Applied Statistics
3rd Annual Assist Device Therapy Course
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/ Columbia University Medical Center Vivian and Seymour Milstein Family Heart Center
Myrna L. Daniels Auditorium 173 Fort Washington Avenue, NY, NY 10032
New York, New York
The goal of this one-day educational course
is to fully understand chronic and acute heart
failure. Lectures will be organized into 4 sessions
focusing on the diagnosis of heart failure,
cardiogenic shock, indications for device therapy,
and heart transplant. Didactic sessions,
case presentations, audience polling, and interactive
discussions will engender learning and
improvement in the management of patients
with the full spectrum of heart failure.

This activity is designed for cardiologists,
interventional cardiologists, cardiothoracic
surgeons, internists, cardiac nurses, physician
assistants, physical therapists, and other medical
professionals involved in the evaluation, diagnosis
and/or management of patients with heart failure.

• Demonstrate an understanding of current
clinical trials in heart failure
• Compare the benefits of cardiac resynchronization
therapy (CRT) and ablation therapy
for atrial fibrillation patients
• Identify the types of percutaneous and
surgical devices available to treat cardiogenic
• Recognize the limitations of LVAD therapy
and understand how to manage them
• Discuss the future of device therapy
• Recognize the benefits of cardiac
• Select patients for cardiac transplantation
and/or device therapy
• Identify available technology and the
indications for ECMO
• Compare ventricular assist devices (VADs)
available for the treatment of congenital
heart disease

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, May 17, 2012
07:30:00 Registration, Breakfast, and Vendor Exhibits
08:15:00 Welcome and Introduction Ulrich P. Jorde
08:15:00 Session 1 | Diagnosing, Treating, and Monitoring Heart Failure
08:20:00 Investigational Drugs in the Treatment of Acute Heart Failure: A Global Perspective Gad Cotter
08:45:00 Diagnosing Heart Failure: Biopsy for All? Paolo C. Colombo
09:15:00 Monitoring Heart Failure: Review of Current and Investigational Technologies Mathew S. Maurer
09:30:00 Device Therapy in Atrial Fibrillation: CRT, Ablation, and LAA Closure in Patients with Congestive Heart Failure Saibal Kar, Hasan Garan
10:15:00 Q&A
10:25:00 Break and Vendor Exhibits
10:40:00 Session 2 | Device Therapy in Cardiogenic Shock
10:45:00 Medical Rx and Hemodynamics of Cardiogenic Shock Nir Uriel
10:55:00 Currently Available and Investigational Percutaneous Devices Jeffrey W. Moses
11:10:00 Columbia ECMO/Centrimag Experience (150 cases)
11:30:00 Shock at OSH and Transfer: Are Outcomes Different?
11:40:00 What Would You Do? Case Presentations and Q&A Susheel Kodali
11:45:00 Case 1 | A 21 Year Old Woman with Acute Myocardial Infarction and Cardiogenic Shock
11:50:00 Case 2 | A 72 Year Old Man with AMI, Complete Cardiovascular Collapse, and Pulmonary Edema Complicating Extracorporeal Membrane Support (ECMO)
11:55:00 Case 3 | A 57 Year Old Woman with Cardiogenic Shock and Isolated RV Infarction
12:15:00 Lunch and Vendor Exhibits
12:55:00 Session 3 | Mechanical Circulatory Support in Chronic Heart Failure
13:00:00 VAD Therapy at Columbia in 2012: Is a 75% Two-year Survival an Achievable Goal in Destination Therapy Patients? Ulrich P. Jorde
13:10:00 Limitations of LVAD Therapy
13:20:00 Infection: Prevention and Surgical Management
13:25:00 Right Heart Failure: Who Gets It? Maryjane Farr
13:30:00 Bleeding: How to Handle Anticoagulation During Non-cardiac Surgery and GI Bleeding Paolo C. Colombo
13:35:00 Pump Thrombosis: Diagnosis and Management Nir Uriel
13:45:00 The Future of LVAD Therapy and Why LVADs will Replace Heart Transplant Mark S. Slaughter
14:15:00 Role of Heart Transplantation in the Era of Chronic Mechanical Support Donna M. Mancini
14:40:00 Q&A
14:50:00 Break and Vendor Exhibits
15:10:00 Too Early, Too Late, Too Big, Too Old? Candidate Selection for Device Therapy
15:15:00 Case 1 | A 38 Year Old Woman with Acute Giant Cell Myocarditis Nir Uriel
15:15:00 Case 2 | Two 82 Year Old Men with Ischemic Cardiomyopathy and Elevated Serum Creatinine. They Look the Same but are They? Role of Renal Function and the Frailty Index P. Christian Schulze
15:20:00 Case 3 | A 62 Year Old Golf Enthusiast with DCM (LVEDD 8.2 cm) and NYHA Class III Heart Failure Rachel Bijou
15:25:00 Case 4 | A 67 Year Old Woman with Class IV Heart Failure and Normal Ejection Fraction Mathew S. Maurer
15:30:00 Case 5 | A 40 Year Old Woman with Severe Pulmonary Hypertension: LVAD, RVAD, BiVAD, or No VAD? Jennifer H. Haythe
15:35:00 Case 6 | A 52 Year Old Man s/p STEMI on Biventricular Short Term Support: Explant, Long Term Implant, or Transplant?
15:40:00 Case 7 | A 53 Year Old Man with New and Severe RHF Following LVAD Implant: What Now? Farhana Latif
16:25:00 Break and Vendor Exhibits
16:35:00 Session 4 | New Horizons: Adult Congenital Heart Disease
16:40:00 Review of the Syncardia Total Artificial Heart John I. Takayama
16:50:00 VAD in Congenital Heart Disease: Are We There Yet? Emile A. Bacha
16:55:00 Case 1 | Corrected TOF with Failing RV: Should They Get a VAD? Susan W. Restaino
17:00:00 Case 2 | Corrected TGA with Failing Systemic Ventricle: Should They Get a VAD? Maryjane Farr
17:05:00 Your Cases (Audience Cases)
17:30:00 Q&A and Closing Remarks Ulrich P. Jorde
17:45:00 Reception
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