9th Annual Biomarkers Congress
5th Annual San Francisco Orthopaedic Trauma Course
InterContinental Hotel San Francisco
888 Howard Street
San Francisco, California
5th Annual San Francisco Orthopaedic Trauma Course

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, April 22, 2010
07:00:00 Registration / Continental Breakfast / Visit Exhibits
07:25:00 FOOT AND ANKLE FRACTURES James R. Ficke
07:30:00 Welcome Theodore Miclau, III
07:30:00 Treatment of Foot and Ankle Fractures: What is the Optimal Timing? Peter G. Trafton
07:40:00 Pilon Fractures: Current Treatment and Outcomes Andrew H. Schmidt
07:50:00 Calcaneus Fractures: Are Minimally Invasive Techniques the Answer? Robert A. Probe
08:00:00 Ankle Fractures: How Do I Know It Is Reduced? Amir Matityahu
08:10:00 Lisfranc's Fractures: ORIF vs Arthrodesis Steven J. Pinney
08:20:00 VIDEO - Approaches to the Distal Tibia Saam Morshed
08:35:00 Panel Discussion
08:55:00 Break / Visit Exhibits / Travel to Workshops
09:10:00 Workshop 1: Distal Tibial Bone Defects Treated with BMP-2: Case Reviews and Techniques Eric G. Meinberg, Andrew H Schmidt, Andrew H. Schmidt, Joseph Borrelli, Ronald W. Lindsey
09:10:00 Hands-on Workshops with Rotating Sessions:
09:15:00 Workshop 2: Tibial Plafond Fractures: Staged Treatment Saam Morshed, Peter G. Trafton, Michael McKee, Mark Lee
09:30:00 Workshop 3: Calcaneus Fractures R. Richard Coughlin, Steven J. Pinney, James R. Ficke, Robert A. Probe
11:30:00 Lunch with Case Presentations / Visit Exhibits Management of Postoperative Infections Harry E. Jergesen, Peter G. Trafton, Fernando de la Huerta, Andrew H. Schmidt, Ronald W. Lindsey, Kyle F. Dickson
12:45:00 PELVIS AND FEMUR Robert A. Probe
12:50:00 Pelvis Fractures: Acute Treatment Kyle F. Dickson
13:00:00 Femoral Neck Fractures in Young Patients: Should They be Fixed in the Middle of the Night? Saam Morshed
13:10:00 Subtrochanteric Fractures: Reduction Techniques Ronald W. Lindsey
13:20:00 Femur Fracture Fixation: Avoiding Malreduction Christian Krettek
13:30:00 Distal 1/3 Femur Fractures: Nailing vs. Plating Joseph Borrelli
13:40:00 VIDEO - Intra-articular Distal Femur Fractures: Approach and Reduction Eric G. Meinberg
13:55:00 Panel Discussion
14:15:00 GENERAL TRAUMA ISSUES Michael McKee
14:15:00 Locked Plating: Should It Be Used? Peter G. Trafton
14:25:00 Technical Tips and Tricks Christian Krettek
14:35:00 Complications Donald A. Wiss
14:45:00 Timing of Fracture Fixation in the Polytrauma Patient Kyle F. Dickson
14:55:00 DVTs and Fracture Care: When to Anticoagulate Robert A. Probe
15:05:00 Panel Discussion
15:25:00 Break / Visit Exhibits / Travel to Workshops
18:00:00 Adjourn
18:05:00 Reception
Friday, April 23, 2010
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast / Visit Exhibits
07:25:00 Welcome
07:30:00 How to Optimize Billing: Operative Fracture Care Paul Tornetta
07:45:00 Non-Operative Fracture Care Robert A. Probe
08:00:00 Orthopaedic Trauma Care: Optimizing Resources Timothy J. Bray
08:10:00 How to Avoid Being Sued: What Should I Document? James M. Goodman
08:20:00 Covering the Emergency Room: EMTALA and Transfers Andrew H. Schmidt
08:30:00 Panel Discussion
08:50:00 UPPER EXTREMITY Melvin Rosenwasser
08:55:00 Clavicle Fractures: Surgical and Non-surgical Treatment Michael McKee
09:00:00 Complex Fractures in the Young Adult: Proximal Humerus Donald A. Wiss
09:10:00 Supracondylar Humerus Emil H. Schemitsch
09:20:00 Common Complex Carpal Injuries Lamont J. Cardon
09:30:00 The Unstable Elbow: Treatment Protocols and Ligament Reconstruction Michael McKee
09:40:00 VIDEO: Approaches to the Elbow Lisa L. Lattanza
09:55:00 Panel Discussion
10:15:00 Break / Visit Exhibits / Travel to Workshops
10:30:00 Hands-on Workshops with Rotating Sessions: Upper Extremity
10:35:00 Workshop 1: Floating Shoulder Utku Kandemir, Emil H. Schemitsch, Donald A. Wiss, Michael McKee
