Biotech China 2014
47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology
Washington Convention Center
999 Ninth Street 801 Mount Vernon Place NW
Washington 20001, DC
47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology
American Socieity of Cell Biology
Washington Convention Center

Schedule of Presentations:

Saturday, December 1, 2007
08:30:00 Registration Open (East Registration)
09:00:00 Opening Plenary Elma Gonzalez
09:00:00 Minorities Affairs Committee Mentoring Symposium: Opening Plenary (Room 151)
10:30:00 MAC Workshop: Writing for Biomedical Publication (Room 152B)
10:30:00 MAC Workshop David Morrison
12:00:00 Supported by the NIH Offi ce of Research on Women’s Health Sandra L Schmid
12:00:00 New Presentation
12:00:00 New Presentation
12:30:00 Workshop Offered by the Women in Cell Biology Committee (Room 143 A/B) Sandra L Schmid
13:00:00 Recycling Endosomes, A Nexus for Post-Golgi Traffi c (Room 144 B/C)
13:00:00 Muscle Cytoskeletal Protein Assembly in Normal and Diseased Muscles (Room 145B)
13:00:00 High Performance Image Analysis and Photomanipulative Techniques for Cell Biology (Room 147)
13:00:00 Dynamics of Rafts, Stabilized Rafts, and Other Non-Raft Domains of Membrane (Room 201)
13:00:00 Building the Cell (Room 140B) Dimitrios Vavylonis, J. A. Theriot, David J. Odde, Wallace F Marshall, Mireille Claessens, Arpita Upadhyaya, C Elegans, Phong Tran, Holly Goodson, Adriana Dawes, L Mahadevan
13:00:00 At the Limits: Optical Methods for Single Molecules, Cells, and Organisms Jason R Swedlow, Wies van Roosmalen, Mark Schnitzer, Paul French, Ted Salmon, Alice Ting, Samara Rech-Peterson, Jennifer Waters, John M Murray
13:00:00 Advances in Bone Cell Molecular Biology: Epigenetic Control Gary S Stein, Gordon L. Hager, Jennifer Westendorf, Masaki Noda, Jane Lian, Michael Bustin
13:00:00 Adhesions and Myosins (Room 204 A/B) Robert S Adelstein, Richard Cheney, Olivier Rossier, Ray Keller, Miguel Vincente-Manzares, Meg Titus, Michael P Sheetz, Nils Gauthier, Paul Skoglund, Alan R Horwitz
13:00:00 Cellular Biology of Gap Junction Channels (Room 103A)
13:00:00 Muscle Cytoskeletal Protein Assembly in Normal and Diseased Muscles A Engler, Guy M Benian, Thomas Keller, Michael Gotthardt, C Elegans, Anke Zieseniss, Carol C Gregorio, Wolfgang A Linke, Jushuo Wang, Joseph W. Sanger
13:00:00 Dynamics of Rafts, Stabilized Rafts, and Other Non-Raft Domains of I R Nabi, Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, D. Predescu, Mark A McNiven, Frederick . R Maxfi eld, Radu V Stan, Irene Klein, Aaron Neumann
13:00:00 CLASPs Clutching Microtubule Networks (Room 209 B/C) Helder Maiato, Irina Kaverina, Anna Akhmanova, Fred Chang, David Van Vactor, Praveen Kumar, Niels Galjart, Tim Huffaker, Scott Bratman
13:00:00 Systems Biology of Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Networks (Room 206) Anand R. Asthagiri, Richard B. Jones, H. Steven Wiley, Vincent Danos, Birgit Schoeberl, Jason M Haugh, Forest White, Peter K. Sorger
13:00:00 Cellular Biology of Gap Junction Channels (Room 103A) Anaclet Ngezahayo, L Musil, Gulistan Mese, Anna M. Gumpert, Kaa-Sandra Chee, Alfredo Fort, Guillermo Altenberg, Srikanth Polusani, Alberto Pereda, Richard Francis
13:00:00 Cell Matrix Interactions (Room 140A) Martin A. Schwartz, Kenneth. M. Yamada, Alissa Weaver, Yu-Li Wang, Peter Friedl, Muhammad H. Zaman
13:00:00 The NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer: Creating Next Generation Nano Tools for Cell Biology (Room 203)
13:00:00 Systems Biology of Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Networks (Room 206)
13:00:00 CLASPs Clutching Microtubule Networks (Room 209 B/C)
13:00:00 The NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer: Creating Next David Sept, Piotr Grodzinski, Muhammad Yousaf, Raoul Kopelman, Milan Mrksich, Douglas Hanahan
13:00:00 Recycling Endosomes, A Nexus for Post-Golgi Traffi c (Room 144 B/C) Jim Goldenring, Steven Caplan, Gerard Apodaca, Heike Folsch, Kenneth Dunn, David R Sheff, B Winckler
13:00:00 High Performance Image Analysis and Photomanipulative Techniques for Jeffrey Nickerson, Michael A Mancini, Kenneth A Jacobson, Gordon L. Hager, Dan Larson, David Lawrence, Jeffrey H. Price, Klaus M. Hahn
13:00:00 Adhesions and Myosins (Room 204 A/B) Alpha Yap, Richard Cheney
13:00:00 Cell Matrix Interactions (Room 140A)
13:00:00 Building the Cell (Room 140B)
13:00:00 At the Limits: Optical Methods for Single Molecules, Cells, and Organisms (Room 146)
13:00:00 Advances in Bone Cell Molecular Biology: Epigenetic Control (Room 204C)
13:30:00 Clickers—The Greatest New Teaching Tool Since Chalk: William B. Wood
13:30:00 Education Workshop (Room 152A) William B. Wood
15:00:00 Education Resources/MAC Booth Open (Grand Lobby)
15:00:00 Minorities Affairs Committee Poster Session and Reception
15:00:00 Minorities Affairs Committee Poster Session/Reception
15:00:00 Minorities Affairs Committee Poster Session/Reception (Room 154)
15:30:00 Undergraduate Program (151)
15:30:00 Seeing in The Dark: How Fluorescent Proteins Are Shaping Biology Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
16:30:00 Undergraduate Poster Presentations/Reception
16:30:00 Undergraduate Poster Presentations/Reception (Room 150B)
18:00:00 New Biologists for the New Biology William Bialek, Shirley Ann Jackson
18:00:00 Posters on Display (Halls A/B)
18:00:00 Career Center Open (Hall B)
18:00:00 Keynote Symposium (Ballrooms A/B/C) Shirley Ann Jackson, William Bialek
19:30:00 Opening Night Reception (Washington Convention Center)
Sunday, December 2, 2007
07:00:00 Cell Signaling Technology:Quantifi cation of Cellular Signaling Using Activation State-Specifi Antibodies and Automated Plate-Based Fluorescent Analysis Platforms
07:00:00 Exhibitor Showcases
07:00:00 Imaging of Cellular Junctions
07:00:00 Exhibitor Showcases
07:30:00 Registration Open (East Registration)
07:30:00 Career Center (Hall B)
07:30:00 Posters on Display (Halls A/B)
08:00:00 Novel Reagents for the Analysis of Cellular Signaling in Cells and Tissues
08:00:00 Symposium I (Ballrooms A/B/C)
08:00:00 Membrane Dynamics Pietro V De Camilli, Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, Kai Simons, Kit Pogliano
08:00:00 Introduction
08:00:00 Remodeling Cellular Membranes during Bacillus subtilis Sporulation. K. Pogliano; University of California, San Diego, Kit Pogliano
08:35:00 Mechanisms of Membrane Deformation and Membrane Fission at Sites of Endocytosis Pietro V De Camilli
09:00:00 Exhibits Open (Halls A/B)
09:00:00 Lipid Rafts in Membrane Traffi cking Kai Simons
09:00:00 Education Resources/MAC Booth Opens (Grand Lobby)
09:30:00 Morning Refreshment Break
09:30:00 Morning Refreshment Break (Halls A/B)
09:45:00 Symposium II (Ballrooms A/B/C)
09:45:00 Bruce Alberts Award for Excellence in Science Education Patricia J Pukkila
09:45:00 Catalyzing Changes in Undergraduate Science Education Patricia J Pukkila, D. H. Kiel, M. S. Arnold
09:45:00 Alberts Award Presentation (Room 140)
10:30:00 Symposium II:Architecture of Signaling Systems P. A. Silver, David Botstein, Stacie Propst, Marks L Richard
10:30:00 Introduction
10:40:00 Stochasticity and Cell Fate Marks L Richard
11:05:00 Design Principles for Connecting the Genome to the World D. Drubin, I Philips, E. Gee, C. Brown, P. A. Silver, C. Ajo-Franklin, D. Landgraf
11:30:00 Making the Most of Your Cell-based Assays: An Exploration of Innovative Tools and Technologies Phil Vanek
11:30:00 STIM Proteins Function as Signaling Relays That Transmit Endoplasmic Reticulum Calcium Signals to the Plasma J Liou, Stacie Propst, O Brandman
