Biotech China 2014
2010 Cardiometabolic Health Congress
Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston MA
39 Dalton Street
Boston, Massachussetts 02199

   George Bakris MD, Christie Ballantyne MD, Robert Eckel MD, Jay Skyler

   The Cardiometabolic Health Congress ( CMHC ) is a gathering of 1500+
   of the sharpest minds in Dyslipidemia, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension,
   Obesity, Chronic Kidney Disease and Insulin Resistance, as they join
   world-renown clinicians, academics and prestigious professional
   societies to explore, debate and translate the latest clinical data
   into practical and effective strategies to improve patient outcomes.
   CMHC is a comprehensive medical education meeting that provides
   clinicians with the tools and treatment strategies to diagnose
   cardiometabolic risk and treat appropriately to reduce CVD .

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Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
15:00:00 Meet-the-Expert - Challenging Case Study Session Jay S. Skyler, Richard W Nesto, Robert H Eckel, Christopher Cannon, John Buse, Christie Ballantyne, George Bakris
18:00:00 Dinner Symposium - Cardiometabolic Risk Reduction in Patients with T2DM: Expert Recommendations for Anti-hyperglycemic Therapy Selection to Achieve Optimal Outcomes Robert Ratner, Carol Wysham, Anne Peters, John Buse
Thursday, October 21, 2010
06:30:00 Breakfast Symposia - Overcoming Today's Top Challenges in Ischemic Heart Disease: Clinical Controversies and Evidence-Based Solutions for Optimizing Patient Care Robert Wilensky, Peter Stone, Christopher Cannon, C. Noel Bairey Merz
08:00:00 Opening Remarks Christie Ballantyne
08:10:00 Keynote Presentation - The Science Behind Inflammation and Cardiometabolic Risk Peter Libby
08:50:00 Keynote Presentation - Inflammation and Cardiometabolic Risk: Integrating the Science into Clinical Practice Paul Ridker
09:30:00 Morning Break/Exhibit Hall
10:15:00 The Most Sought After CMHC Session! Late-Breaking Clinical Trials: Expert Insights on How the Latest Data Impacts Your Clinical Practice Jay S. Skyler, Keith Ferdinand, Robert H Eckel, Christopher Cannon, Christie Ballantyne, Richard W Nesto
11:30:00 Genetics of Obesity Jeffrey Friedman
12:00:00 Lunch Symposium B - Individualizing and Optimizing Antiplatelet Therapy in High-Risk Patient Groups: Moving Beyond a “One-Size-Fits-All” Approach Stephen Wiviott, Matthew J. Price, Christopher Cannon, Eugene Braunwald
12:00:00 Lunch Symposium A - Optimizing the Role of GLP-1 Receptor Agonists in the T2DM Continuum of Care: Expert Recommendations and Interactive Clinical Scenarios Julio Rosenstock, Jack Leahy, Alan Garber, Lawrence Blonde
14:00:00 Obesity Management: What is the Optimal Prescription for Diet and Exercise? Robert Kushner
14:30:00 Pharmacotherapy for the Management of Obesity Donna Ryan
15:00:00 Afternoon Break/Exhibit Hall
15:30:00 Bariatric Surgery and Cardiometabolic Risk D. Wayne Overby
16:00:00 Sleep Apnea, Obesity, and Cardiometabolic Risk Charles Czeisler
16:30:00 Obesity Panel Discussion Donna Ryan, D. Wayne Overby, Robert Kushner, Jeffrey Friedman, Charles Czeisler, Robert H Eckel
17:15:00 Closing Remarks Robert H. Eckel
17:15:00 Welcome Reception
18:30:00 Dinner Symposium - Can We Control Diabetes and Cardiometabolic Risk Through Weight Loss? Examining the Clinical Implications of Obesity Therapies in Late-Stage Development Michelle Look, W. Timothy Garvey, Kishore M Gadde, Robert H Eckel
Friday, October 22, 2010
06:30:00 Breakfast Symposium - Implementing High-Dose Insulin Therapy for Patients with T2DM and Severe Insulin Resistance in Clinical Practice: Expert Recommendations and Practical Considerations Jay S Skyler, Anne Peters, Wendy Lane
08:00:00 Opening Remarks Jay S. Skyler
08:15:00 Keynote Presentation - The Key Elements of Glucose Metabolism Richard N Bergman
08:45:00 Should We Use Pharmacotherapy in Prediabetes? Harold Lebovitz
09:15:00 Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes 2010 James Gavin
09:45:00 Morning Break/Exhibit Hall
10:30:00 Glycemic Control and Cardiovascular Disease Jay S. Skyler
11:00:00 Pediatric CVD Prevention
11:20:00 Diabetes Panel Discussion , Harold Lebovitz, James Gavin, Richard N Bergman, Jay S. Skyler
12:15:00 Lunch Symposium B - Advances in Statin Therapy: Expert Recommendations for Optimizing the Management of Dyslipidemia in the Clinically Complex Patient Christie Ballantyne
12:15:00 Lunch Symposium A - Improving Endothelial Function with New-Generation Beta Blockers: Optimal Strategies for Controlling Hypertension and Reducing CV Risk R. Preston Mason, Thomas Giles, George Bakris
14:15:00 Hypertension in T2DM George Bakris
14:45:00 CKD: A CHD Equivalent? Peter A McCullough
15:15:00 Afternoon Break/Exhibit Hall
15:45:00 Vitamin D and Cardiometabolic Risk Eric Rimm
16:15:00 ACCF Case Study Session - Convergence of Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Peter A McCullough, George Bakris, Darren McGuire
17:15:00 Closing Remarks George Bakris
18:00:00 Dinner Symposia - Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, and Hypertension: Identifying the Connections and Seizing the Opportunities for Global Cardiometabolic Risk Reduction Suzanne Oparil, Ronald B Goldberg, Om P Ganda, George Bakris
Saturday, October 23, 2010
06:30:00 Breakfast Symposia - The Evolving Role of Endothelin Receptor Antagonists in PAH Management: Opportunities for Optimizing Patient Care and Outcomes Myung Park, Paul Forfia, David Badesch
08:10:00 Opening Remarks Christie Ballantyne
08:15:00 Advances in the Clinical Management of HDL Daniel Rader
09:00:00 Debate - Niacin vs. Fibrates in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome Allen Taylor, Henry Ginsberg, Christie Ballantyne
09:45:00 Morning Break
10:15:00 Clinical Controversies in Lipid Management Tara Dall, Deepak Bhatt, Kathy Berra, Christie Ballantyne
11:15:00 Hot Topics in Thrombosis and Diabetes Neal Kleiman, Richard Becker, Deepak Bhatt
12:00:00 Closing Remarks Robert H. Eckel
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