Applied Statistics
CGS – The Cancer Genome Summit
Revere Hotel Boston Common
200 Stuart Street
Boston , MA
CGS – The Cancer Genome Summit 
Revere Hotel Boston Common 

Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
09:00:00 Workshop A: How you should be using Next Generation Sequencing in Diagnostic Medicine and Drug Development Nazneen Aziz
13:00:00 Workshop B: Bioinformatic Approaches to Optimize the use of Sequencing Data for Genomics and Healthcare Ramana Davuluri
Wednesday, December 5, 2012
08:00:00 Registration, Coffee and Networking
08:50:00 Chair’s Opening Remarks
09:00:00 Facilitating Preclinical to Clincal Translation by Optimizing Models and Processes Joe W Gray
09:30:00 Case Study: The Broad Institute TCGA Analysis Pipeline Michael Noble
10:00:00 Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments
11:30:00 Analysis and Integration of High-Throughput Omics Data to Identify Clinically Relevant Biomarkers of Drug Response
12:00:00 Devising Methods for Intuitively Handling Huge Data Sets to Simplify Biomarker Discovery Dongliang Ge
12:30:00 Rapid and Sensitive Detection and Confirmation of Clinically Actionable Mutations in FFPE and FNA Tumor Biopsies using Orthogonal NGS Technologies
12:40:00 Lunch & Networking
13:45:00 Case Study: AVEO’s Pathway-Based Biomarker Discovery Approach Using Microarray Data from Next-Generation Mouse Models
14:15:00 From Lab to Clinic - Cancer Genomics Moves Towards Patient Care
14:30:00 How is Sequencing Technology Evolving and What Does This Mean for the Future of Drug Development? Elena Izmailova, J Watters
15:45:00 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking
16:15:00 Optimizing Biomarker Discovery using Targeted DNA Sequencing of Clinical Tumor Specimens Michael Berger
16:45:00 Developing Genomic Signatures into Clinically Actionable Markers: Lessons from Glioblastoma Cameron W Brennan
17:15:00 Chair’s Closing Remarks
Thursday, December 6, 2012
08:00:00 Registration, Coffee and Networking
08:50:00 Chair’s Opening Remarks
09:00:00 Accelerating the Drug Development Pipeline using Cancer Genome Sequencing Mao Mao
09:30:00 A Reliable and Accurate Method for Detecting Somatic Mutations in Next Generation Cancer Genome Sequencing Kristian Cibulskis
10:00:00 Morning Refreshments & Networking
10:45:00 Stratification of Clinical Trial Subjects Using Biomarkers Developed by Next Generation Sequencing
11:15:00 Driving Early-Phase Clinical Trials using Clinical Tumor Genotyping Leif Ellisen
11:45:00 Roundtable Master Mind Groups
14:00:00 Accelerating Development of Targeted NGS Assays to Streamline Drug Trials and Improve Patient Care Seth Crosby
14:30:00 Approaches to Apply the Cancer Genome in the Clinic Leif Ellisen , Cameron Brennan , Michael Berger
15:00:00 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking
15:30:00 Development of Next-Generation Sequencing as a Clinical Test and Requirements for Laboratory Standards Nazneen Aziz
16:00:00 Navigating the Regulation of LDTs: The Laboratory’s Perspective Peter Kazon
16:30:00 Chair’s Closing Remarks
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