Applied Statistics
1st Annual Conference of the German Stem Cell Network (GSCN)
Max Delbrück Communications Center
Robert-Rössle-Str. 10
13125 Berlin-Buch, Berlin
1st Annual Conference of the German Stem Cell Network (GSCN) 
Max Delbrück Communications Center
Robert-Rössle-Str. 10
13125 Berlin-Buch

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, November 11, 2013
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
08:00:00 Networking evening with dinner buffet at eventlocation “Alte Pumpe” Lützowstr. 42, 10785 Berlin ( (Opening: Albrecht Müller) (included in the registration fee)
12:00:00 Registration
13:00:00 Welcome to the Max Delbrück Center:
13:05:00 A Stem Cell Network for Germany - why the time is just right Oliver Brüstle
13:15:00 Opening remarks
13:30:00 Keynote lecture I K1 - Driving heart repair by promoting a regeneration-competent state Juan Carlos Izpisúa-Belmonte
14:30:00 Coffee break / Industry exhibition
15:00:00 Keynote lecture II K2 - Regenerative medicine by somatic stem cells: The paradigm of epithelial cells
16:00:00 Introduction of the GSCN strategic working groups
16:30:00 Poster session I: P001 - P094
19:00:00 Bus shuttle to event location
Tuesday, November 12, 2013
01:50:00 Group/panel discussions
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
09:30:00 Introduction
09:30:00 Introduction
09:30:00 Introduction
09:40:00 T01 - Loss of Myc activity induces cellular dormancy in ES cells cultured in 2i mimicking the status of diapause embryos
09:40:00 T07 - A lentiviral RNAi screen against the muscle stem cell proteome identifies novel regulators governing muscle regeneration
09:40:00 T04 - The KC/IL8-mTOR axis activates stem cell maintenance and chemotherapy resistance of hepatic tumor-initiating cells
10:00:00 T08 - Direct lineage conversion of liver to pancreas
10:00:00 T05 - The role of EVI1 in breast cancer cells
10:00:00 T02 - Epigenetic regulation of lineage commitment
10:20:00 T06 - Patient derived models for pancreatic cancer reveal four molecular subtypes associated with differential drug response and clinical outcome Elisa Noll; HI-STEM, Heidelberg
10:20:00 T09 - Early Growth Response transcription factors Egr1 and Egr2 regulate lineage commitment of bone marrow mesenchymal stromal progenitors Konstantinos Anastassiadis; BIOTEC, Technical University Dresden
10:20:00 T03 - Mll2 is the H3K4 trimethyltransferase for bivalent promoters in mouse embryonic stem cells Francis Stewart
10:40:00 Group discussion
10:40:00 Group discussion
10:40:00 Group discussion
11:00:00 Coffee break / Industry exhibition
11:30:00 I1 – Alternative career pathways for life scientists
11:30:00 Introduction (Tobias Cantz) Tobias Cantz
11:30:00 I2 - Horizon 2020 - News on EU research funding
11:40:00 I3: EuroStemCell Toolkit for Public Engagement: Information, Education, Conversation
11:50:00 Group / panel discussion
11:50:00 Group / panel discussion
11:55:00 I4: Ethical aspects of innovative therapies Gisela Badura-Lotter
12:10:00 Group/panel discussion
12:30:00 Lunch buffet / Industry exhibition
13:30:00 I5: Stem cell technologies Andreas Bosio
13:30:00 I6: Implementation of cell- and gene therapy for clinical application: challenges and regulatory requirements
13:50:00 Group/panel discussions
14:30:00 Short break
14:45:00 Introduction
14:45:00 Introduction
14:45:00 Introduction
14:55:00 T10 - Transplantation of genetically corrected human iPSC-derived neural stem cells in a mouse model of metachromatic leukodystrophy
14:55:00 T16 - Clonal lineage tracing of adult neural stem cells reveals features of adult neurogenesis
14:55:00 T13 - Analysis of signaling framework governing cardiac specification of human pluripotent stem cells
15:15:00 T11 - MicroRNA-199a-5p: A novel regulator of differentiation of hepatocytes from embryonic stem cells
15:15:00 T14 - Generation of mature megakaryocytes from human pluripotent stem cells by a transcription factor mediated forward programming approach