12:00:00 Biotechnology in the K–12 Classroom: Strategies for Teaching and Outreach Julie Edmonds
12:00:00 K–12 Science Education Partnership Lunch (Room 103A) (Tickets available at Event Ticket Counter)
12:00:00 Poster Presentations (Halls A/B)
12:00:00 Postdoc Workshop:Getting Out of the Box: Transitioning to a Career Outside of Academic Research Philip Kollmannsberger, Liliana Martos Nicoletti
12:00:00 MAC Awards Lunch (Room 143 A/B)
12:00:00 Minorities Affairs Committee (MAC) Awards Lunch (Preregistration Required
12:00:00 Molecular Devices:Advances in Multi-dimensional Imaging and High-speed Confocal Microscopy Christian Kier
12:00:00 Postdoc Workshop (Room 140)
12:30:00 Analyzing Signaling Networks of Various Stem Cell Populations Using Robert Balderas
12:30:00 Getting In Shape: New Clues From the Fly Embryo Jennifer A Zallen
12:30:00 High School Program (Room 147)
13:45:00 Applications of RNAi in the Study of Cell Biology Robert Brazas
13:45:00 EMD Biochemicals:Cell-Based Assays: Indispensable Tools for Drug Discovery and Basic Research Lothar Goretzki
14:00:00 A Model System Approach to Uncover the Mechanisms of Animal Regeneration Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado
14:00:00 E. E. Just Lecture (Room 145)
14:30:00 WICB Network Reception (Room 156)
14:30:00 Afternoon Refreshment Break (Halls A/B)
14:30:00 WICB Network Reception:
14:30:00 Afternoon Refreshment Break
14:45:00 Phosphorylation and Mitochondrial Dependent Death Michael J Boyer
15:40:00 Minisymposium 1A (Room 147)
15:40:00 Minisymposium 1A:Cell Biology Working Group: Challenges in Cell Biology—The Nature of Cytoplasm Timothy J Mitchison, Wallace F Marshall, Joseph Frankel, R. Dyche Mullins, Rob Phillips
15:40:00 Introduction
15:40:00 Introduction
15:40:00 Protein Folding:Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Craig, University of Wisconsin–Madison, and Suzannah S Rutherford
15:40:00 Minisymposium 1B:Cell Biology Working Group: Challenges in Cell Biology—The Cell Biology of Alzheimer’s Disease Gopal Thinakaran, Jonathan Weissman, Lennart Mucke, R. Dyche Mullins, W E Balch
15:40:00 Introduction
15:40:00 Minisymposium 3:Cytoskeletal Dynamics and Polarity Ed Munro
15:40:00 Introduction
15:40:00 Neuronal Cell Biology Michael D Ehlers
15:40:00 Introduction
15:40:00 Minisymposium 5:Intermediate Filaments and Nuclear Lamins CONNERLY PAMELA
15:40:00 Introduction
15:40:00 Minisymposium 4:Supported by Genentech Jean Greenberg, Joanne N. Engel
15:40:00 Minisymposium 2:Cell Cycle Michael Glotzer, Sue L. Jaspersen
15:45:00 Formin Binding Protein 2 (FNBP2) Regulates Neuronal Migration and Morphology through Its F-BAR Domain Keith Burridge, Channing Der, F Polleux, A. Shutes, R Doughman, S Guerrier
15:45:00 Reconstitution of a Microtubule Plus-End Tracking System In Vitro Thomas Surrey, Henry T Schek, P Bieling, M. Dogterom, L. Munteanu, L. Laan, L. Sandblad, Damian Brunner
15:45:00 Pseudomonas aeruginosa Exotoxin T Inhibits Repair of Wounded Epithelium by Redundant and Failsafe Mechanisms Juergen Engel, S Shafi khani
15:45:00 Peptide Affi nity and Hsp40 J-domain Interaction Differentially Affect Yeast BiP Function. Shin Ichi Nishikawa, Linda Hendershot, S S Vembar, J L Brodsky
15:45:00 Laminopathic Mutations Interfere with the Assembly, Localization, and Dynamics of Nuclear Lamin in C. elegans U. Aebi, O Medalia, Harald Herrmann, A. Mattout, K. Ben-Harush, N Weisel, Y Gruenbaum
15:45:00 Regulation of Filamin-Integrin Interactions Y Lad, D A Calderwood, Tiila Kiema, J Ylänne, Kate L Wegener, P Jiang, Iain D Campbell
15:45:00 Interphase and Mitotic CDKs Follow Kinetically Distinct Paths to Activation in Human Cells. S. Larochelle, K. A. Merrick, R P Fisher, C. Zhang, K M Shokat
16:00:00 MARK2/Par1: Linking the Polarity Pathway to Dynein-dependent Centosomal Motility in Migrating Cortical Neurons E Mandelkow, T Levy, Orly Reiner, T Timm, A Gorelik, S Sapoznik, T Sapir
16:00:00 Electron Microscopy Solutions for 2D and 3D Imaging in Cell Biology Applications Wim Voorhout
16:00:00 Translocon-mediated Head-First Insertion and Rotation of a Signal Anchor during Cotranslational Integration. Farida Korobova, P K Devaraneni, B Conti, A E Johnson
16:00:00 Zasp, a Novel Regulator of Integrin Inside-out Activation? Frieder Schöck, Klodiana Jani
16:00:00 Changes in the Organization and Regulation of Chromatin in Progeria, an Early Onset Premature Aging Disease T Shimi, Robert D Goldman, T Cremer, I. Solovei, M Cremer
16:00:00 An Atypical Receptor Kinase from Tomato Is Targeted by Xanthomonas campastris pathovar vesicotoria Effector XopN. Mary Beth Mudgett, J. Roden, J Kim, C. Aakre, X. Li, B. Su
16:00:00 STIM1 Is Transmembrane ER-resident Protein That Binds to EB1 and Tracks Growing Microtubule Plus Ends Casper C Hoogenraad, I Grigorev, Anna Akhmanova, S M Gouveia, J. Demmers
16:00:00 *Single-Molecule Analysis Reveals the Distribution of Potential vs. Active DNA Replication Origins in Human Cells R. Lebofsky
16:15:00 Tension Increases the Strength of α5β1 Integrin-Fibronectin Bonds by Inducing Engagement of the Synergy Site in FnIII J Friedland, M Lee, M Chan, D Boettiger
16:15:00 Lamin A-dependent Misregulation of Adult Stem Cells Associated with Accelerated Aging. T Misteli
16:15:00 Drebrin and EB3 Link Filamentous Actin and Dynamic Microtubules in Neuronal Growth Cones S. Geraldo, P. Gordon-Weeks, M Parsons
16:15:00 The Budding Yeast SUN Protein Mps3 Interacts with Sir4 and Functions as a Telomere Anchor at the Nuclear Periphery Sue L. Jaspersen, J M Bupp, A E Martin
16:15:00 The Arf1 GAP Centaurin Gamma-2/AGAP1 Modulates Neuronal Differentiation. Jennifer Larimore, Lucas Pozzo-Miller, Anne Theibert, Z Nie, C Chapleau, C Moore, I Rolle, P Randazzo, S Worth
16:15:00 Network of General and Specialty J-protein Chaperones of the Yeast Cytosol. E Craig, C Sahi
16:30:00 Disease-associated Lamin A/C Mutations Disrupt Cell Polarity with Phenotypes That Segregate by Disease. H J Worman, E S Folker, C Ostlund, G G Gundersen
16:30:00 The Function and Regulation of Dendritic Golgi Outposts Y Zhang, Y Jan, L Y Jan, B Ye
16:30:00 Intrafl agellar Transport Protein, IFT27, Is a Small Rab-like G Protein Involved in Ciliogenesis and in Control of the Cell J. Rosenbaum, U James, D. Diener, J M Zones, Z Wang
16:30:00 Localized Translation of β-actin at Focal Adhesions and Podosomes Affects Adhesion Formation and Dynamics Hideki Yamaguchi, W. Abou-Kheir, A. L. Wells, R H. Singer, John S Condeelis, Alexis J Rodriguez
16:30:00 Lamellipodium Extension and Membrane Ruffl e Formation Require Different SNARE-mediated Traffi cking Pathways M G Coppolino, Yi Qing, D W Myers, M Skalski
16:30:00 A Small Molecule of Arabidopsis Petiole Exudates Confers Resistance to Bacterial Infection T. Tschaplinsky, H. Jung, J Greenberg
16:30:00 The Substrate-binding Domain of Ydj1 Has Distinct Functions in Promoting Stability and Activity of the Hsp90-dependent Jeriel L Johnson, G Flom, M K Lemieszek
16:45:00 UNC-6/netrin, UNC-5 and a Cyclin Target Presynaptic Components to Axons in C. elegans V Y. N Poon, K Shen
16:45:00 Yeast Formins Bni1 and Bnr1 Utilize Different Modes of Cortical Interaction during the Assembly of Actin Cables S Buttery, David Steven Pellman, S Yoshida
16:45:00 The C-terminal Extension of hCenexin1 Is Critical for Proper Recruitment and Mitotic Functions of Mammalian Polo-like K S Lee, L. Yu, T. Veenstra, N Soung
16:45:00 Prion Dynamics and Protein-Only Inheritance. T R Serio
