update on the Treatment of Angle Closure Glaucoma Ronald L. Gross
08:10:00 Surgical Lowering of IOP – When to Trab Silvia Orengo-Nania
08:20:00 Phacoemulsification as a Glaucoma Operation Peter T. Chang
08:30:00 Low Tension Glaucoma – Is it Really Different? Ronald L. Gross
08:40:00 Surgical Lowering of IOP – When to Tube Silvia Orengo-Nania
08:50:00 IOP Fluctuation – Does it Really Matter? Peter T. Chang
09:00:00 Case Presentations and Panel Discussion
09:30:00 Health Break/Exhibits
09:35:00 Retina Petros Carvounis
10:00:00 Exudative Age-related Macular Degeneration : What’s New? Petros Carvounis
10:10:00 Update on Choroidal Melanoma Brian T. Chan-Kai
10:20:00 Macular Hole Surgery – What are the Most Current Techniques? Petros Carvounis
10:30:00 What Have We Learned About the Management of Diabetic Retinopathy from the Recent DRCRnet Trials? Brian T. Chan-Kai
10:40:00 Cystoid Macular Edema After Retinal Vein Occlusion Current Recommendations Petros Carvounis
10:50:00 Case Presentations and Panel Discussion
10:55:00 paton medal lecture
11:20:00 Introduction Dan B. Jones
11:30:00 Is Ophthalmology Imperiled? David W. Parke
12:20:00 Luncheon
12:30:00 Cataract /Refractive Mitchell P. Weikert
13:20:00 refractive Cataract surgery – Current Concepts
13:30:00 Ocular Surface Management Prior to Cataract Surgery Stephen C. Pflugfelder
13:35:00 Macular Evaluation Prior to Premium IOL Use Douglas D. Koch
13:40:00 Astigmatism Management in Cataract Surgery Mitchell P. Weikert
13:45:00 Bioptics for Fine-Tuning Post-Operative Results Elizabeth Yeu-Lin
13:50:00 Ten Phaco Pearls for Improving Your Results Douglas D. Koch
14:00:00 Cataract Surgery in the Setting of Corneal Pathology Elizabeth Yeu-Lin
14:10:00 No Zonules? No Bag? No Problem! Capsular Tension Rings and Sutured IOLs Mitchell P. Weikert
14:20:00 How to Get the Most Out of Combined Phaco-DSAEK M. Bowes Hamill
14:30:00 Solutions for the Missing Iris Douglas D. Koch
14:40:00 Optimization of iOL Calcs – Case Examples
14:45:00 Case 1: Post-Myopic LASIK/PRK Douglas D. Koch
14:50:00 Case 2: Long Eye Elizabeth Yeu-Lin
14:55:00 Case 3: Piggyback IOLs Mitchell P. Weikert
15:00:00 Refractive Screening for Ectasia Risk – Have We Made any Progress? Mitchell P. Weikert
15:10:00 Managing Post-operative Laser Complications Elizabeth Yeu-Lin
15:20:00 Case Presentations and Panel Discussion
15:50:00 Adjourn
4th Annual Pharma R&D Asia Congress
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