3D Tissue Models

Antibodies: University of California, San Francisco

Total Score People Score Events Score
13 13 9
Date Event Presentation Speakers
November 18, 2015 The Scottsdale Headache Symposium Pre-Meeting Course 1 : Pediatric and Adolescent Headaches with Cases: What Makes Kids Different? Amy Gelfand
Concurrent Session 2 : Deep Brain Stimulation, Occipital Nerve Stimulation, and other Neuromodulation Peter J. Goadsby
Concurrent Session 9 Headache 101 Amy Gelfand
Concurrent Session 10 Pediatric Headache Amy Gelfand
Concurrent Session 13 Pediatric Headache Amy Gelfand
February 10, 2013 7thANNUAL DRUG DISCOVERY FOR NEURODEGENERATION CONFERENCE: An Intensive Course on Translating Research into Drugs Creative Pharma-Academia Partnership Models for Accelerating Drug Discovery Teri Melese
November 29, 2011 Monoclonal Antibodies Study Day Allergy Susan Chang
January 13, 2011 Inaugural Protein Computational Tools Defining the Role of Proteases and Modulating their Activity in Complex Biological Systems Using Computational Methods Charles S. Craik
Panel Discussion with Afternoon Speakers Charles S. Craik
January 13, 2011 Fourteenth Annual Overcoming Protein Expression Challenges with Solutions Engineering Type III Secretion in Salmonella Daniel Widmaier
January 12, 2011 Antibodies for the 21st Century Energy-Based Analysis and Prediction of the Orientation between Light- and Heavy-Chain Antibody Variable Domains Matt Jacobson
August 21, 2009 Eighth International Congress on Targeted Therapies in Cancer Targeting the Stem Cell David M. Jablons
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology Minisymposium 4:Supported by Genentech Joanne N. Engel
Pseudomonas aeruginosa Exotoxin T Inhibits Repair of Wounded Epithelium by Redundant and Failsafe Mechanisms S Shafi khani
The Third Dimension Drives N-CoR2-dependent Death Resistance. Valerie M Weaver
In Vitro and In Silico Reconstitution of DNA Segregation: A 3 Component, Kinetically Self-contained Plasmid DNA Segregating Spindle Bruce Alberts
August 11, 2007 Growth factor receptor tyrosine kinases in mitogenesis, morphogenesis Ras family GTPases, through independent effectors, cooperate in the activation of the Raf-MAPK pathway Pablo Viciana Rodriguez
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