9th Annual Biomarkers Congress

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Honors and Awards

Start year End year Honor Organization
1. 2010 Elected Member Concil National Science Foundation
2. 2009 ERC Advanced Grant Recipient NA
3. 2009 Gerold and Kayla Grodsky Award NA
4. 2008 Heinrich-Wieland Prize NA
5. 2008 Elected Member European Molecular Biology Organization EMBO
6. 2007 JDRF Scholar Award JDRF
7. 2007 Minkowski Prize NA
8. 2007 Visiting Professorship Diabetes Center, UCSF, CA, U.S.A.
9. 2006 Elected Member of Leopoldina German National Academy of Science
10. 2006 Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award American Diabetes Association
11. 2004 Dorothy Hodgkin Lectureship Diabetes UK
12. 2003 Eli Lilly Lecture Cambridge University, UK
13. 2002 Mary Jane Kugel Award NA
14. 2002 Ernst Klenk Award NA
15. 2002 Bristol Myers Squibb Unrestricted Grant Award Bristol Myers Squibb
16. 1998 Robert and Harriet Heilbrunn Professorship Robert and Harriet Heilbrunn
17. 1997 Career Development Award American Diabetes Association
18. 1996 Irma T. Hirschl Career Scientist Award NA
19. 1996 Pew Scholar Award in Biomedical Sciences NA
20. 1991 Postdoctoral Fellowship Award Deutsche Forschungs-gemeinschaft., Bonn, F.R.G
21. 1989 Postdoctoral Fellowship Award Deutsche Margarineunion Hamburg, F.R.G
22. 1987 Dr. Graham P. McCullagh Memorial Prize Cambridge, G.B

4th Annual Pharma R&D Asia Congress
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