15:15:00 T17 - The inflammatory gene AKNA, an at-hook containing transcription factor, regulates differentiation and survival of neural stem cells
15:35:00 T12 - Successful treatment of therapy-refractory acute Graft-versus-Host disease with mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes
15:35:00 T18 - Oligodendrogenic and neurogenic adult subependymal zone neural stem cells constitute distinct lineages and exhibit differential responsiveness to Wnt
15:35:00 T15 - A DNA methylation motifs discovery algorithm reveals the crosstalk among DNA methylation, transcription factors and histone marks in pluripotent cells
15:55:00 Group discussion
15:55:00 Group discussion
15:55:00 Group discussion
16:15:00 Poster session II: P095 – P193 P095 – P116: HSCs and stem cells in hematopoietic malignancies P117 – P128: Cancer stem cells in solid tumors P129 – P166: Stem cells in regenerative therapies P167 – P193: Stem cells in disease modeling and drug development
18:45:00 Dinner buffet
19:30:00 Convention of GSCN members
21:00:00 Informal GSCN get-together (MDC.C Foyer)
Wednesday, November 13, 2013
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
09:00:00 Introduction
09:00:00 Introduction
09:00:00 Introduction
09:10:00 T19 - Induction of nuclear ataxin-3 inclusions in Machado-Joseph disease-specific neurons
09:10:00 T25 - The genome wide molecular landscape of hematopoietic stem cells and their immediate progeny
09:10:00 T22 - Tet-dependent processing of 5-methylcytosine, epigenetic stability and the maintenance of active higher order structures during differentiation
09:30:00 T26 - Crosstalk between WNT/β-catenin and IRF8 in hematopoiesis and leukemia
09:30:00 T23 - Aldh1b1 regulates the timing in pancreas lineage segregation and beta cell maturation
09:30:00 T20 - Restoration of GM-CSF depended functionalities in macrophages utilizing patient specific iPSC from a congenital pulmonary alveolar proteinosis patient
09:50:00 T27 - A stem cell intrinsic switch from canonical to non-canonical Wnt signaling regulates aging of hematopoietic stem cells
09:50:00 T24 - A transitional extracellular matrix instructs regenerative cell behavior
09:50:00 T21 - Raman spectroscopy as novel marker for sensitive stem cell identification
10:10:00 Group discussion
10:10:00 Group discussion
10:10:00 Group discussion
10:30:00 Coffee break / Industry exhibition
11:00:00 Introduction (Michael Cross)
11:00:00 Introduction (Mathias Treier)
11:00:00 Introduction (Ulrich Martin)
11:05:00 C4 – Flow cytometry applications for isolating and analyzing complex heterogeneous stem cell cultures
11:05:00 C1 - Development of a new serum-free media for the cultivation of pluripotent stem cells
11:05:00 C7 – Discover a New Approach to Single-Cell Genomics with the C1™ Single-Cell Auto Prep System
11:35:00 C2 - Novel reagents for pluripotent stem cell research and differentiation to neural lineages
11:35:00 C5 - Suspension culture and cardiomyogenic differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells in stirred bioreactor systems
11:35:00 C8 - The IncuCyte system - new applications for iPSC production
12:05:00 C3 - Gene expression analysis down to the single cell level by digital quantification utilizing the nCounter system
12:05:00 C9 - Development of extracellular matrices for stem cell culture
12:05:00 C6 - Pharmaceutical stem cell therapy for advanced diseases entering clinical application
12:35:00 Lunch buffet / industry exhibition
14:00:00 Keynote lecture III K3 - Cardiomyocytes from human pluripotent stem cells: the new patient in safety pharmacology, drug discovery and disease Christine Mummery
14:45:00 Outlook and closing remarks
15:00:00 Coffee break / industry exhibition
15:30:00 EMBO Lecture Austin Smith
16:30:00 Poster award ceremony (Daniel Besser, GSCN)
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