3D Tissue Models
Crystal Form Selection and Crystallisation of API
Courtyard by Marriott
Avenue des Olympiades 6
Brussels, Belgium, Belgium
Crystal Form Selection and Crystallisation of API
Informa Life Sciences
Courtyard by Marriott

Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008
08:10:00 Morning refreshments
08:40:00 Opening remarks from the Chairperson Rob Forbes
08:50:00 Integrating API and DP design for successful formulation Hugh Verrier
09:30:00 Case-Study: Exploring the third API purity dimension – Case Study Rob Forbes
10:10:00 Morning refreshments in the exhibition hall
10:40:00 Fine-tuning physical properties using co-crystals William Jones
11:20:00 Co-crystal development: Design for properties and manufacturing Ahmad Sheikh
12:00:00 Spotlight session Spotlight session Ben Edwards
12:40:00 Networking Lunch
14:00:00 Form selection: Hydrate or anhydrate Rolf Hilfiker
14:40:00 Case study: Venlafaxine salts: an unexpected journey Rolf Keltjens
15:10:00 Afternoon refreshments
15:40:00 Using X-ray powder diffraction in crystal form detection Hector Novoa de Armas
16:20:00 Applying solid-state NMR to characterise different API forms Marco Geppi
17:00:00 Choosing an amorphous phase over a crystalline phase, why and when? Graham Buckton
17:40:00 Closing remarks from the Chairperson Rob Forbes
17:45:00 End of conference day one
Wednesday, October 15, 2008
08:10:00 Morning refreshments
08:50:00 Opening remarks from the Chairperson Peter Karpinski
09:00:00 Ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines for polymorph selection Cornelia Nopitsch-Mai
09:30:00 Salts: Pariahs or Messiahs? David P Elders
10:10:00 Utilising high-throughput crystallisation and robotics Ben Edwards
10:40:00 Morning refreshments
11:10:00 Utilising energy-temperature diagrams to determine the most suitable crystal form Ulrich Griesser
11:50:00 Modelling techniques to predict, understand and control the morphology of crystals Kevin Roberts
12:30:00 Networking lunch
14:00:00 Scale-up during polymorph selection with simple tools to translate into later-stage development Mike Song
14:40:00 “Quality-by-design” of the crystallisation process Martin Böhlin
15:20:00 Afternoon refreshments
15:40:00 Using PAT to monitor and control the crystallisation process Sharon Bowden
16:20:00 Panel Discussion: Summary of what has been learnt and a look into the future of API crystallisation
16:40:00 Closing remarks from the Chairperson Peter Karpinski
16:45:00 End of conference
Thursday, October 16, 2008
09:00:00 Post-Conference Masterclass: Exploring Chiral Separation by Crystallisation - Your accessible introduction to chiral and applicable methodologies (0900 - 1600)
09:00:00 THE FUNDAMENTALS OF CHIRAL SEPERATIONS Post-Conference Workshop Ray McCague
13:00:00 Review of dutch and spontaneous resolution Post-Conference Workshop
13:40:00 A new technique to optimise fast diastereomeric resolution Post-Conference Workshop Gerard Coquerel
14:20:00 Separation by preferential crystallisation – from phase diagram to preferential crystallisation of enantiomers Post-Conference Workshop Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern
15:00:00 The role of computational chemistry techniques in understanding and designing separation processes of enantiomers by crystallisation Post-Conference Workshop Panos Karamertzanis
15:40:00 Discussion session: the applicability of chiral processes in solid-state and process chemistry Post-Conference Workshop
16:00:00 End of workshop Post-Conference Workshop
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