3D Tissue Models
Pharmaceutical Analysis Course
The Gresham Hotel

Dublin, Ireland
Pharmaceutical Analysis Course
The Gresham Hotel

Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
08:30:00 Coffee and registration
09:00:00 Opening remarks by the chair
09:10:00 Drug Discovery
09:10:00 Drug discovery with a pinch of salt Andrew Robbins
09:50:00 Investigating polymorphic forms Heidi Lopez de Diego
10:30:00 Morning tea and coffee
11:00:00 Strategies for chiral analysis Des Dalton
11:50:00 Use of modern spectroscopic techniques in the elucidation of molecule structure Simon de Sousa
12:30:00 Promoting pharmaceutical excellence: Advanced data analysis for process understanding Michel Ulmschneider
13:10:00 Networking lunch
14:30:00 Drug Development
14:30:00 What are the elements of a good cleaning validation practice? Esmaeil Ektefaie
15:10:00 Afternoon tea
15:40:00 Particle characterisation of pharmaceutical dosage forms and their ingredients Arjen Tinke
16:20:00 Validation of specific analytical methods for inhalation products Manfred Fischer
17:00:00 End of day one
Wednesday, February 25, 2009
08:30:00 Coffee and registration
09:00:00 Opening remarks by the chair
09:10:00 Registration stability and ICH guidelines Gerry Maxwell
09:50:00 Designing stability studies for early stages of development Geoff Carr
10:30:00 Morning tea and coffee
11:00:00 The use of quantitative NMR (qNMR) spectroscopy as an alternative to traditional HPLC-UV detection
11:40:00 The control of impurities in active substances and medicinal products Malcolm Dash
12:20:00 Networking lunch
13:50:00 Designing protocols and conducting registration stability studies Geoff Carr
15:00:00 Afternoon tea
15:30:00 Managing the challenge of potential genotoxic impurities (PGIs) Alan McKeown
16:10:00 Getting to grips with the genotoxic impurity analysis Andrew Baker
16:50:00 Final Q+A
17:00:00 End of day two
Thursday, February 26, 2009
08:30:00 Coffee and registration
09:00:00 Opening remarks by the chair
09:10:00 Commercialisation
09:10:00 Overview of the regulatory directives governing the commercial area Andreas Trute
09:45:00 Commercial stability programme / studies
10:20:00 The central importance of precision studies in validation, method transfers and process control
10:55:00 Morning tea and coffee
11:20:00 Conducting compliant OOS laboratory investigations Gerry Maxwell
12:20:00 Networking lunch
13:40:00 Climate change, humidity and the impact on testing Peter Moir
14:40:00 Why - When - What to update the EU variation regulations Merete Schmiegelow
15:15:00 Afternoon tea
15:50:00 Pharmaceutical reference standards John Miller
16:25:00 Standards and reagants for biological assays and tests Peter Gärtner
17:00:00 End of conference
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