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Biomarkers for Brain Disorders: Challenges and Opportunities

Cambridge, UK
We are pleased to announce the 2nd Wellcome Trust Scientific Conference on Biomarkers for Brain Disorders: Challenges and Opportunities. This conference will once again bring together leading neuroscientists from academia and industry involved in genomics, proteomics, diagnostics, imaging and regulatory affairs.

Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, February 3, 2013
12:00:00 Registration and Buffet Lunch
13:00:00 Welcome and Introduction Andreas Jeromin
13:15:00 Session 1: Brain Biomarkers – Challenges and Opportunities Giovanni Frisoni
13:20:00 What therapeutics developers need for the next generation of CNS biomarkers
14:15:00 Functional neuroimaging in drug discovery for Brain Disorders: where are we?
14:45:00 Facing the challenges and opportunities of drug development in dementia
15:15:00 Afternoon tea
15:45:00 Is there an opportunity to refine disease taxonomy based on biomarkers for brain disorders? Kalpana Merchant
16:15:00 Technical and biological variability in longitudinal PET data in Alzheimer’s disease: what do we need to know for interventional trials using PET as an endpoint?
16:45:00 Short Talk by Maria Isaac
17:45:00 Session Summary
18:00:00 Poster Session (Even Numbers)
18:45:00 Buffet Dinner
Monday, February 4, 2013
07:30:00 Breakfast
08:50:00 Session 2: Neuropsychiatric Disorders
09:00:00 Disease Biomarkers for Neuropsychiatric Disorders: From Laboratory to Patient Bedside Sabine Bahn
09:30:00 How do we produce a step change in CNS drug discovery
10:00:00 Title of talk to be confirmed
10:30:00 Morning Coffee
11:15:00 Title of talk to be confirmed
11:30:00 Title of talk to be confirmed
11:45:00 Title of talk to be confirmed
12:00:00 Session Summary
12:45:00 Lunch
13:40:00 Session 3: Neurological Disorders Part 1: Motor Neuron Disease and Multiple Sclerosis William Potter
13:45:00 Clinical and analytical standardisation optimise multicenter biomarker studies in Multiple Sclerosis Charlotte Teunissen
14:15:00 Biomarker development for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis/Motor Neuron Disease Lucie Brujin
14:45:00 Title of talk to be confirmed
15:15:00 Afternoon Tea
15:45:00 Title of talk to be confirmed
16:00:00 Title of talk to be confirmed
16:15:00 Title of talk to be confirmed
16:30:00 Session Summary
16:45:00 Workshops
16:50:00 Group 1: Prioritization of standards from discovery biomarkers to the clinic Andreas Jeromin
17:00:00 Group 2: Imaging-based studies in drug discovery Giovanni Frisoni
18:00:00 Summary of break-out group discussions
18:30:00 Poster Session (Odd Numbers)
19:15:00 Buffet Dinner
Tuesday, February 5, 2013
07:30:00 Breakfast
08:50:00 Session 4: Neurodegenerative
09:00:00 Biomarkers for Parkinson disease Progression - developing a translational toolbox Ken Marek
09:30:00 Fluid biomarkers in AD, use for diagnosis and therapy monitoring Kaj Blennow
10:00:00 Blood based biomarkers: from AddNeuroMed to EMIF Simon Lovestone
10:30:00 Morning Coffee
11:00:00 Imaging markers for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's: how is more relevant than which Giovanni Frisoni
11:30:00 Novel hypothesis-based Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers in blood, plasma (& CSF) Harald Hampel
12:00:00 Title of talk to be confirmed
12:15:00 Title of talk to be confirmed
12:30:00 Discussion time
13:00:00 Lunch
13:50:00 Session 5 Neurodevelopment (ASD): biomarkers and targets
14:00:00 Short Talk by Will Spooren Will Spooren
14:30:00 Short Talk by Linda Brady Linda Brady
15:00:00 Translational Neuroimaging in Autism Spectrum Disorder – From Biomarkers to Therapeutics Christine Ecker
15:30:00 Title of talk to be confirmed
15:45:00 Title of talk to be confirmed
16:00:00 Session Summary
16:45:00 Conference closes
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