3D Tissue Models
Targeting Cyclic AMP Signalling to Combat Cardiovascular Diseases
Charles Darwin House

London, UK
Targeting Cyclic AMP Signalling to Combat Cardiovascular Diseases
Biochemical Society
Charles Darwin House

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, December 9, 2013
08:30:00 Registration with tea and coffee
09:50:00 Session 1: Cyclic AMP and Cardiovascular Disease - Classical Signalling Stephen Yarwood, Tim Palmer
10:00:00 Targeting Mitochondria to Restore Impaired Metabolic Adaptation to Exercise Jane Reusch
10:35:00 Activation of both protein kinase A and Epac is necessary for cardioprotective effect induced by a cell-permeable cyclic AMP Igor Khaliulin
10:50:00 Persistent PKA signalling at the outer mitochondrial membrane of cardiac myocytes. Konstantinos Lefkimmiatis
11:05:00 Coffee/tea break
11:30:00 Dynamics of receptor mediated cAMP signalling revealed by FRET microscopy Moritz B√ľnemann
12:00:00 TGR5 signaling inhibits macrophage activation and atherosclerosis Thijs Pols
12:40:00 Disruption of HSP20-PDE4D5 interaction protects against cardiac hypertrophy Tamara Martin
12:55:00 EPAC1 signalling induces morphological change and cytoskeletal reorganisation
13:10:00 cAMP signalling modulates platelet contractile machinery by targeting the RhoA-Rho Kinase-MLC phosphatase signalling pathway
13:35:00 Lunch and informal discussions
14:30:00 PDEs as Signalling Gatekeepers in Multiple Vascular Endothelial Cell Compartments Don Maurice
15:00:00 Cavin-1: A new SOCS3-interacting regulator of cytokine signalling?
15:20:00 Phosphodiesterases regulate cAMP pools at individual macromolecular complexes in cardiac myocytes
15:35:00 Inhibition of platelets by cAMP requires lipid raft targeting of protein kinase A type I by the A-kinase anchoring protein Moesin
15:50:00 Coffee and tea break
16:20:00 Cyclic AMP Signalling during Cardiac Remodelling
16:55:00 The cAMP-binding Popdc proteins have a redundant function in the heart Thomas Brand
17:10:00 Tapping the Translation Potential of cAMP-Signaling: Molecular Basis for Selectivity in cAMP Agonism and Antagonism as Revealed by NMR Giuseppe Melacini
17:25:00 Poster session and drinks reception
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