3D Tissue Models
Programming and reprogramming the brain
Biomedizinisches Centrum
Martinsried, Großhaderner Str. 9, 82152 Planegg
Munchen, Germany
Programming and reprogramming the brain
Abcam Events
Biomedizinisches Centrum
Martinsried, Großhaderner Str. 9, 82152 Planegg

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, April 3, 2017
06:00:00 New Presentation
08:45:00 Registration
09:30:00 Decoding CNS complexity with single-cell resolution Steven McCarroll
09:30:00 Welcome and introductions
10:00:00 Post-translational control of stem cell quiescence in the adult brain Francois Guillemot
10:30:00 Epigenetic reprogramming of neural stem cells durin g cortical development Federico Calegari
11:15:00 The role of activity in regulating the survival, de velopment and integration of interneurons into cortical circuits Gordon Fishell
11:45:00 Ascl1 stabilisation impairs neuronal differentiatio n in the developing brain
12:00:00 Poster teaser
12:20:00 Abcam
14:00:00 Identification of molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying malformations of cortical development Silvia Cappello
14:30:00 From stem cells to neural circuits of the cerebral cortex Pierre Vanderhaeghen
15:00:00 TRIM28 controls a primate-specific gene regulatory network based on endogenous retroviruses in human neural progenitor cells Johan Jakobsson
15:15:00 Modeling of psychiatric and neurodevelopmental dise ase in human brain organoids Paola Arlotta
16:15:00 How to repair the brain: from reprogramming to func tional integration Magdalena Götz
17:15:00 Poster session and drinks reception
19:30:00 Conference dinner
Tuesday, April 4, 2017
09:00:00 Terminal differentiation restricts cellular plastic ity Oliver Hobert
09:30:00 Brain repair and reprogramming Malin Parmar
10:00:00 A repressive pro-neuronal master regulator
10:45:00 Natural reprogramming: what makes a cell permissive to being converted into a neuron? Sophie Jarriault
11:15:00 Dissecting human and chimpanzee cerebral organoids using single-cell transcriptomics Barbara Treutlein
11:45:00 Unraveling the molecular underpinnings of ASCL1 and SOX2 mediated human brain pericyte-to-neuron lineage conversion Marisa Karow
13:15:00 Direct reprogramming in the healthy and parkinsonia n mouse brain yields electrically functional interneurons Maria Pereira
13:30:00 The impact of injury on fate decisions by adult ste m cells Ana Martin-Villalba
14:00:00 Understanding the factors determining the neuronal fate of reprogrammed astrocytes Guillermina López-Bendito
14:30:00 FACT is a reprogramming barrier in C. elegans and h uman cells Baris Tursun
15:15:00 Unravelling the transcriptional underpinnings under lying reprogramming of adult human brain pericytes into forebrain GABA neurons Benedikt Berninger
15:45:00 Combinatorial binding of transcription factors is e ssential for reprogramming to pluripotency Kathrin Plath
16:15:00 Close
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