16:45:00 An RNAi Screen Identifi es Profi lin and Other Host Cytoskeletal Proteins Required for Rickettsia Actin-based Motility. S A Reed, A. W Serio, C M Haglund, R L Jeng, M D Welch
16:45:00 Chaperone Networks That Infl uence Protein Misfolding and Aggregation in C. elegans. Rick Morimoto, M Schieber, C Voisine, K Orton, S McFall
16:45:00 VEGF Controls Endothelial Cell Permeability by the Endocytosis of VE-cadherin J. Silvio Gutkind,, J Gavard
17:00:00 Altered Signaling but No Cell Fragility in Mice Lacking All Type II Keratin Genes. C Kroeger, T Magin, D Simmons, U Reuter, P Vijayaraj, D Hartmann
17:00:00 Actin Dynamics Is Essential for Myosin-based Transport of Membrane Organelles Tatyana Svitkina, Irina Semenova, vladimir rodionov
17:00:00 SUMO-2/3 Modifi cation and Binding Regulate the Association of CENP-E with Kinetochores and Progression through Michael J Matunis, J Goeres, A. C. G. Porter, H. Zhang, Xia Zhang, Tim J Yen
17:00:00 Translocation of Mammalian Lipid Droplets into the Chlamydia trachomatis Parasitopherous Vacuole. E. Fischer, Raphael H Valdivia, T. Hackstad, Y Kumar, J. Cochiaro
17:00:00 Microtubule Plus-End Binding Protein EB3 Regulates Dendritic Spine Morphogenesis Casper C Hoogenraad, S M Gouveia, Anna Akhmanova, P Wulf, B Dortland, J Jaworski
17:00:00 Chaperone Networks That Infl uence Protein Misfolding and Aggregation Rick Morimoto, C Voisine, S McFall, C Elegans, K Orton, M Schieber
17:00:00 The Role of Scribble in Regulating Epithelial Cell Adhesion I G Macara, M Lohia
17:15:00 Uncovering the Essential Cellular Substrates and Functions of Hsp90 with Genome-wide Screens Adam M Deutschbauer, J Frydman, R W Davis, Yu Xia, A J McClellan, Mark Gerstein
17:15:00 A Dynamic Actin Cytoskeleton Is Essential to Cytoplasmic Streaming during Drosophila Oogenesis. M E Quinlan
17:15:00 Anillin Is a Scaffold Protein That Links RhoA, Actin, and Myosin during Cytokinesis Michael Glotzer, Alisa Piekny
17:15:00 A New Functional Role for Keratin 18 Glycosylation in Protection from Injury in Epithelial Tissues P Strnad, M Bishr Omary, N Ku, D Toivola
17:15:00 Positioning Endocytic Zones and AMPA Receptor Cycling in Dendritic Spines. Michael D Ehlers, J Lu, R J Weinberg, T A. Blanpied, T D Helton, T M Newpher, B Racz
17:15:00 Uncovering the Essential Cellular Substrates and Functions of Hsp90 with Genome-wide Screens. Adam M Deutschbauer, A J McClellan, J Frydman, R W Davis, Yu Xia, Mark Gerstein
17:15:00 Structure Elements Necessary for Oligomerization, Traffi cking, and Cell Sorting Function of Paraxial Protocadherin Barry M. Gumbiner, C Molino, L Liu, X Chen
17:30:00 Mammalian Fat4 Regulates the Apical Domain Organization in Polarized Epithelial Cells. T Tanoue, Masatoshi Takeichi, T Ishiuchi
17:30:00 Protein Mis-folding, Cellular Consequences and Beyond S Rutherford
17:30:00 Protein Mis-folding, Cellular Consequences and Beyond. S Rutherford
17:30:00 Phospho-regulation of ase1p during Mitosis by the Kinase cdc2p and the Phosphatase cdc14p in Schizosaccharomyces Phong Tran, I. Loiodice, C Fu
17:30:00 Signals and Adaptors Controlling the Endocytosis and Sorting of Non-conventional NMDA Receptors I Pérez-Otaño, E Saint-Michel, R Martínez-Turrillas
17:30:00 Reprogramming of Keratin Biosynthesis by the Natural Product Sulforaphane Restores Skin Integrity in EpidermolysisBullosa Simplex. D DePianto, P Talalay, M L Kerns, P A Coulombe, A T Dinkova-Kostova
17:30:00 Cdc-42 and the Actomyosin Cytoskeleton Function within Positive and Negative Feedback Loops to Dynamically Ed Munro, H Clarke, A. Dawes, C Schoff
18:00:00 Cell Adhesion: The Essence of Being Metazoan Richard Hynes
18:00:00 E. B. Wilson Medal Presentation and Address (Ballrooms A/B)
18:00:00 E. B. Wilson Medal Presentation and Address Richard Hynes, Zena Werb
18:15:00 Evaluation of Click-iT™ EdU Cell Proliferation Assays in Tissue and Cultured Cells Using Fluorescent Microscopy, High Content Screen Screening, S T Clarke
18:15:00 Understanding the Cell Migration Engine Using High-Resolution Quantitative Light Microscopy Clare M Waterman
18:30:00 CBE—Life Sciences Education Reception (Room 156)
18:30:00 CBE—Life Sciences Education Reception
19:00:00 Public Service Award Presentation Matthew Michael
19:00:00 Public Service Award Presentation (Room 147)
21:15:00 Thermo Fisher Scientifi:Thermo Scientifi c SearchLight® Plate-Based Arrays for Multiplex Protein Profi ling
21:15:00 3-D Cell Culture Tools for Biologically Relevant In Vitro Systems
Monday, December 3, 2007
00:00:00 Author Presentation:Odd Boards
07:00:00 A Superior Alternative to Western Blot: Phospho-Kinase Detection in Graham S Long
07:00:00 Exhibitor Showcases
07:00:00 Thermo Scientifi c Dharmacon Products Christina Yamada
07:30:00 Career Center (Hall B)
07:30:00 Registration Open (East Registration)
07:30:00 Posters on Display (Halls A/B)
08:00:00 Phosphorylation Site Analysis in Complex Samples without the Ue of Antibodies Wayne F Patton
08:00:00 Introduction
08:00:00 Cell Biology of Metazoan Development—Heinz Herrmann Symposium
08:00:00 Symposium III (Ballrooms A/B/C)
08:10:00 The Cell Biology of Embryonic Patterning and Morphogenesis in the Mouse Embryo Jym Ocbina, Isabelle Migeotte, D Lee, Josh Bloomekatz, Kathryn V. Anderson
08:30:00 HCS, Live Cell Imaging, and 4D Image Analysis—Your Science, Our Solutions Jürgen Kupper
08:35:00 BMP Antagonists in Vertebrate Development Richard Harland
09:00:00 Education Resources/MAC Booth Open (Grand Lobby)
09:00:00 Robustness and Evolution of Caenorhabditis Vulva Development M A Felix, Josselin MILLOZ
09:00:00 Exhibits Open (Halls A/B)
09:15:00 Optical Coherence Tomography for Rapid Volumetric Imaging Joseph A Izatt
09:30:00 Morning Refreshment Break (Halls A/B)
09:30:00 Morning Refreshment Break
09:30:00 Congress 101 (Room 158 A/B)
09:30:00 Join Nobel Laureate Paul Berg, Sean Morrison, Congress 101, A Case Study on How to Be an Advocate for Science Tom Pollard, R. Sean Morrison
09:45:00 Education Initiative Forum (Room 140A) Leslie Loew, Raquell Holmes
09:45:00 Education Initiative Forum Integrating Quantitative Modeling into Cell Biology Leslie Loew, Raquell Holmes
09:55:00 High-throughput Image Analysis for Spectroscopy-based Measurements to Examine RNA Splicing and Protein-Protein Interactions Joel W. Schwartz, Bernhard Rupp, Brian D Harms, D Miranda, C. H. J. Cooper
10:00:00 Subcommittee on Postdoctoral Training (SCOPT) Meeting
10:00:00 Subcommittee on Postdoctoral Training (SCOPT) Meeting (Room 142)
10:30:00 Introduction
10:30:00 Symposium IV (Ballrooms A/B/C)
10:30:00 Symposium IV (Unconventional Organelles) J. Rosenbaum, Yoshinori Ohsumi, Martina Brueckner
10:40:00 Ciliary Signalling in Vertebrate Left-Right Development J McGrath, S Makova, M Brueckner
11:05:00 Higher-Order Oligomerization Targets Plasma Membrane Proteins, Including HIV Gag, to Exosomes. S. J. Gould, N Wu, Y Fang
11:30:00 Molecular Dissection of Membrane Dynamics during Autophagy Yoshinori Ohsumi
11:30:00 The Latest Advances in siRNA Technologies Steve Suchyta
12:00:00 Mid-Career Transitions
12:00:00 Single Cell Analysis of Stem Cell Fate Regulation Studied by Laser Microdissection and Time Lapse Microscopy (PALM) Regis Doyonnas
12:00:00 Separation of Mammalian Organelles and Macromolecular Machines by FFE Oliver Drews
12:00:00 Protein Enrichment or Purifying Tagged Proteins—Getting It Right From the Start and Reaching the Finish Line With Reproducible Results Marianne Carlsson, Lena Jonsson
12:00:00 Setting Up Your First Laboratory
12:00:00 For Undergraduates: What Comes Next?
