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Schizophrenia gene mutation found; target for new drugs
Co-authors of the paper are Vladimir Vacic, Stanley Center for Cognitive Genomics, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the Department of Computer Science, Columbia University; Shane McCarthy, Stanley Center for Cognitive Genomics, Cold Spring Harbor ...
Related Orgs: Cold Spring Harbor
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Turmeric fights colon cancer
Tel Aviv University researchers have discovered that turmeric's active ingredient called curcumin amplifies the therapeutic activity of highly toxic anti-inflammatory drugs used to fight colon cancer when used at high doses. Turmeric , a bright yellow ...
Related Orgs: Tel Aviv University, Israel
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Study supports nonsurgical fix for heart valve
NEW ORLEANS - Cardiologists are reporting a major advance: A long-awaited study suggests that many people with a bad aortic valve , the heart's main gate, can avoid open-heart surgery and have a new one placed through a tube in an artery instead. There is a downside - a higher risk of stroke ...
Related Orgs: University of California
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Stem cells with bone-regenerating hormone help mend fractures
Anna Spagnoli, MD, associate professor of paediatrics and biomedical engineering led researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine. They demonstrated that stem cells manufactured with the regenerative hormone insulin ...
Related Orgs: University of North Carolina
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Novartis drug show to save lives
Novartis AG, which is pumping out vaccines at its new plant in Holly Springs, has new test results showing that its cancer pill, Gleevac, extended the lives of patients with cancer when they took the drug for three years after surgery. Gleevac, already a $ ...
Related Orgs: Novartis Pharmaceuticals
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