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Cancer Biology: AstraZeneca

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
December 2, 2015 PERSONALISED MEDICINES & BIOMARKERS 2015 Panelists Chris Harbron, Darren Hodgson
April 6, 2013 AACR Annual Meetings Drug Development Track: New Drugs on the Horizon 1 Co-Chairpersons: Lori S. Friedman, Genentech, Inc., South San Francisco, CA, and Simon Bailey, Pfizer, Inc., San Diego, CA Dennis Huszar
September 13, 2012 International Society of Gastrointestinal Oncology Summary David Wilson
May 23, 2012 Biomarkers World Europe 2012 qEEG and ERP as translational biomarkers in drug development for the symptomatic treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease Märta Segerdahl
November 15, 2011 Cosa 38th Annual Scientific Meeting The role of the pathologist in drug research and development Chris Womack
February 24, 2011 Targeting P13K / mTOR Signaling in Cancer Pharmacology of AZD8055, a selective mTOR kinase inhibitor Sylvie M. Guichard
August 23, 2010 The Ubiquitin Drug Discovery & Diagnostics Conference Ubiquitin Specific Proteases as novel drug targets – A case study Jonathan D. Wrigley
May 4, 2010 Biomarker World Congress 2010 New Era with Targeted Drugs: New Development Approaches are Needed to Achieve Success Geert J.C.M. Kolvenbag
April 30, 2010 Drug Story Development of a Portfolio of Therapeutic Antibodies for Oncology Combining Xenomouse and Display Technologies David Blakey
April 6, 2010 IBCs 5th Annual China 2010 Pharmaceutical R&D Summit 4 Case Study: Conducting Proof-of-Concept Studies in China Karen Atkin
February 24, 2010 5th Annual Bioanalysis in Clinical Research An approach to the validation of flow cytometry methods in the regulatory environment Ruth Coldwell
Validation and subsequent application of an immunoassay method for the determination of GRO-alpha in human serum Karen Elsby
September 23, 2009 Track 2: Implementing Personalized Medicine : Inaugural Personalized Medicine Delivering on the Promise of Personalized Healthcare: Examples from AstraZeneca Ruth E. March
September 23, 2009 TRACK 4: Bridging Silos in Biomarker Development : Third Annual Biomarker Data Analysis New Biomarkers: Opportunities and Challenges Anastasia M. Khoury Christianson
August 5, 2009 Targets in Context - Linking Targets to Diseases Agenda Comparison of Whole-Cell, Label-Free Assays for GPCR Drug Discovery Matthew Peters
August 5, 2009 Drug Safety Strategies to De-Risk Compounds Developing Computational Biology in Toxicology: Predictions, Data and Culture Sherri Matis-Mitchell
How Can Systems Biology Help in De-risking Molecules? David Cook
June 16, 2009 4th Annual Cell Based Assays Modelling Tumour Microenvironment by High-Content Analysis of Complex Cell Models Beverley Isherwood
Cell assay strategies for nuclear hormone receptors - the evolution of assay formats to improve quality and throughput Graeme Walker
Profiling drug mode of action through high content assays; application of multiparametric data analysis and statistical tools Peter Caie
June 9, 2009 Cell and Tissue-Based Assays for HTS Screening Bone Marrow Toxicity Using a Tiered Approach David Brott
June 4, 2009 Structure-Based Drug Design Supplementing Structural Information with Biophysical Data: Adding Value and Understanding in Lead Generation Stefan Geschwindner
Designing Drugs against Multiple Parameters: Scoring Functions for Multi-Parameter Ligand Based De Novo Design James R. Damewood
April 7, 2009 Kinase Inhibitor Chemistry - Charting the Chemical Space Identification of Potent and Selective Inhibitors of Trk Kinases Tao Wang
January 27, 2009 6th Annual Clinical Trial Performance Metrics Maximising the return on investment of clinical trials metrics – using metrics to implement process improvement to improve delivery and productivity in Clinical Trials Diane Dootson
Keynote: How AstraZeneca is approaching metrics concerning patient recruitment Niclas Pantzar
Investigator metrics – how metrics can help to improve investigator performance Ramil Abdrachitov
December 4, 2008 BIT Life Sciences 2nd Annual World Congress of Gene-2008 (WCG 2008) Session Chair :Track 1-10 James Jianguo Li
Small Molecule Inhibitors Targeting Mutation Driven Cancers :Track 2-4 (I) Jeannie Hou
December 2, 2008 4th Annual Global Imaging Summit -The Application of Molecular and Cellular Imaging in Drug Discovery & Optimising Imaging Techniques in Preclinical and Clinical Drug Development 1: Modelling with 3D high-content cellular imaging in drug discovery Neil Carragher,
2 : How does imaging help? A thorough analysis of translating preclinical to clinical trials using imaging methods Harsukh , Parmar
2 : Successful implementation of fMRI (functional MRI) and phMRI (pharmacological MRI) in preclinical analgesia studies Jeremy Young,
2 : Panel Debate: How translatable is preclinical and clinical imaging? Harsukh , Parmar