12:00:00 For Undergraduates: What Comes Next?
12:00:00 Gay and Lesbian Issues in Science
12:00:00 Issues for Women in Science
12:00:00 Ethics and the Politics of Science
12:00:00 Funding Opportunities for Research at Primarily
12:00:00 Advocacy for Science Education
12:00:00 Issues for International Scientists in the U.S.
12:00:00 Mentoring and Being Mentored
12:00:00 Family and Career Issues
12:00:00 Collaborations and Authorship
12:00:00 Developing Your Administrative Techniques/Management
12:00:00 Job Application Strategies for Academic Positions
12:00:00 Careers in the Era of Extended Postdocs
12:00:00 Obtaining an Appropriate Postdoc Position
12:00:00 Developing Your Career
12:00:00 Teaching and Research in Primarily Undergraduate
12:00:00 Research in Government Laboratories
12:00:00 Working in Scientifi c Foundations and Funding Agencies
12:00:00 Working with Congress and Federal Government
12:00:00 Working with Congress and Federal Government
12:00:00 Information Science-Related Jobs
12:00:00 Careers in Computational Biology
12:00:00 Scientifi c Editing
12:00:00 Scientifi c Writing
12:00:00 Patent Law/Intellectual Property
12:00:00 Management Consulting and Venture Capital
12:00:00 Biotech and Pharmaceutical
12:00:00 Sponsored by the Women in Cell Biology Commit
12:00:00 Career Discussion Lunch
12:00:00 Poster Presentations (Halls A/B)
12:00:00 Career Discussion Lunch Offered by the Women in Cell Biology Committee (West Registration)
12:30:00 Getting Started with miRNA Analysis Steve Suchyta
12:30:00 Introducing the New BD AccuCell™ Automated Cell Counter Patricia Daggett
13:30:00 Even Boards
13:45:00 Molecular Cytometry Systems Daniel Moothart, E. Vierling, Michael Olin
14:00:00 NSF Grant Opportunities in Biological Sciences and Educational Activities (Room 147)
14:00:00 NSF Grant Opportunities in Biological Sciences and Educational Activities
14:00:00 Congressional Liaison Committee Seminar Mock Congressional Offi ce Meetings
14:00:00 Congressional Liaison Committee Seminar: Mock Congressional Offi ce Meetings (Room 156)
14:30:00 Afternoon Refreshment Break
15:30:00 Nuclear Import and Export Charles N Cole, Rick. W. Wozniak
15:40:00 Apoptosis and Organelles
15:40:00 X-ylation and Cell Signaling
15:40:00 Prokaryotic Cell Biology
15:40:00 Molecular Motors: Alone and in Groups Daniela Nicastro, G H Koenderink
15:40:00 Minisymposium 15:Introduction
15:40:00 Mechanisms of Membrane Traffi cking
15:40:00 Minisymposium 16:Introduction
15:40:00 Mechanisms of Membrane Traffi cking Juan S Bonifacino
15:40:00 Mechanisms of Epigenetic Regulation
15:40:00 Introduction
15:40:00 Mechanisms of Epigenetic Regulation
15:40:00 Molecular Motors: Alone and in Groups
15:40:00 Nuclear Import and Export
15:40:00 Microtubule and Src Dynamics in Neuronal Growth Cones during Adhesion-mediated Guidance Daniel M Suter, B Wu, Amy Lee
15:40:00 Cell Migration/Motility Irina Kaverina, Jeff Hardin
15:40:00 Apoptosis and Organelles Donald D Newmeyer, S J Martin
15:40:00 Introduction
15:40:00 Cell Migration/Motility
15:45:00 Structure and Function of Kinesin-13 Oligomeric Rings. David J Sharp
15:45:00 Bax or Bak-induced Mitochondrial Fission Can be Uncoupled from Cytochrome c Release S J Martin
15:45:00 Regulating the Polymerization of a Bacterial Actin Homolog, MreB, from Caulobacter crescentus J. A. Theriot, Michael A Dyer, Lucy Shapiro
15:45:00 In Vivo Visualization of Proteins Sorting upon ER Exit in S. cerevisiae Howard Riezman
15:45:00 Epigenetic Silencing of the Ribosomal Genes Is Essential for Effi cient Ribosome Biogenesis. Victor Y Stefanovsky
15:45:00 The Role of the Ndc1 Complex in Nuclear Pore Complex Assembly Karsten Weis, Evgeny A Onischenko
16:00:00 Insights into Transcriptional Silencing and Telomere Length Regulation from the Structure of the Rap1 C-terminus E A Feeser
16:00:00 Regulation of Lamin Assembly by Importins Robert D Goldman, H Herrmann, K Sengupta, Stephen Andrew Adam
16:00:00 In Vitro and In Silico Reconstitution of DNA Segregation: A 3 Component, Kinetically Self-contained Plasmid DNA Segregating Spindle Léa Trichet, William J. Garner, Bruce Alberts, H Lee, Daniel Campbell, R. Dyche Mullins
16:00:00 Non-vesicular Transport of Glucosylceramide via FAPP2 Is Required for Glycosphingolipid Synthesis and Membrane R S Polishchuk, Fran Platt, Yusuf Hannun, E V Polishchuk, Maria Antonietta De Matteis
16:00:00 Pro-apoptotic Bcl-2-family Proteins Produce Independent Responses at the Mitochondrial Outer and Inner Membranes Ryuji Yamaguchi, Donald D Newmeyer
16:00:00 Role of Golgi-derived Microtubules in Post-Golgi Traffi cking and Polarized Cell Migration Irina Kaverina
16:00:00 Establishing and Characterizing Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Min Irwin
16:00:00 *Post-translational Modifi cations of Microtubules Direct the Preferential Transport of Single Kinesin-1 Motors in K. J. Verhey
16:15:00 The AP4 Complex Mediates Sorting of the Amyloid Precursor Protein at the trans-Golgi Network Juan S Bonifacino
16:15:00 Microtubule Crosslinking Triggers the Directional Motility of Kinesin-5 Christoph F Schmidt, Erwin J. G Peterman, T. M. Kapoor, Benjamin H Kwok, L C Kapitein
16:15:00 Epigenetic Reprogamming by LSD1 Contributes to Germline Immortality in C. elegans
16:15:00 Genome-Scale Analysis of Protein Localization in an Asymmetric Bacterium Michael J. Werner
16:15:00 Selective Gating in the Nuclear Pore Complex Dissected at the Single-Event Level U. Aebi, Roderick Y.H Lim1
16:15:00 O-GlcNAc Transferase Modulates PI3K and MAPK Pathways to Resist Stress Q Wang, Andrea D Hawrysh, L A Furber
16:15:00 Vesicular Traffi cking and Protein Synthesis Are Required for Streaming during Chemotaxis Valarie A Barr, Carole A Parent, Guofeng Zhang, Paul W Kriebel
16:15:00 Role of Mitochondrial Remodeling in Programmed Cell Death in Drosophila melanogaster Richard Youle, Gaurav Goyal, V. Sriram, Apurva Sarin, B Fell
16:30:00 G1 to S Phase Cell Cycle Progression Requires a Single Electrically-coupled Mitochondrial Network with a Continuous Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, Badrinath Roysam, Kasturi Mitra
16:30:00 Effects of O-GlcNAcase on Insulin Signaling in Adipocytes Dr. Aaron Ciechanover, D. Love, Jihn E Kim
16:30:00 Stability of Nucleosomes Containing Histone Variants H3.3 and H2A.Z Chuanhong Jin
16:30:00 Identifying New Components of the Early Endosome Retrograde Sorting Machinery in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. R A Rachubinski, A Fagarasanu, F Mast, Angel M Davey
16:30:00 Protein Domains of Cortactin Have Diverse Roles in the Formation, Dynamics, and Matrix Degradation of Invadopodia Hideki Yamaguchi, Jacco Van Rheenen, Anna Huttenlocher, Matthew Oser, John S Condeelis
16:30:00 A Myosin Motor That Selects Bundled Actin Stephen S Nagy
16:30:00 The Effect of the Environment on Cell-to-Cell Signaling in 3D Heterotypic, Bacterial Microarrays Syed Mir, Utkur M Mirsaidov
16:30:00 CAS Is Required for Dissociation of Importin Alpha/Cargo Complexes at the Nuclear Pore Complex C Sung
