Biotech China 2014
Nutrition, Epigenetics and Human Disease (B5)

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Sponsored by Cell Research, Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences SA and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
16:00:00 Arrival and Registration
Wednesday, February 20, 2013
07:00:00 Breakfast
08:00:00 Welcome and Keynote Address
08:30:00 The Developmental Origins of Neurodevelopmental Disorders Ezra S. Susser
09:00:00 Nutrition and Epigenetics in Development and Disease of the CNS
09:10:00 A Neuronal Carnitine Deficiency Hypothesis for Autism Arthur L. Beaudet
09:15:00 Cytosine Modifications in Neurodevelopment and Diseases Peng Jin
09:20:00 Choline Genetics and Epigenetics Influence Brain Development Steven H. Zeisel
09:25:00 Short Talk: Methylation/Demethylation Mechanisms Are Key to Folate-Induced Axon Regeneration in the Injured Central Nervous System Sivan Vadakkadath Meethal
09:30:00 Short Talk: Epigenetic Switching by Nutrition-Sensing Factor Ogt, Sirt1 and Mgea5 in Generation of Orexin Neurons from Mouse ES Cells and Human iPS Cells Koji Hayakawa
09:40:00 Coffee Break
11:15:00 Poster Setup
13:00:00 Poster Viewing
14:00:00 On Own for Lunch and Recreation
16:30:00 Coffee Available
17:00:00 Nutrient Regulation of the Epigenetic Machinery
17:10:00 Mechanisms Underlying Bioactive Food Components and Histone Modifications Roderick Dashwood
17:20:00 SIRT1: The Link between Energy Balance, Chromatin Remodeling and Circadian Physiology Paolo Sassone-Corsi
17:30:00 Nutrient Regulation of One-Carbon Metabolism Modulates Gene-Specific Methylation: The Alzheimer’s Disease Model Andrea Fuso
17:40:00 Short Talk: Artificial Zinc Finger DNA-Binding Domains Can Be Effective Tools to Identify Nutrient-Dependent Functional cis Elements in vivo Joeva Barrow
19:15:00 Social Hour w/ Lite Bites
19:30:00 Poster Session 1
Thursday, February 21, 2013
07:00:00 Breakfast
07:30:00 Poster Setup
08:00:00 Poster Viewing
08:05:00 Nutrition and Epigenetics in Obesity
08:10:00 Nutritional-Endocrine Interactions in Postnatal Hypothalamic Development Richard B. Simerly
08:20:00 Ancestral Paternal Genotype Affects Body Weight and Food Intake Transgenerationally Joseph H. Nadeau
08:30:00 Short Talk: Genome-Wide Gene Expression and Epigenetic Analyses of Mice Born From Lean and Obese Mothers
08:40:00 Short Talk: Analysis of the Methylome of Purified Visceral and Subcutaneous Adipocytes, Visceral Adipose Tissue and Blood from Three Lean Humans
08:50:00 Nutritional Influences on Hypothalamic Developmental Epigenetics Robert A. Waterland
09:00:00 Epigenomic Analysis of Adipose Biology Evan Rosen
09:20:00 Coffee Break
11:15:00 Lunch
12:00:00 Poster Session 2
16:30:00 Coffee Available
17:00:00 Nutrient, Methyl Metabolism and Epigenetic Interactions
17:10:00 Discovering New Genes in the One Carbon Pathway Using Exome Sequencing-a RaDiCAL Approach David S. Rosenblatt
17:20:00 Nuclear One-Carbon Metabolism and Neural Tube Defects Patrick J. Stover
17:30:00 Impact of Genetic and Nutritional Variation in Folate Metabolism on Cellular Methylation Capacity Rima Rozen
17:40:00 Short Talk: Transgenerational Epigenetic Effects of Folate Metabolism on Fetal and Placental Development
19:00:00 On Own for Dinner
Friday, February 22, 2013
07:00:00 Breakfast
08:00:00 Nutrition and Developmental Epigenetics in the Endocrine Pancreas
08:10:00 Epigenetic Programming of Metabolic Health across the Life-Course
08:20:00 Beta-Cell Specific Repression of Disallowed Genes: Implications for Development and Disease Frans C. Schuit
08:30:00 Short Talk: Early Postnatal Overnutrition Persistently Alters DNA Methylation in Pancreatic Islets Ge Li
08:40:00 Short Talk: Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Profile Analyses in Placenta and Cord Blood Exposed or Not to Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Stephanie-May Ruchat
08:50:00 Regulation of the Epigenome in Human Pancreatic Islet Cells Jorge Ferrer
09:20:00 Coffee Break
11:15:00 Poster Setup
13:00:00 Poster Viewing
14:30:00 On Own for Lunch and Recreation
16:30:00 Coffee Available
17:00:00 Nutrients and Allelic Targeting of Epigenetic Signatures
17:10:00 The Orphan Nuclear Receptor SHP Translates Bile Acid Signaling into Epigenetic Regulation of Liver Metabolism J. Kim Kemper
17:20:00 Extracellular microRNA: Function and Mechanism of Action Chen-Yu Zhang
17:30:00 Integrated Analysis of Genetic and Epigenetic Variation in Humans Tomi Pastinen
17:40:00 Short Talk: Global DNA Methylation Patterns in Adipose Tissue from Twins and its Effect on Gene Expression and Disease Elin Grundberg
19:00:00 Social Hour w/ Lite Bites
19:30:00 Poster Session 3
Saturday, February 23, 2013
07:00:00 Breakfast
08:00:00 Nutritional Modulation of Stem Cell Programming
08:10:00 DNA Oxidation Towards Totipotency in Mammalian Development Guoliang Xu
08:20:00 Development Plasticity in Differentiation of Neural Stem Cells - Implications for Development Programming Yi Eve Sun
08:30:00 Short Talk: Paternal Intergenerational Transmission of an in Utero Nutrition Induced Phenotype Is Associated with Altered DNA Methylation in Adult Germ Cells Elizabeth Radford
08:40:00 Short Talk: Repositioning of Lamin A/C-Associated Genes after Adipogenic Differentiation Philippe Collas
08:50:00 Nutritional Influences on Stem Cell Developmental Epigenetics in the Colonic Crypt Lanlan Shen
09:00:00 Genome Editing to Generate Human Cellular Models of Metabolic Disease Chad A. Cowan
09:20:00 Coffee Break
14:30:00 On Own for Lunch and Recreation
16:30:00 Coffee Available
17:00:00 Present and Future: Pressing Issues in Environmental Epigenetics Dennis M. Bier
17:10:00 Nutrition, Epigenetics and Cancer Jean-Pierre Issa
17:20:00 Long-Term Consequences of Maternal and Child Nutrition in Developing Countries Andrew M. Prentice
17:30:00 The Global Environment and Ecological Developmental Biology Scott F. Gilbert
17:40:00 Short Talk: Epigenetic Variants Are Detectable in Young Adult Offspring Exposed to Famine in Early Development Sarah Finer
20:00:00 Social Hour w/ Lite Bites
20:05:00 Entertainment
Sunday, February 24, 2013
09:00:00 Departure
Biotech China 2014
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