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9th Asia Pacific Travel Health Conference (APTHC 2012)
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore
392 Havelock Road, Singapore 169663 Tel: +65 6733 0880 Fax:+65 6737 8880
Havelock Road, Singapore
The Asia Pacific Travel Health Conference 2012 is aimed at regional clinicians, physicians and any other healthcare professionals working in the field of travel medicine covering fields such as emerging infectious diseases, preventive medicine, primary health care and vaccinology. The conference will give an opportunity to exchange and get the most up-to-date information on travel medicine in the Asia Pacific region.

APTHC 2012 is organized in conjunction with the 5th Regional Meeting of the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM). This biennial conference will provide healthcare professionals with the best networking and continuing education opportunity. It features plenary sessions, high level debates, country highlights and symposia.

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012
12:00:00 Certificate in Travel Health Examination
19:00:00 Opening Ceremony & Welcome Get-together
Thursday, May 3, 2012
08:00:00 Meet the history in Singapore | Outbreaks at the crossroad of Asia
09:00:00 Plenary I | Traveling Superbugs
09:05:00 Traveling multi-resistant bacteria: food supply chains, medical tourism and pharmaceutical profitability Hsu Li Yang
09:10:00 Traveling respiratory pathogens: Flying flu’s and Traveling tubercles Paul Tambyah
09:15:00 Changing patterns of malaria Nicholas White
10:30:00 Poster Session / Visit to Exhibition / Coffee Break
11:00:00 Symposium 01 | What’s New in Malaria?
11:05:00 What is New in Plasmodium vivax Malaria?
11:10:00 Plasmodium knowlesi: The new malaria parasite? Balbir Singh
11:15:00 Common Pitfalls in Clinical Management of Malaria Srivicha Krudsood
11:20:00 Workshop 01 | Resources in Travel Medicine
11:25:00 ABC01: Travelers’ Diarrhea
12:30:00 Lunch Symposium
14:00:00 Symposium 02 | Important Infections in the Region
14:05:00 Meliodosis Nicholas White
14:10:00 Enteric Fever
14:15:00 HIV Adeeba Kamarulzaman
14:20:00 Country Report 01 | Thailand and Indochina Paula C. Newton
14:25:00 Free Communications 01
15:30:00 Poster Session / Visit to Exhibition / Coffee Break
16:00:00 Symposium 03 | How not to MES it up: Medical Tourism, Ecotourism and Sex Tourism
16:05:00 Medical Tourism
16:10:00 Eco-Tourism Michael Muehlenbein
16:15:00 Sex Tourism Irmgard Bauer
16:20:00 Workshop 02 | Interactive Cases
16:25:00 Free Communications 02 | Late Breaker
Friday, May 4, 2012
08:00:00 Meet the Professor | Parasitology
08:05:00 Parasitic Infections – Forgotten, But Not Gone
09:00:00 Plenary II | Dengue Fever
09:05:00 The Known and the Unknown Jeremy Farrar
09:10:00 Severe dengue: case definition and risk factors Ooi Eng Eong
09:15:00 Dengue vaccines
10:30:00 Poster Session / Visit to Exhibition / Coffee Break
11:00:00 Symposium 04 | Mass Gathering and Population Movements
11:05:00 Pilgrimage | Faith in Travel
11:10:00 Humanitarian Aid and Development Workers Jenny Visser
11:15:00 Migration | Hope, Sweat and Tears
11:20:00 Workshop 03 | Boosters and Rapid Schedules for Routine Vaccines
11:25:00 ABC02 | Travelers’ Vaccine and Malaria Prophylaxis
12:30:00 Lunch Symposium
14:00:00 S05: Vaccines for low incidence, high impact diseases
14:05:00 Rabies vaccine: For every traveler? Thiravat Hemachudha
14:10:00 Yellow fever vaccine: Who should get it?
14:15:00 Japanese Encephalitis: Which vaccine for which traveler? John Simon
14:20:00 Workshop 04 | Corporate Travelers: Screening and Evacuation
14:25:00 Debate | Malaria Prophylaxis to the Asia-Pacific Region
15:30:00 Poster Session / Visit to the Exhibition / Coffee Break
16:00:00 Symposium 06:Extreme and Adventure Travel
16:05:00 High Altitude Hypoxia in Sojourners and Residents
16:10:00 Adventure Cruises: Meet the Pirates on the High Seas
16:15:00 Expedition medicine Marc Shaw
16:20:00 Country Report 02 | PNG and other Pacific Island Jenny Visser
16:25:00 Free Communications 03
17:30:00 APTHS General Assembly
Saturday, May 5, 2012
08:00:00 Meet the Clinic: 30 Years Anniversary of CIWEC Clinic in Nepal
08:05:00 Clinic in Nepal
09:00:00 Plenary III | Vaccines: Past, Present, Future
09:00:00 The Past | Milestones in Vaccine Development, Ian Gust
09:15:00 The Present: Travel Vaccine Priorities in the Asia-Pacific Regions Robert Steffen
09:20:00 Travelers’ Vaccine Future Perspectives
10:30:00 Poster Session / Visit to Exhibition / Coffee Break
11:00:00 Symposium 07 | Special Needs Travelers
11:05:00 Children Travelers Mike Starr
11:10:00 The Pregnant Traveler
11:15:00 Immunocompromised Travelers Joseph Toressi
11:20:00 Special Singapore Session organized by Singaporean Infectious Disease Society - “Controversies in Travel Medicine” ABC03: Running a Travel Clinic
12:30:00 Lunch Symposium
14:00:00 Symposium 08 | Differential Diagnosis in Returning Travelers
14:05:00 Skin Lesions
14:10:00 Persistent Complications of Travelers’ Diarrhea
14:15:00 Travel related Respiratory tract infections - epidemiology and clinical approach
14:20:00 WS05: Update of the WHO & CDC recommendations for travelers
14:25:00 The Green Book (WHO
14:30:00 The Yellow Book (CDC)
14:35:00 The British Book (NaTHNaC)
14:40:00 Nurses Session | 21st Century Travel Health Nursing
14:45:00 Free Communications 03
15:30:00 Poster Session / Visit to the Exhibition / Coffee Break
16:00:00 Plenary Session IV: Travel Medicine in Asia-Pacific Region
16:05:00 Changing Patterns of Travel in and from the Asia-Pacific Poh Lian Lim
16:15:00 What’s new in Travel into the Asia Pacific region? Mary E. Wilson
17:00:00 Closing Ceremony
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