16:45:00 Loss of Tubulin Polyglutamylation Is Associated with a Lack of Central Apparatus in Trachea Cilia Axoneme, Dysregulated Cilia Beating, and Severe Ceaseless Cough in TTLL1-defi cient Mouse S Satoh
16:45:00 Myosin-activated Random Stress Fluctuations in the Actin Cytoskeleton David Weitz, Clifford P Brangwynne, G H Koenderink
16:45:00 C. elegans Enabled in Epidermal Morphogenesis: Novel Interactions with N-WASP and Epithelial Junctions Jeff Hardin, J Pettitt, Tim Loveless, M Sheffield
16:45:00 Genome-wide Analysis Identifi es a General Requirement for Polarity Proteins in Endocytic Traffi c Barth D Grant
16:45:00 A Novel Tail Anchored Mitochondrial Outer Membrane Protein Involved in Mitochondrial Division. Shilpa Gandre
16:45:00 The Complexity of Phosphorylated H2AX Foci and DNA Repair Protein Assembly at DNA Double-stranded Breaks William M Bonner
16:45:00 Post-Cytokinetic DNA Segregation by ATPases That Form DNA-Conducting Channels Tom A Rapoport, K Marquis, N L Sullivan, Lois Burton
16:45:00 Export of the 60S Ribosomal Subunit Requires Nucleoporin FG-domains That Overlap with both Karyopherin Susan R Wente
17:00:00 Actomyosin Contraction Builds Bridges between Adhesive Contacts Michael P Sheetz, James C. Hone, Michael Koeckert, Anurag Mathur, E R Heller, Olivier Rossier
17:00:00 Activated Estrogen Receptor Down-regulates Human E-cadherin Gene Expression Yongjun Liu, Yanlin Liu
17:00:00 Myristoylation of Zebrafi sh Naked Is Required to Antagonize Both Canonical Wnt/β-catenin and Non-canonical Wnt/PCP Signaling. Robert J COFFEY, Terry Van Raay, Lilianna Solnica Krezel
17:00:00 Loss of an Early Endocytic Compartment Positive for APPL1 and the Lowe Syndrome Protein OCRL upon Acute Pietro V De Camilli, Derek K Toomre, Roberto Zoncu
17:00:00 The Role of Ceramide Channels in Mitochondria-mediated Apoptosis. Leah j Siskind, Marco Colombini
17:00:00 Structural Analysis of Dynamin Family Members Offers Insight into Membrane Fission Dr. John V. Hinshaw, Steven Fang, Partha S Ray, Jason A Mears
17:00:00 The SOLiD™ System: A Massively Parallel Sequencing System Enabling Multiple Applications Robert H NUTTER
17:15:00 Cryo-Electron Tomography of the Cytoplasmic Dynein-Microtubule Complex B. L. Goode, Daniela Nicastro, K Okada
17:15:00 Regulation of Cytoskeleton and Cell Signaling by Posttranslational Arginylation Kanti R. Rai, Anna S Kashina, Gregory T. Wolf, Richard Bailey, S Saha, Lisa L. S. Wong, John R Yates, Tian Xu
17:15:00 Nuclear Reprogramming in Xenopus Thomas J McGarry
17:15:00 Analysis of Myosin II-induced Maturation of Focal Adhesions. Clare M Waterman, I Schneider
17:15:00 Bcl-XL Is Functionally Equivalent to a Dominant Negative Bax Brian F Leber, David W Andrews, J F Lovell, Candis Kokoski, Lieven Billen
17:15:00 A Novel Role for PI(4,5)P2 in Eisosome Organization and Plasma Membrane Dynamics. Scott D Emr, Tobias C Walther, C J Stefan
17:15:00 Maintenance of Polarity and Cell Shape in Vibrio cholerae B. Lam, Matthew K Waldor
17:30:00 Biochemical Characterization of Type III-secreted Bacterial Acetyltransferases J Orth, D Lee
17:30:00 Overlapping Cleavage Motif Selectivity of Caspases - Implications for Analysis of Apoptotic Pathways. Gavin P McStay, G S Salvesen
17:30:00 Challenges and Opportunities for NIH Peer Review Dean Wilson, Keith Yamamoto, M. C. Beckerle
17:30:00 Shiga Toxin-induced Tubular Membrane Invaginations for Clathrin-independent Uptake into Cells Patricia Bassereau, Katharina Gaus
17:30:00 Poster Tear Down:Monday
17:30:00 Practice of Science (Room 143 A/B)—Challenges and Opportunities for NIH Peer Review
17:30:00 Mallory Body Formation in the Livers of Drug-primed Mice Is Regulated by an Epigenetic Mechanism F Amidi, Samuel W French, Barbara A French, J. V. Oliva, Jian Li
17:30:00 Novel Mechanism of Fibronectin Matrix Assembly by Regulation of Cadherin Adhesion and Tissue Tension via the Mungo Marsden, Douglas W. DeSimone, Martin A. Schwartz, B Dzamba
17:30:00 Cytoplasmic Dynein Is a Better Navigator than Kinesin on Tau-decorated Microtubules. Erika L. F Holzbaur, J. L. Ross
18:00:00 Understanding and Performing DNA and siRNA Transfection with
18:00:00 Protein Dynamics Studied with Self-Labeling Protein Tags
18:00:00 Development and Application of Novel Photo-Switching/Photoactivatable
18:00:00 Applications of RNAi in the Study of Cell Biology (Room 204B)
18:00:00 See description of Tutorials at the end of the Monday section
18:00:00 Optical and Atomic Force Microscopy: An Integrated Approach to
18:00:00 Using NCBI’s Basic Local Alignment Search Tool: New Features and
18:00:00 Studying Living Cells with Atomic Force Microscopy (Room 209B)
18:00:00 High Affi nity Antibody Development, Conjugation & Applications
18:00:00 Poster Set Up:Sunday
18:15:00 Enabling Technologies for Transfection and Real-Time Cellular Analysis
18:15:00 Fully Automated Sample Preparation of Nucleic Acids Using the Lysix Workstatio J Clark Mason
18:30:00 Women in Cell Biology (WICB) Committee Evening Program & Awards Presentation
18:30:00 Women in Cell Biology Evening Program and Awards Presentation (Room 147)
19:00:00 Posters Displayed:Sunday
19:30:00 Luminescence Reporter Gene Assays Amy E McCann
19:30:00 Posters Displayed:Monday
20:30:00 3D Image Acquisition, Processing, and Visualization For Optical Microscopy Bartek Rajwa
Tuesday, December 4, 2007
00:00:00 Author Presentation:Odd Boards
07:00:00 Solving Cell Culture Problems: Lori Ryan
07:00:00 Amaxa GmbH: Alan D Andrea
07:00:00 Exhibitor Showcases
07:30:00 Registration Open (East Registration)
07:30:00 Career Center (Hall B)
08:00:00 Introduction
08:00:00 Symposium V Ballrooms A/B/C Deborah Hogan, Elly Tanaka, Howard Y. Chang, Peter Bryant
08:00:00 Symposium V (Ballrooms A/B/C)
08:10:00 Modulation of the Candida albicans Ras-cAMP-PKA Cascade by Microbial Molecules. Davis Hanna, Deborah Hogan, Amy Piispanen
08:35:00 Genomic Encoding of Positional Identity. Howard Y. Chang
09:00:00 Education Resources/MAC Booth Open (Grand Lobby)
09:00:00 Cellular and Molecular Signalling Leading to Functional Regeneration in Vertebrates. Elly Tanaka
09:00:00 Exhibits Open (Halls A/B)
09:30:00 Morning Refreshment Break (Halls A/B)
09:30:00 Morning Refreshment Break Halls A/B
09:45:00 Encouraging Students to Develop Scientifi c Thinking Skills: New Methods for Assessing Performance. Morley Stone
09:45:00 Education Initiative Forum (Room 140A) Elisa Stone
09:45:00 Education Initiative Forum Room 140A Elisa Stone
10:30:00 Symposium VI (Ballrooms A/B/C) Force and Form in Cell Biology
10:30:00 Symposium VI Ballrooms A/B/C Michael P Sheetz, Tom Pollard, Dennis E. Discher
10:30:00 Introduction
10:40:00 Stem Cell Force Generation and Differentiation. Dennis E. Discher
11:05:00 Transformation: A Force to Resist. V M Weaver
11:30:00 Shaping Cells by Force and Rigidity through Protein Stretching. Michael P Sheetz
12:00:00 ASCB Business Meeting (Room 158)
12:00:00 ASCB Business Meeting Room 158
12:00:00 Poster Presentations (Halls A/B)
12:00:00 Corning Incorporated Michael Briggs
12:00:00 BD Biosciences:The Importance of Surface Modifi cations/Coatings for Improving Cell Culture Kevin Chen
12:00:00 New Presentation
