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16th Annual Perspectives In Thoracic Oncology
New York Marriott Downtown
85 West Street at Albany New York, New York 10006, USA
New York, New York ,USA
16 Years of Exceptional Educational Value: Perspectives in Thoracic Oncology has become the premier source for updates in thoracic oncology; we readily recognize the burgeoning need among thoracic oncology clinicians and researchers for the latest information on the complex biology and treatment of lung cancer. This conference provides a forum to update your knowledge in the field, confirm your current practices and receive valuable take-home information on exciting new screening and staging modalities, management approaches and emerging treatment options.
 Significant Impact on Clinical Practice: Nearly 200 physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals attend Perspectives in Thoracic Oncology annually. Past participants value the scope and depth of the information on disease biology, management, and research presented, and many return year after year for the newest updates.

Distinguished Faculty and Networking Opportunities: In this educational setting, you will have valuable opportunities to interact with your colleagues and learn from renowned faculty, key thought leaders in thoracic oncology, as well as network with the diverse mix of oncologists, surgeons, and pulmonologists who attend.

This fall’s conference, to be held November 18-19, 2011, promises to be our most exciting meeting yet. I hope to see you there!

During the scientific sessions, speakers and the audience can exchange information through a “hands-on� computerized speaker-audience interaction system. With this state-of-the-art equipment, participants answer multiple choice questions, and within seconds, the answers are calculated and projected on a screen in tabular or graphic form for all to see. This system maximizes the ability for attendees from diverse disciplines to see differing opinions and compare consensus between the speakers and each other.
Quotes from YOUR colleagues

    * Thanks, great conference
    * I make this conference an annual event
    * Dr. Langer is a great moderator and chairman
    * Excellent conference, good speakers, stayed on time
    * Even though I hate the Yankees, I love NY…and this conference!
    * Continue what you are doing; great conference

Schedule of Presentations:

Friday, November 18, 2011
08:25:00 Session I | Introductory lectures
08:30:00 Welcome Corey J. Langer
08:40:00 Lung cancer screening in 2011: Current reality post completion of the National Lung Cancer Screening Trial Mitchell Schnall
09:05:00 Pathology: What is the most effective and practical way of assessing molecular markers? Ramaswamy Govindan
09:25:00 Panel discussion and knowledge/confidence assessment of the audience via ARS survey
09:40:00 Session II | Surgery and staging
09:45:00 Pre-activity audience survey via ARS
09:50:00 The intricacies of staging in NSCLC Gerard A. Silvestri
10:05:00 Debate | Surgery versus radiation therapy in patients with operable early-stage
10:10:00 NSCLC Surgeon’s perspective Jessica S. Donington
10:15:00 Radiation oncologist’s perspective Jeffrey D. Bradley
10:25:00 Rethinking strategies for chemoprevention in lung cancer Daniel D. Karp
10:40:00 Panel discussion and post-activity audience survey via ARS
11:00:00 Break
11:15:00 Session III | Prevention and early stage NSCLC
11:20:00 Pre- activity audience survey via ARS
11:45:00 Adjuvant therapy | State of the art in 2011 Tracey L. Evans
12:05:00 Ongoing clinical trials in the adjuvant arena Corey J. Langer
12:25:00 Panel discussion and post-activity audience survey via ARS
12:50:00 Lunch
13:55:00 Session IV | Radiation oncology for the uninitiated and perpetually perplexed
14:00:00 Pre- activity audience survey via ARS
14:05:00 State of the art combined modality therapy Corey J. Langer
14:25:00 Integrating modern imaging and technology with therapy in locally advanced NSCLC Jeffrey D. Bradley
14:45:00 Novel approaches to radiation therapy in the palliative settings Maria Werner-Wasik
15:05:00 Panel discussion and post-activity audience survey via ARS
15:25:00 Break
15:40:00 Session V | Special topics in thoracic oncology
15:45:00 Esophageal cancer | Therapeutic updates Howard Safran
16:05:00 New insights in the management of mesothelioma Anne Tsao
16:25:00 Updates on thymoma Tracey L. Evans
16:45:00 Panel discussion and activity audience survey via ARS
17:05:00 Closing notes and adjourn
Saturday, November 19, 2011
07:55:00 Session VI | Advanced NSCLC
08:00:00 Welcome to day two Corey J. Langer
08:05:00 Pre-activity audience survey via ARS
08:10:00 Using histology to personalize therapy Nasser H. Hanna
08:30:00 Role of EGFR TKIs as frontline therapy in mutation positive patients with NCSLC Lecia Sequist
08:50:00 Are ERCC1 and RRM1 ready for prime time?
09:10:00 Panel discussion and post-activity audience survey via ARS
09:30:00 Break
09:50:00 Pre-activity audience survey via ARS
09:50:00 Debate | What is the optimal extended therapy approach?
10:00:00 Switch maintenance therapy Chandra P. Belani
10:15:00 Continuation maintenance Tracey L. Evans
10:30:00 No maintenance Nasser H. Hanna
10:40:00 Therapeutic options in the salvage setting Barbara Gitlitz
11:00:00 Current therapeutic paradigm in patients with compromised performance status Rogerio Lilenbaum
11:20:00 Panel discussion and post-activity audience survey via ARS
11:40:00 Lunch
12:35:00 Session VII | Supportive therapy
12:40:00 Practical tips on the management of toxicities with EGFR and VEGFR inhibitors Beth Eaby Sandy
13:00:00 Controversies regarding the use of growth factor support in the treatment of advanced cancer Beth Eaby Sandy
13:20:00 Management of bone metastases in NSCLC David S. Ettinger
13:40:00 Panel discussion and activity audience survey via ARS
13:55:00 Session VIII | Biomarkers
14:00:00 Pre-activity audience survey via ARS
14:05:00 EML4/ALK and other new biomarkers and their therapeutic implications Lecia Sequist
14:25:00 The expanding role of proteomics in NSCLC Wallace Akerley
14:45:00 Panel discussion and post-activity audience survey via ARS
15:05:00 Break
15:20:00 Session IX | Targeted therapies
15:25:00 Pre-activity audience survey via ARS
15:30:00 Angiogenesis inhibition | Bevacizumab and beyond Suresh Ramalingam
15:50:00 MET kinase inhibitors as therapeutic agents Suresh Ramalingam
16:10:00 Emerging role of new agents in SCLC Charles M Rudin
16:30:00 Immunotherapy: Has its time arrived? Nevin Murray
16:50:00 Panel discussion and post-activity audience survey via ARS
17:10:00 Closing notes Corey J. Langer
17:15:00 Adjourn
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