11:00:00 Workshop 2: Supracondlyar Humerus Saam Morshed, Robert A. Probe, J. Tracy Watson, Joseph Borrelli
11:30:00 Workshop 3: Distal Radius Fractures Mohana Amirtharajah, Lamont J. Cardon, Scott Hansen, Lisa L. Lattanza, Melvin Rosenwasser
12:50:00 Lunch with Case Presentations / Visit Exhibits R. Trigg McClellan, Michael McKee, Robert A. Probe, Timothy J. Bray, Paul Tornetta, Donald A. Wiss
14:05:00 BIOLOGICS Andrew H. Schmidt
14:10:00 BMPs: On-Label Use Joseph Borrelli
14:20:00 DBMs: Are They All Created Equal? Mark Lee
14:30:00 Bone Grafts and Aspirates: Does it Matter Where I Harvest? Emil H. Schemitsch
14:40:00 Osteoconductives: When Are They Needed? R. Trigg McClellan
14:50:00 Case Reviews: Subchondral Defects J. Tracy Watson
15:05:00 Diaphyseal Defects (Small, Medium, and Large) Ronald W. Lindsey
15:20:00 Break / Visit Exhibits / Travel to Workshops
15:25:00 Workshop 1: Proximal Tibia Nailing: Semi-Extended Approach Paul Tornetta, Utku Kandemir, Mark Lee, Timothy J. Bray
15:35:00 Hands-on Workshops with Rotating Sessions: Tibia
16:15:00 Workshop 2: Complex Tibial Shaft Fracture with Soft Tissue Loss R. Trigg McClellan, J. Tracy Watson, Scott Hansen, Andrew H. Schmidt
16:30:00 Workshop 3: Distal 1/4 Tibial Fracture: Reduction and Nailing Techniques Solon Rosenblatt, Melvin Rosenwasser, Ronald W. Lindsey, Christian Krettek
17:55:00 Adjourn
Saturday, April 24, 2010
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast / Visit Exhibits
07:20:00 FRACTURES IN THE ELDERLY Donald A. Wiss
07:25:00 Introduction Theodore Miclau, III
07:30:00 Management of the Elderly Trauma Patient Paul Tornetta
07:40:00 Medical Management of Osteoporosis: Surgeon Responsibility Eric G. Meinberg
07:50:00 Unstable Intertrochanteric Fractures: Nailing or Plating Fernando de la Huerta
08:00:00 Periprosthetic fractures: Tips and Pearls Harry E. Jergesen
08:10:00 Distal Radius Fractures Melvin Rosenwasser
08:20:00 Compression Fractures of the Spine R. Trigg McClellan
08:30:00 Medical Management of Osteoporosis: Surgeon Responsibility Peter G. Trafton
08:40:00 Panel Discussion
09:00:00 KNEE/TIBIA Paul Tornetta
09:00:00 Complex Tibial Plateau Fractures Kyle F. Dickson
09:10:00 The Smashed Patella Timothy J. Bray
09:20:00 Knee Fractures with Vascular Compromise Utku Kandemir
09:30:00 Segmental Tibia Fractures: Fixation and Alignment Challenges J. Tracy Watson
09:40:00 Short Segment Tibia Fractures: Reduction Techniques Christian Krettek
09:50:00 VIDEO: ORIF of Complex Proximal Tibia Fractures Amir Matityahu
10:05:00 Panel Discussion
10:25:00 Break / Visit Exhibits / Travel to Workshops
10:40:00 Hands-on Workshops with Rotating Sessions:
10:40:00 Workshop 1: Complex Tibial Plateau Fracture Fixation Eric G. Meinberg, James R. Ficke, Mark Lee, J. Tracy Watson
11:00:00 Workshop 2: Supracondylar Femur Fracture Fixation: Reduction and Plating R. Trigg McClellan, Christian Krettek, Timothy J. Bray, Donald A. Wiss
11:30:00 Workshop 3: Supracondylar Femur Fracture Fixation: Antegrade vs. Retrograde Nailing Utku Kandemir, Fernando de la Huerta, Kyle F. Dickson, Peter G. Trafton
13:00:00 Lunch with Case Presentations / Visit Exhibits Saam Morshed, Kyle F. Dickson, Donald A. Wiss, Paul Tornetta, Christian Krettek, James R. Ficke
14:20:00 Open Fractures: Is Six Hours the Standard? Mark Lee
14:20:00 GENERAL TRAUMA ISSUES Timothy J. Bray
14:30:00 Wound Management: Has VAC Management Replaced the Muscle Flap? Scott Hansen
14:40:00 How Do I Know When a Fracture is Healed? Theodore Miclau, III
14:50:00 Management of the Subacute Infection with Hardware Donald A. Wiss
15:10:00 Lower Extremity Amputations: Techniques Outcomes and Prosthetic Management Walter Racette, James R. Ficke
15:20:00 The Unmet Need in Global Musculoskeletal Care R. Richard Coughlin
15:30:00 VIDEO: Four Compartment Fasciotomies of the Leg Utku Kandemir
15:45:00 Panel Discussion
16:05:00 Raffle
16:15:00 Adjourn
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