12:00:00 New Presentation
12:00:00 ECIS: A Morphological Biosensor for Cell Research H Charles
12:00:00 Thermo Scientifi c Cellomics Reagent Solutions for High Content Screening Richik N. Ghosh
12:00:00 Two Novel Human Neural Progenitor Systems from Millipore S E Kendall
12:30:00 Screening and Development of Antibodies for Use in Mindy Goldsborough
13:30:00 Conversation with NIH: Scientifi c Workforce Issues: Nuts and Bolts Room 143 A/B
13:30:00 Even Boards
13:30:00 Conversation with NIH: Scientifi c Workforce Issues: Nuts and Bolts
13:45:00 Advances in Measuring Cellular Bioenergetics David Ferrick
14:30:00 Afternoon Refreshment Break Halls A/B
14:30:00 Afternoon Refreshment Break (Halls A/B)
14:45:00 Advances in Measuring Cellular Bioenergetics David Ferrick
15:00:00 Celldance 2007: The ASCB Cell Film Contest Winners ASCB Booth, Exhibit Hall
15:00:00 Celldance Awards (ASCB Booth, Exhibit Hall)
15:30:00 Poster Tear Down:Tuesday
15:40:00 Introduction
15:40:00 Minisymposium 19 (Room 146)
15:40:00 Minisymposium 18 (Ballroom A)
15:40:00 Minisymposium 21:Introduction
15:40:00 Minisymposium 17 (Room 147)
15:40:00 Minisymposium 22 (Ballroom B)
15:40:00 Minisymposium 23 (Ballroom C)
15:40:00 Minisymposium 24 (Room 202)
15:40:00 Minisymposium 23:Introduction
15:40:00 Minisymposium 22:Introduction
15:40:00 Minisymposium 21 (Room 207)
15:40:00 Minisymposium 20:Evolution of Eukaryotic Endomembrane Systems:Introduction
15:40:00 Minisymposium 20 (Room 145)
15:40:00 Minisymposium 17 Room 147 Jay C Dunlap
15:40:00 Introduction
15:45:00 Use of Luciferase to Analyze Core and Accessory Oscillators in a Circadian System. R Mathur, A Mehra, M Shinsaku, Jay C Dunlap, V Gooch, L. Larrondo, J Loros
15:45:00 Primary Role for Centrosome Proteins in Cilia Formation and Cilia-associated Disorders Stephen J Doxsey, N Lawson, L Covassin Barberis, B Delaval
15:45:00 Systems Approaches to Understanding Peroxisome Biogenesis R A Rachubinski, I Shmulevich, A Niemisto, S Ramsey, A Fagarasanu, B Knoblach, R A Saleem, J Boyle, Y Wang, M Marelli, F Mast, J J Smith, John D Aitchison
15:45:00 Actin Dynamics Regulate a Biophysical Maturation Switch in Focal Adhesions. Clare M Waterman, M Gardeidol, Gaudenz Danuser, Ira Schwarz, Peng Ji
15:45:00 Cytoskeletal Forces Span the Nuclear Envelope to Mediate Chromosome Dynamics during Meiosis
15:45:00 Endomembrane Systems and Cell Division in Planctomycete Bacteria. K Lee, John A Fuerst
15:45:00 Polarized Cell Behavior during Axis Elongation in Drosophila. Jennifer A Zallen, J S P. Sanny, O Weitz, J Blankenship
16:00:00 Identifi cation of a Key Component of the Eukaryotic Endomembrane System in Compartmentalized Bacteria D Devos
16:00:00 Telomeres Mediate Rapid, Autonomous Movements Regulated by Chromosome Status during Meiotic Prophase J. Conchello, M. Dresser, H. Kosaka, j Chao, M. Shinohara, C F Lee
16:00:00 Capping Protein Controls the Rate of Actin Filament Nucleation by the Arp2/3 Complex Orkun Akin, R. Dyche Mullins
16:00:00 Determining the Molecular Architectures of Cellular Machines by Satisfaction of Spatial Restraints: The Nuclear Pore Complex. B T Chait, D Devos, L M Veenhoff, Fernando Albericio, Adrian Salic, M P Rout, S Dokudovskaya
16:00:00 Anisotropic Intercellular Surface Tension Is Suffi cient to Rearrange Cell Patterns and Drive Intercalation in Epithelia T Lecuit, Pierre François LENNE, P Vérant
16:00:00 Inversin Links Nodal Flow, Calcium Signaling, and Cell Behavior in the Development of LR Asymmetry M Brueckner, Joy McGrath, Zongtang Sun, S Makova
16:00:00 Inversin Links Nodal Flow, Calcium Signaling, and Cell Behavior in the Development of LR Asymmetry
16:00:00 The Role of the Transcription Factor Clock in the Development, Function, and Output of Circadian Pacemakers. Ravi Allada, B Chung, J Choe, Kevin Keegan, C Lim, J Lee, S Pradhan
16:15:00 Mitosis-specifi c Mechanosensing and Contractile-Protein Redistribution Control Cell Shape Douglas N Robinson, Pablo Iglesias, M Tran, Carl Ren, Y S Kee, Elizabeth M Reichl, J. C. Effler
16:15:00 The F-box Protein ZEITLUPE Is a Circadian Photoreceptor Stabilized by Blue-Light-enhanced Interaction with GIGANTEA. W kim, D E Somers, J Putterill, Yi Kim, J Kim, S Suh, Keiichi Fujiwara, H Nam, K David
16:15:00 Organellar Proteomics to Create the Cell Map T Nilsson, M Hallett, A W Bell, L Hermo, R E Kearney, J. J M Bergeron
16:15:00 Phylogenetic Analyses of Membrane-Traffi cking Protein Families Suggest a Sophisticated Endomembrane System in the Last Common Eukaryotic Ancestor J B Dacks
16:15:00 Aurora A Kinase Regulates Kif2 Activity at Centrosomes to Focus Microtubules Toward Chromatin Peter T Stukenberg, Anne Knowlton
16:15:00 A Truncated DNMT3B Protein Expressed in Cancer Cells Disrupts Embryonic Development in Transgenic Mice Ari Melnick, L A Godley, K. R. Ostler, N Y Barnes, C Hendrick, I Moskowitz, G Patel, S. E Volker, M Y Shah, E W Larson, A Kamp, Maria Eugenia Figueroa
16:30:00 Nonequilibrium Mechanics of Active Cytoskeletal Networks from In Vitro Model System to Cultured Living Cells Christoph F Schmidt, F C MacKintosh, R. Bacabac, D Mizuno, Geoff Head, C Tardin
16:30:00 High Rates of Aneuploidy Cause Cell Death and Tumor Suppression Beth A. .A Weaver, A. D Silk, Don W Cleveland
16:30:00 The Infl uence of Mechanics, Adhesion, and Mitosis on Epithelial Cell Packing J Roeper, F . Julicher, S Eaton, R Farhadi-Far
16:30:00 Mechanism of the Neurospora Circadian Negative Feedback Loop. Q He, G Huang, Yi Liu
16:45:00 A Conserved Network of Human MAPK Interactions T Ideker, M Gersten, R Bell, S Sahasrabudhe, S Bandyopadhyay
16:45:00 Microtubule Reorientation Dictates the Direction of Apoptotic Cell Extrusion from an Epithelial Monolayer J Rosenblatt, K McGee, L Cramer
16:45:00 Origin of Vesicle Coat Systems S Stagg, N Kienle, W E Balch, B Tanasa, A Koulov, P LaPointe
16:45:00 Binding of the HBV X Protein to hBubR1 Disturbs the Mitotic Checkpoint and Increases Chromosome Instability G Chan, H Cho, C Kang, S Chae, S Park, H Saya, Jeff Lee, F Jakub, S Kim
17:00:00 Genome-wide High-Resolution Mapping Reveals a Global Effect of the Exosome Complex on Heterochromatic Transcripts and Uncovers a Hidden Layer in the Arabidopsis Transcriptome J Chekanova, B Gregory
17:00:00 Cell-Type Variation in Responses to Anti-mitotic Drugs. Timothy J Mitchison, Ting Xie, M Shi, V Yanamadala, M Tsui, J Orth, C Loy, C Shamu
17:00:00 Cdc42 Modulates Exocytosis of Apical Proteins to Form the Lumen during Epithelial Morphogenesis K E Mostov, F Martin Belmonte,
17:00:00 Organization of the Early Secretory Pathway in the Malaria Parasite Plasmodium falciparum M Lee, D Fidock
17:15:00 Transcriptome and Interaction Analyses of the Giardia lamblia Basal Body Proteome. E Romijn, F D Gillin, A Ray, A G McArthur, M Baitaluk, D Palm, D Reiner, A Gupta, T Lauwaet, S Svard, B Davids, John R Yates
17:15:00 Spatial and Temporal Phosphorylation Patterns in Anaphase. T. M. Kapoor
17:15:00 Anterograde Microtubule Transport Drives Microtubule Bending in LLC-PK1 Epithelial Cells David J. Odde, D. M. Kroll, D. Bicek, Maruti Uppalapati, William O. Hancock, E. Tüzel
