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Epidemiology: University of California, Davis

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
May 31, 2013 ASCO Annual Meeting 2013 Education Sessions David R. Gandara
January 25, 2012 Excellence in Rheumatology PARALLEL HALL 1 | Treatment options in OA and what have we learned from the GAIT trial Nancy Lane
April 11, 2010 Molecular Targets for Control of Vector-Borne Diseases: Bridging Lab and Field Research (F2) Vector Populations | Big Horn C Gregory Lanzaro
March 11, 2010 9th Annual Developmental Disabilities: An Update for Health Professionals Immune Dysregulation in Autism: What’s the Connection? Robin L. Hansen
Q&A Joint Panel: Robin L. Hansen
Neurobiological Commonalities and Treatments in Fragile X Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Developmental Disabilities Randi J. Hagerman
October 3, 2009 UPDATE IN ENDOCRINOLOGY AND METABOLISM: New Therapies for Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Endocrine Epidemiology of Stroke Jennifer S. Lee
Endocrine Influences on Blood Pressure Joyce Leary
Panel Discussion / Q & A Amparo C. Villablanca, John C. Rutledge, Lars F. Berglund, Manish R. Upadhyay
Treatment of Special Cases of Dyslipidemia (Lp(a), HIV) Lars F. Berglund
Heart Disease in Women: Update on Menopausal Hormone Therapy Amparo C. Villablanca
Primer on Lipids and Atherosclerosis John C. Rutledge
Panel Discussion / Q & A Jennifer S. Lee, John C. Rutledge, Joyce Leary, Manish R. Upadhyay
Cold Thyroid Nodules Alison M. Semrad
HIV Infection as a Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease: Lessons Learned About Immune Activation and CVD David M. Asmuth
Panel Discussion / Q & A Mark A. Zern, Roger K. Long, Sidika E. Kasim-Karakas
The Liver and the Metabolic Syndrome Mark A. Zern
Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Dyslipidemia Roger K. Long
PCOS: Importance of Postprandial Changes in Hormones Sidika E. Kasim-Karakas
Osteoporosis Update: Practical Principles for Better Bones Kent K. Ishihara
Panel Discussion / Q & A Alison M. Semrad, David M. Asmuth, Sidika E. Kasim-Karakas, Kent K. Ishihara
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