Biotech China 2014
Friedrich Meischer Institute

Accomplishment Points: 159
10 members

Ranking Total Score # People # Speakers # Events # Presentations # Sponsorships
393 43 10 7 12 14 0

Name Specialty Accomplish Score Popularity Score City, State Most Recent Event
Filipowicz, Witold No specialty recorded 52 Unavailable The Non-Coding Genome
Gasser, Susan No specialty recorded 26 3 Basel FEBS EMBO 2014
Puschendorf, Mareike No specialty recorded 26 Unavailable Molecular Basis for Chromatin Modifications and Epigenetic Phenomena (D3)
Ehrismann, Ruth Cell Biology 15 Unavailable Thrombospondins and other Matricellular Proteins In Tissue Organization and Homeostasis
Hynes, Nancy No specialty recorded 14 Unavailable Growth factor receptor tyrosine kinases in mitogenesis, morphogenesis
Hohn, Barbara No specialty recorded 13 Unavailable DNA DAMAGE, MUTATION & CANCER
Schubeler, Dirk No specialty recorded 13 Unavailable CHROMATIN AND TRANSCRIPTION
GroƟhans, Helge No specialty recorded Unavailable Unavailable  
kenzelmann, daniela No specialty recorded Unavailable Unavailable Basel  
Matthias, Patrick No specialty recorded Unavailable Unavailable  
4th Annual Pharma R&D Asia Congress
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