17:15:00 Huntingtin Regulates Microtubule-based Transport of Vesicles: New Approaches to Restore Axonal Transport Sandrine Humbert, D Zala, E Colin, Frédéric Saudou
17:15:00 Active Apicobasal Shortening Constrained by Circumapical Collars Drives Endoderm Invagination in Ascidians Ed Munro, Patrick Lemaire, F B Robin, M Sherrard
17:15:00 Evolution of Membrane Transport Systems: Insights from Parasitic Protists M C Field
17:30:00 Examining the Link between Chromosomal Instability and Aneuploidy in Human Cells. S Duane A Compton, S. L. Thompson
17:30:00 Myosin 1e and Renal Filtration: A Novel Function for a Type I Myosin T Willinger, M Krendel, M S Mooseker, R Flavell
17:30:00 Mammary Epithelial Morphogenesis Results from the Coordinate and Opposing Motility of Luminal and Myoepithelial cells J Ewald, M Duong, B S Chan, Zena Werb
17:30:00 An E-MAP of Kinase and Phosphatase Signaling in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Nevan J. Krogan, Y Nijati, D Fiedler, Y. Cheng, S R Collins, K M Shokat
17:30:00 Evolution of Molecular Machines to Drive Protein Import into Mitochondria A Schneider, V A. Liki, P Dolezal, D Bursa, J Tachezy, M Dagley, T Lithgow
17:30:00 Direct Visualization of Deformations and Relaxations of In Vitro Actin Networks. Wolfgang Losert, Ryan G McAllister, D. Sisan, A. Pomerance, Erin C Rericha, Jeffrey S Urbach
18:00:00 CellSlam 2007 (Room 147)
18:00:00 Poster Set Up:Monday Ron Rosenfeld
19:00:00 Keith R. Porter Lecture:Dynamic Cell Architecture: An Integral Component of Bacterial Cell Cycle Control Lucy Shapiro
19:00:00 Keith R. Porter Lecture (Ballrooms A/B/C) Lucy Shapiro
19:00:00 Posters Displayed:Monday P J Keely, Gabriel Fenteany, Joan Brugge
19:30:00 Posters Displayed:Tuesday
19:30:00 Posters on Display (Halls A/B)
Wednesday, December 5, 2007
07:30:00 Posters Displayed:Wednesday
07:30:00 Late Posters on Display (Hall C)
08:00:00 Symposium VII (Ballrooms A/B/C)
08:00:00 Single Molecule Studies:Steve Kowalczykowski, University of California, Davis, Rob Phillips (Chair), California Institute of Technology, P R Selvin, Michelle Wang., Rob Phillips
08:00:00 Introduction
08:10:00 Single Molecule Measurements of Motor Proteins, In Vitro and In Vivo. P R Selvin
08:35:00 Probing Nucleosome Stability and Structure at the Single Molecule Level. M D Wang
09:00:00 Education Resources/MAC Booth (Grand Lobby)
09:00:00 Visualization of DNA Motor Proteins and Nucleoprotein Filaments at the Single-Molecule Level. Stephen C Kowalczykowski
09:45:00 Sponsored by the Education Committeev Clarke. M. O’Connor
09:45:00 Education Initiative Forum:Yeast and Oxygen: Incorporating Functional Genomics Research into Three Integrated Undergraduate Laboratory Classes— Clarke. M. O’Connor
09:45:00 Yeast and Oxygen: Building an Undergraduate Research Community Around a Common Research Theme. Clarke. M. O’Connor
10:30:00 Symposium VIII (Ballrooms A/B/C):Cell Biology in Ten Years
10:30:00 Cell Biology in Ten YearsCell Biology in Ten YearsCell Biology in Ten YearsCell Biology in Ten Yearsv S. Leibler, David Haussler, Benjamin F Cravatt
10:30:00 Introduction
10:40:00 Cell Biology in Ten Years: A Physicist’s Perspective. S. Leibler
11:05:00 Mapping Biochemical Pathways in Human Disease by Integrated Proteomics and Metabolomics. Benjamin F Cravatt
11:30:00 Decoding Genomes with Comparative Genomics. David Haussler
12:00:00 Late Poster Presentations (Hall C):Odd Boards
12:00:00 Author Presentation:Odd Boards
12:30:00 Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Workshop
12:30:00 Workshop:Useful Databases for Cell Biologists David Haussler, Robert Kuhn
12:30:00 Conversation with the NSF
12:30:00 Useful Databases for Cell Biologists Workshop
12:30:00 Conversation with the NSF:Vision and Change: A Conversation on Preparing for the Future of Biology Undergraduate Education
12:30:00 Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Workshop Daniel Needham
13:30:00 Late Poster Presentations (Hall C):Even Boards
13:30:00 Author Presentation:Even Boards
15:00:00 Poster Tear Down:Wednesday
15:15:00 Chromatin Architecture and Remodeling Laura Rusche, Jerry L Workman
15:15:00 ntroduction
15:15:00 Introduction
15:15:00 Extracellular Matrix as a Memory Storage Device P J Keely, Linda Gay Griffith
15:15:00 Regulatory Roles of Lipid Microdomains Michael Edidin, Barbara Baird
15:15:00 Introduction
15:15:00 Assembling Complex Cytoskeletal Structures J. Gaertig, Dave Kovar
15:15:00 Stem Cell Niches Haifan Lin, D Leanne Jones
15:15:00 Supported by Merck Research Laboratories:RNA Silencing Mechanisms Alla Grishok, Natasha J Caplen
15:15:00 Introduction
15:15:00 Introduction
15:15:00 Introduction
15:15:00 High-Tech Cell Biology Grant J Jensen, Kendall Knight
15:15:00 Introduction
15:15:00 Cell Biology of the Synapse: Graeme W Davis, Edwin R. Chapman
15:15:00 Introduction
15:15:00 Minisymposium 25 (Ballroom A)
15:20:00 Lipid Domains Are Only Part of the Story. Michael Edidin, Saame Raza Shaikh
15:20:00 Building Silent Chromatin: Dynamics of SIR Spreading in Yeast. Laura Rusche, P Lynch
15:20:00 3-D Ultrastructure of Ostreococcus tauri: Electron Cryotomography of an Entire Eukaryotic Cell. Gregory P Henderson, Grant J Jensen, L Gan
15:20:00 Artifi cial Niches for High-throughput Dynamic Analyses of Single Adult Stem Cells. M Lütolf, R Doyonnas, Helen Blau
15:20:00 Self-assembling Peptide Hydrogels Functioning as a Synthetic ECM Differentially Mediate Chondrogenesis of Marrowderived P W Kopesky, Alan J Grodzinsky, E J Vanderploeg
15:20:00 Transcription Profi ling in C. elegans Reveals Functional Gene Expression Programs Regulated by the RNAi Pathway Alla Grishok, S Hoersch, Phillip Sharp
15:20:00 Assembly of the Fission Yeast Contractile Ring by Formin, Profi lin, and Tropomyosin. E A. White, Erin M. Neidt, T Skau, David R. Kovar
15:20:00 Synapse Stability Versus Degeneration: The Presynaptic Spectrin/Ankyrin Skeleton and Downstream Neuroprotective Graeme W Davis, J Pielage, L Cheng, C M Massaro
15:35:00 Actin Disassembly by Whole-Filament Destabilization.v Timothy J Mitchison, W M Brieher, H Kueh
15:35:00 Multi-Resolution Spatio-temporal Analysis of Mammalian Cells Reconstructed in Toto in 3D by Electron Tomography A B Noske, David Mastronarde, B J Marsh, P A van der Heide, G P Morgan, J Goh, Matthias Floetenmeyer, Niels Volkmann, J Galea, A J Costin
15:35:00 Heterochromatin Formation in Fission Yeast. M Huarte, W Zacheus Cande, F. Li, Robert Martienssen, Yang Shi
15:35:00 Interactions between Stem Cells and Their Niche in the Drosophila Ovary Ting Xie
15:35:00 A Molecular Mechanism for Aging-related Loss of Heterochromatin and DNA Damage. T Misteli, G Pegoraro
15:35:00 The Role of Cell Traction Force in Fibronectin Fibrillogenesis. Harold P Erickson, Lewis H Romer, C S Chen, C A Lemmon
15:35:00 Critical Fluctuations in Plasma Membrane Vesicles. P Sengupta, S. Veatch, Barbara Baird, David Holowka
15:35:00 Structural Integrity of the Mature Neuromuscular Junction Requires an Ankyrin-B-dependent Localization of β- V Bennett, J. Q. Davis, G. Ayalon
