3D Tissue Models
Obesity Drug Development World 2007
Millennium Hotel Mayfair


Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, November 26, 2007
09:20:00 Chairman’s opening remarks
09:30:00 Underscoring the need for new therapies with new mechanisms Håkan Wennbo
10:00:00 Targeting the Sodium Glucose Transporter II and developing selective inhibitors Chari Smith
10:30:00 Morning coffee
11:15:00 Glucokinase Activators in Diabetes Management: The discovery and pre-clinical evaluation of Glucokinase Activators (GKAs) Matthew Coghlan
11:45:00 Current clinical development of gastro intestinal hormones as treatments for diabetes: GLP-1 receptor agonists and Exenatide
12:00:00 Fighting diabetes Type II with ‘expenditure genes’ Itzik Harosh
12:15:00 Panel session: additional Q&A on SGLT2, GKA and GLP-1 Pierre Honoré, Chari Smith, Matthew Coghlan
12:45:00 Lunch
14:00:00 Current development of long-acting GLP-1 analogs and Liraglutide
14:30:00 GPR119 agonists as potential agents for the treatment of “diabesity”
15:00:00 Afternoon tea
16:00:00 Panel session: additional Q&A on GLP-1, GPR119 and expenditure genes Pierre Honoré, Itzik Harosh
16:30:00 Assessment of the potential use of obesity drugs in the treatment of diabetes
17:00:00 Close of pre-conference briefing
Tuesday, November 27, 2007
09:00:00 Chairman’s opening remarks Michael Cawthorne
09:10:00 Opening presentation: evaluating the defining opportunities in obesity drug development Michael Cawthorne
09:40:00 Increased efficacy with Rimonabant: evaluating the novel approach with Cannabinoid 1 receptor Antonio Tataranni
10:10:00 Morning coffee Antonio Tataranni
10:40:00 Forthcoming Cannabinoid-1 receptor blockers Antonio Tataranni, Shridhar Narayanan, Michael Cawthorne
11:40:00 Future prospects for serotonergic drugs in the treatment of obesity and related metabolic disorders
12:10:00 Speed networking
13:00:00 Lunch
14:00:00 Key strategies for effective drug discovery Jonathan Arch
14:30:00 Fostering regulatory approval for furthering obesity drug research and development Douglas Greene
15:00:00 Predictive animal models for pre-clinical testing of drug candidates
15:30:00 Afternoon tea
16:00:00 Panel session: linking animal measurements that can be made in Phase I and IIa Michael Cawthorne
16:30:00 Confirming the presumed mechanism of action using obesity biomarkers
17:00:00 Close of day one followed by networking drinks
Wednesday, November 28, 2007
09:00:00 Chairman’s opening remarks
09:10:00 A sustained-release combination of bupropion, a dual dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor
09:40:00 Anti-obesity compounds comprising betahistine Nir Barak
10:10:00 Taking a re-profiling approach with a CNS directed agent Dieter Meier
10:40:00 Morning coffee
11:00:00 Qnexa™ - combination therapy for weight loss and obesity-related co-morbidities
11:40:00 Novel approach in harnessing additive / synergistic effects of adipocyte-, islet- and gut-derived hormones
12:10:00 Discovery and development of a novel analogue of oxyntomodulin
12:40:00 Lunch
14:00:00 Evaluating the potential of PYY as an appetite suppressant Gordon Brandt
14:30:00 Agonising Y2 and Y4 receptors with TM30338 synthetic peptide analog Christian Elling
15:00:00 Afternoon tea
15:30:00 A dual-mechanism approach to inhibiting anti-obesity drug targets Nigel Levens
16:00:00 Panel session: pros and cons of brain receptors, gut hormones and metabolic targets Nigel Levens, Gordon Brandt
16:30:00 Close of conference
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