Applied Statistics
Practical Ways to Achieve Targets in Diabetes Care
Keystone Resort and Conference Center Keystone
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Road Dillon, Colorado
This course is designed to help healthcare providers caring
for adolescents and adults with diabetes, including but
not limited to, internists, pediatricians, family physicians,
physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, dietitians and
certified diabetes educators. In this symposium, we will emphasize
the practical day-to-day management and care of subjects with
diabetes. Special attention will be given to initiation of insulin in
type 2 diabetes in the light of current ADA/EASD guidelines on
the management and role of Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose
(SMBG) and the barriers and challenges in its adoption, prevention
of cardiovascular disease in diabetes, real life issues and health
outcomes with continuous glucose monitoring, new sub-analysis
on previous large clinical trials in diabetes (ACCORD, ADVANCE,
APOLLO, 4T, ORIGIN), and newer advances in diabetes care
including focus on incretin-based therapies. In addition, recent
advances in “closed-loop� insulin delivery, immune interventions in
type 1 diabetes, islet cell transplantation and beta cell regeneration
will be discussed.
Upon completion of the program, the participant should be able to:
1. Identify recent advances in closed loop systems.
2. Determine alternate ways to deliver insulin.
3. Develop the best options available in clinical practice to
achieve target glucose control in patients with diabetes.
4. Distinguish the role of non-invasive, real-time continuous
glucose monitoring systems in diabetes management.
5. Identify long-term health outcomes from the use of CGM
and pumps.
6. Screen for cardiovascular risk factors and their importance
in type 1 diabetes.
7. Assess the new oral drugs in development for type 2

Schedule of Presentations:

Friday, July 15, 2011
12:00:00 Registration | View Exhibits | Snack
13:00:00 Welcome and Introductory Remarks Satish K. Garg
13:05:00 Upcoming News in Diabetes George S. Eisenbarth
13:10:00 A1c vs. AeG and Diagnostic Criterion for Diabetes
13:40:00 New Basal Insulins – Are They Any Better? Matthew Riddle
14:10:00 Do We Really Need Ultra Rapid Acting Insulins? Bruce Bode
14:40:00 Global Prevalence of Diabetes and Chinese Diabetes Medicine Linong Ji
15:10:00 Question & Answer and Panel Discussion
15:30:00 Break | View Exhibits
15:40:00 Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Marian Rewers
15:45:00 Glycemic Control and Cardiovascular Disease – T2DM Jay S. Skyler
16:30:00 Risk Factors for CVD in Type 1 Diabetes Marian Rewers
17:00:00 Screening for CAD in Diabetes Silvio Inzucchi
17:30:00 Biochemical Markers for CVD Paresh Dandona
18:00:00 Panel Discussion on Recent Controversies Jay S. Skyler, Marian Rewers, Robert Henry, Roman Hovorka, Matthew Riddle
19:00:00 Industry Sponsored Dinners
Saturday, July 16, 2011
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast | View Exhibits
07:55:00 Welcome and Introductory Remarks Satish K. Garg
08:00:00 New Treatment Options for Type 2 Diabetes Peter Gottlieb
08:05:00 GLP-I Analogs and DPP-IV Inhibitors Matthew Riddle
08:30:00 SGLT2, PTP 1b Receptor Antagonist and GK Activators
09:00:00 Pump Use for Type 2 Diabetes Bruce Bode
09:30:00 Aggressive Lipid Management for Diabetes Robert H Eckel
10:00:00 Question & Answer and Panel Discussion Matthew Riddle, Robert Henry, Bruce Bode, Robert H Eckel
10:15:00 Break | View Exhibits
10:25:00 Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Eric Renard
10:30:00 Lifestyle Approaches to Management of Type 2 Diabetes James Hill
11:00:00 Exercise in Type 2 Diabetes Judith Regensteiner
11:30:00 Anti-Obesity Drugs in the Pipeline and the Role of Bariatric Surgery for Diabetes Rx Daniel Bessesen
12:00:00 Pramlintide and Weight Control?
12:30:00 Question & Answer and Panel Discussion James Hill, Judith Regensteiner, Daniel Bessesen
12:45:00 Lunch | View Exhibits
13:25:00 Continuous Glucose Monitoring and the Pump Aaron Kowalski
13:30:00 JDRF Perspective on Closed-Loop Aaron Kowalski
13:50:00 Closed-Loop Experiences in Europe Eric Renard
14:20:00 How Close Are We to an Auto-Stop and Closed-Loop? Roman Hovorka
14:50:00 Use of CGM in Type 2 Diabetes Steven Edelman
15:20:00 Can CGM Help Equally MDI/CSII and Vascular Sensors? Jay S. Skyler
15:50:00 Question & Answer and Panel Discussion Eric Renard, Roman Hovorka, Steven Edelman, Jay S. Skyler, Aaron Kowalski
19:00:00 Industry Sponsored Dinners
Sunday, July 17, 2011
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast | View Exhibits
08:00:00 Concluding Remarks Satish K. Garg
08:05:00 Outcomes of Other Clinical Trials in Diabetes Roman Hovorka
08:10:00 SMBG Use in Type 2 Diabetes: 360° View Study William Polonsky
08:40:00 SMBG Frequency and Experience in China Linong Ji
09:10:00 Coleselvelam and Sitigliptin Use in Type 1 & 2 Diabetes Steven Edelman
09:40:00 Panel Discussion on News from the ADA Satish K. Garg, Roman Hovorka, Steven Edelman
10:05:00 Can We Really Prevent and/or Cure Diabetes? Jay S. Skyler
10:10:00 Yes, We are Close to Preventing Diabetes! Peter Gottlieb
10:40:00 Cellular Therapy for Diabetes Prevention Massimo Trucco
11:10:00 We Will Cure Diabetes! Ron Gill
11:40:00 Ways to Resurrect Residual Beta Cell Mass George S. Eisenbarth
12:10:00 Panel Discussion | Update on Pancreatic Transplant Satish K. Garg, Jay S. Skyler, George S. Eisenbarth, Ron Gill, Peter Gottlieb, Massimo Trucco
14:45:00 Checkout | Departures
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