15:50:00 How Does Thrombospondin Induce CNS Synaptogenesis? D F Mosher, B A Barres, J. T. Lawler, D Annis, M W Susman, E M Green, R. Dolmetsch, D Z Luo, A. D. Huberman, C Chakraborty, C Eroglu
15:50:00 Characterization of a Novel Vertebrate Actin Nucleation Factor. R. Dyche Mullins, J. Zuchero
15:50:00 Store-operated Ca2+ Entry Signaling at Endoplasmic Reticulum and Plasma Membrane Junctions. J Liou, Tobias Meyer
15:50:00 Remodeling of Interphase Chromatin Structure Caused by Ectopic Histone H3S10 Phosphorylation. J Girton, A S Belmont, K M Johansen, M J Blacketer, X Bao, J Johansen, W Cai, H Deng
15:50:00 Dissecting Self-Renewal in Stem Cells with RNA Interference Ihor R. Lemischka, John M Levorse, R Lu, R Dobrin, Iulia Kotenko, Natalia B Ivanova, X. Schafer, C DeCoste
15:50:00 Global Expression Dynamics of MicroRNAs and Predicted MicroRNA Targets in Developing, Naïve, and Activated G. X Y. Zheng, J R Neilson, Christopher B Burge, R. T H Sandberg, Phillip Sharp
15:50:00 Mitochondrial Morphology: Quantifying Topological Network Properties in 3 Dimensions. Wallace F Marshall, Peter M Carlton, S Rafelski, L. da F Costa, J W Sedat, M P Viana
15:50:00 Breast Epithelial Cells Adjust Their Contractile Response to 3D Matrix Density through Filamin A-β1 Integrin Interactions. Y Lad, P J Keely, S. Gehler, D A Calderwood, Massimiliano Baldassarre
16:05:00 Piwi Proteins and Associated Small RNAs in Germline Development. Alexei A. Aravin, A Girard, J Brenneck, G J Hannon, R Sachidanandam
16:05:00 Adenomatous Polyposis Coli (APC) Protein Directly Nucleates Actin Assembly by a Novel Mechanism Involving Differential mDia and EB1. James B Moseley, K Okada, B. L. Goode, Nikolaus Grigorieff, A M Deaconescu
16:05:00 Cholesterol-dependent Dynamics of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor at the Cell Membrane. Francisco J Barrantes
16:05:00 Fundamental Changes in Large-Scale Chromatin Organization Accompany Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells. M Plutz, Edith Heard, P B Sinclair, Q Bian, A S Belmont
16:05:00 WASP Family Proteins Are Critical Regulators of Actin in the Development of Dendritic Spines and Synapses in Hippocampal A M Wegner, Donna J Webb, Alissa M. Weaver, Devi Majumdar, K. M. Meier, C A Nebhan
16:05:00 Syndecan-1 Expressing Mammary Fibroblasts Produce an Extracellular Matrix with Tumor Promoting Properties. Y Yang, A Friedl
16:05:00 Intercellular Transfer as a Mechanism of Cell Communication within the Hematopoietic Progenitor Niche. Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, Jennifer M Gillette
16:20:00 Counting Divisions in the Hair Follicle Stem Cells Pool. S. Lee, David McDermitt, S Waghmare, K Osorio, Tudorita Tumbar, Yi Zhang, J. Lee
16:20:00 The Third Dimension Drives N-CoR2-dependent Death Resistance. Valerie M Weaver, M E Werner, J N Lakins, K K Tsai, V M Weaver, I S Mian, M Nuth, C Chatterjee
16:20:00 Applications of RNAi Screens in the Study of Cancer-associated Processes Natasha J Caplen, Y. Pommier, T L Jones, John N Weinstein, K Huppi, P Lorenzi, S E Martin
16:20:00 The Role of GM1 in Mammalian Sperm Signaling Pathways. A. Travis, V Selvaraj, J. Nelson, Atsushi Asano, D Buttke
16:20:00 Branched Microtubules Drive Plant Cytokinesis T. Murata, T Sano, M. Hasebe, Seiichiro Hasezawa
16:20:00 DNA Damage Signaling Events Revealed by 4Pi Microscopy. Mark D Lessard, Brian T Bennett, Kendall Knight, Joerg Bewersdorf
16:20:00 Dance of the SNAREs: Assembly and Rearrangements Detected with FRET at Neuronal Synapses. Robert S Zucker
16:20:00 NSBP1: A Novel Protein Which Binds Specifi cally to Nucleosome in Euchromatin and Affects Cellular Differentiation. M Rochman, Michael Bustin
16:35:00 A Novel Link Between Exposure of Prolactin Receptor, Sustained Activation of STAT5, and Histone Acetylation in M Veiseh, R Xu, C M Nelson, Mina J Bissell
16:35:00 A Requirement of Xenopus Nudel, a Dynein Regulator, for Assembly of Spindle Precursors Enriched for Lamin B Matrix X. Zhu, Y Zheng, O Martin, R Chen, Min Li
16:35:00 Genetic Analysis of Endothelial Wound Closure Reveals Distinct Signaling Modules Controlling Wound Dependent P Vitorino,, Tobias Meyer
16:35:00 Cholesterol Loading Disrupts the Subcellular Distribution of Prenyl-Polybasic Domain Proteins. Jim Goldenring, LYNNE A LAPIERRE, Erik Lee Snapp, J Rhayem, Anne K Kenworthy, W B Alford
16:35:00 Global Interactions of the Glucocorticoid Receptor Require Extensive Chromatin Remodeling. P S Meltzer, P Sabo, T A Johnson, V M Weaver, M Sung, S. John, Gordon L. Hager, J Stamatoyannopoulos
16:35:00 Mechanisms of Stem Cell Homeostasis. Weimin Zhong
16:35:00 Novel Microscopy Methodology to Examine DNA Damage Signaling and Repair. Brian T Bennett
16:35:00 Complexin Controls the Fate of SNARE Complex-lined Fusion Pores. C. Grabner, S J An
16:50:00 A Link between Transcription Elongation and Chromatin Reassembly via Nap1p and TREX L F Pemberton, B C Del Rosario
16:50:00 Dynamics of Viral RNA Replication in Living Cells. Erik Lee Snapp, S Marras, Jaya Sivaswami Tyagi, T Saleh
16:50:00 Self Organization and Modularity in Centriole Assembly. A P Rodrigues-Martins
16:50:00 Cell Adhesion Regulates Ras, but Not Rho-dependent SRF-mediated Gene Transcription. D M Pirone, Michele. A. Wozniak, C S Chen, C Q Cheng
16:50:00 Lipid Raft/Caveolae Localization and Traffi cking Regulates Gs Alpha/Adenylyl Cyclase Signaling. R J Donati, Bryan L Roth, Mark M Rasenick, J Zhou-yu, John A Allen
16:50:00 Molecular Basis of Synaptic Vesicle Cargo Recognition by the Endocytic Sorting Adaptor Stonin 2. Volker Haucke
16:50:00 RNAi Suppression of Motor Proteins in Drosophila Primary Neurons: Dissection of the Axonal Transport of d Pathak,, Peter J Hollenbeck
16:50:00 Stem Cells, Small RNAs, and Self-Renewal. S Grivna, E Beyret, Holly Yin, Haifan Lin
17:00:00 New Presentation Pietro V De Camilli, Una S. Ryan, O Cremona, Gero Miesenbock, G Brasnjo, Eileen T O'Toole, S M Ferguson, R Flavell, S Paradise, M Hayashi
17:05:00 Imaging Membrane Dynamics in Immunoreceptor Signaling. Erin Dayle Sheets
17:05:00 Somatic Stem Cells Maintain the Niche in the Drosophila Testis. J Voog,, D Leanne Jones
17:05:00 Anti-fi brotic Property of CTGF siRNA in the Liver via Targeted Delivery to Hepatic Stellate Cells. David Roger Brigstock, C Lawrencia
17:05:00 Tubulin Polymodifi cations Regulate the Assembly and Motility of Cilia in Tetrahymena. Dorota Wloga, Swati Suryawanshi, N Sharma, M Jerka-Dziadosz, J. Gaertig
17:05:00 Label-Free, Single-Molecule Detection of Cytokines in Serum Using Optical Microcavities. S E Fraser, Kerry J. Vahala, Andrea M Armani
17:05:00 Identifying Matrix- and Growth Factor-induced Transcriptional Dichotomies by Stochastic Sampling. K A Janes, Joan Brugge
17:05:00 ATAC Is a Double Histone Acetyltransferase Complex That Stimulates Nucleosome Sliding. M P Washburn, L. Florens, J Gutierreze, Michele S. Swanson, Bing Li, T Suganuma, Jerry L Workman
19:00:00 Posters Displayed:Tuesday
19:00:00 Poster Set Up:Tuesday
19:30:00 Registration Open (East Registration
4th Annual Pharma R&D Asia Congress
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