November 26, 2008 Speed and Safety in Drug Discovery Humanising drug discovery to make earlier & better Stop/Go decisions in Pharma R&D Paul Newbold
October 12, 2008 15th North American Regional Meeting - International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics Fingerprint Based Methods for Predicting Sites of Metabolism C Scott Boyer
Relevance of In Vitro and In Vivo Models to Cardiovascular Toxicity Tim Hammond
April 30, 2008 Protein Scale-Up & Manufacturing Registration Open Stefan R. Schmidt
April 28, 2008 Clinical Development of Therapeutic Antibodies Development of a New Fully Human Anti-CD20 Gadi Bornstein
Preclinical and Clinical Safety of Monoclonal Antibodies Richard Knight
April 27, 2008 Phage Display of Antibodies and Peptides Development of a Portfolio of Therapeutic David Blakey
March 25, 2008 R&D Risk Mitigation Negotiating the Partnership William F Mongan
March 25, 2008 Clinical Trials Asia Utilizing and Integrating Global Clinical Study Local Data from China to Mutually Support Global and Local Applications in Order to Benefi t Unmet Medical Needs James Cai
February 3, 2008 AACR - Cytoskeletal Signaling in Cancer SESSION 7: CYTOSKELETON COMPONENTS AS CANCER TARGETS Nicholas J. Keen
December 4, 2007 7th World Drug Discovery & Development Summit 2007 BIOMARKERS AND PERSONALISED MEDICINE OF THE FUTURE Prof. Ian Wilson
November 29, 2007 Fourth Annual In Vivo Molecular Imaging: Bridging the Gap from Discovery to Clinical Applications Nov (29-30) Clinical Applications (13:40-17:30) Chi-Ming Lee
Clinical Applications: PET as a Translational Tool for CNS Drug Development (15:20-15:50) Chi-Ming Lee
November 7, 2007 Srial II: Advances and Challenges Toward Major Diseases: Extension on New Hope Nov (07-13) Session 15: Anti-Cancer/Tumors Drug Discovery & Development and Current Status of the Innovative Therapeutics (Part III) (13:30-17:00) Xiaolin Zhang
Session 15: AZD1152, an Aurora B Kinase Inhibitor, Demonstrates Potent Antitumour Efficacy in Preclinical Models (16:15-16:40) Xiaolin Zhang
November 5, 2007 Second Annual Biomarkers Europe Nov (05-06) BIOMARKERS IN PERSONALIZED MEDICINE: Quantifying the Additional Benefits of Proteomics in Patient Selection (16:00-16:30) Chris Harbron
BIOMARKERS IN PERSONALIZED MEDICINE: Genome-Wide Pharmacogenetic Investigation of Adverse Events: A Case Study (13:15-13:45) Ruth E. March
BIOMARKERS IN PERSONALIZED MEDICINE (13:10-17:00) Ruth E. March, Chris Harbron
BIOMARKERS FOR SAFETY ASSESSMENT: Biomarkers of Nephrotoxicity in Toxicology and the Clinic (14:00-14:30) Graham Betton
October 17, 2007 Exploring Next Generation Sequencing: Applications and Case Studies (Oct 17-18) Deep Sequencing: Sensitive Detection of Somatic Mutations Using Deep Sequencing and ARMS Allele Specific PCR (14:35-15:05) Neil Gibson
Deep Sequencing (12:00-15:30) Neil Gibson
October 16, 2007 Inaugural Kinbase Inhibitors: Moving Forward into Clinical Studies Oct (16-17) Clinical Trials (12:10-19:30) Robert Wilkinson
Clinical Trials: AZD1152, a Highly Potent and Selective Inhibitor of Aurora B Kinase (14:55-15:25) Robert Wilkinson
October 15, 2007 Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Third Annual Mastering Process Chemistry Oct (15-17) PROCESS OPTIMIZATION VIA ANALYTICS: Anticipation of Scale-Up Issues in Process Development: Scale Up Risk Evaluation (SURE) (16:35-17:05) Frans L. Muller
September 30, 2007 Bridging Pharma and IT - Leveraging Information Technology to Improve Productivity (Sep30-Oct2) BRIDGING CLINICAL AND IT: Integrated Biomedical Image Data Management and Analytics (11:00-11:45) Goutham Edula
BRIDGING CLINICAL AND IT (09:30-15:30) Goutham Edula
September 27, 2007 Protein Expression Europe (Sep 27-28) Protein Localization (13:25-16:15) Stefan R. Schmidt
Protein Localization: Comments by Session Chairperson (13:25-13:30) Stefan R. Schmidt
Breakfast BuzZ Sessions (08:00-09:00) Niek Dekker
Breakfast BuzZ Session IV: Sampling Expression Space (08:00-09:00) Niek Dekker
Drug Discovery Applications (13:00-15:15) Niek Dekker
Drug Discovery Applications: Purified Membrane Protein Targets for Drug Discovery (13:45-14:15) Niek Dekker
September 17, 2007 Biomarker Discovery Summit: Bridging the Silos in Biomarker Discovery & Validation (Sep17-19) Third annual Genomic Biomarkers: PHARMACOGENETICS: Major Pharmacogenetics Studies Using a Combination of Genome-Wide Tagging SNPs and High Density SNP Genotyping in Candidate Genes (10:05-10:35) Neil Gibson
Third annual Genomic Biomarkers: PHARMACOGENETICS (08:30-11:30) Neil Gibson
Eight Annual Metabolic Biomarkers: METABOLIC BIOMARKER DISCOVERY (08:30-11:00) Stephen Furlong
Eight Annual Metabolic Biomarkers; METABOLIC BIOMARKER DISCOVERY: Urine and Plasma Biomarkers in Schizophrenia (09:05-09:35) Stephen Furlong
July 14, 2007 BIOLOGY OF CALPAINS IN HEALTH AND DISEASE Oncogene mediated calpain activation Neil Carragher
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