Biotech China 2014
The Management of Women with Chronic Immune Disorders in the Era of Biologics
The Westin New York
Times Square 270 West 43rd Street New York, New York 10036
New York, New York
The Management of Women with Chronic Immune Disorders in the Era of Biologics 

Schedule of Presentations:

Saturday, September 25, 2010
08:00:00 Breakfast and registration
08:30:00 Introductions and objectives Marla C. Dubinsky, Vibeke Strand, Neil Silverman
08:40:00 Pre-session audience response survey
08:45:00 The Young and the Restless: A case-based approach to growth, medication risk, and transition of care Daniela Kroshinsky, Marla C. Dubinsky
09:35:00 Q&A with panel discussion: Are children just little adults? Daniela Kroshinsky, Marla C. Dubinsky
09:50:00 Healthcare maintenance for immune disorders: An update on vaccinations, bone monitoring, and cancer screening Sonia Friedman
10:15:00 Post-session audience response survey
10:20:00 Break
10:35:00 Pre-session audience response survey
10:40:00 Quality of life and social connectivity for women: A comparison across immune disorders Vibeke Strand, Alexa Boer Kimball
11:20:00 Q&A with panel discussion: Maintaining health and quality of life Sonia Friedman, Vibeke Strand, Kim L. Isaacs, Alexa Boer Kimball
11:40:00 Emerging risks in women with immune disorders: Understanding premature cardiovascular disease and malignancy Vibeke Strand
12:00:00 Putting risk into perspective: A case-based discussion Kim L. Isaacs, Abby Van Voorhees, Vibeke Strand
12:25:00 Post-session audience response survey
12:30:00 Lunch
13:15:00 Pre-session audience response survey
13:20:00 Fertility and pregnancy: The impact of chronic immune disorders and treatments Eliza Chakravarty
13:50:00 Perinatal considerations and teratogenicity counseling Neil Silverman
14:20:00 Q&A with Panel discussion: Managing patient’s expectations on pregnancy Sonia Friedman, Eliza Chakravarty, Neil Silverman
14:50:00 Post-session audience response survey
14:55:00 Summary and concluding remarks Vibeke Strand, Neil Silverman, Alexa Boer Kimball, Marla C. Dubinsky
15:00:00 Adjourn
4th Annual Pharma R&D Asia Congress
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