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Speaking/Presenting-Abstract/Poster at Mtg

Topic Authors / presenters Event name Event date
1. Predicting drug off-targets Cambridge Healthtech Institute 9th Annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo April, 2010
2. Predicting drug off-targets Croucher ASI, Chinese University of Hong Kong December, 2009
3. Drug repurposing & side-effect elucidation by statistical chemical similarity eCheminfo Drug Discovery & Development October, 2008
4. Finding new uses for old targets: ligand chemistry relates protein pharmacology 6th Annual G-Protein Coupled Receptors Conference, Assays & Cellular Targets 2007 October, 2007
5. Relating proteins by ligand chemistry CHI Second Annual Drug Repositioning Summit October, 2007
6. Relating proteins by ligand similarity Sixth European Workshop in Drug Design June, 2007

Site wide Speaking/Presenting-Abstract/Poster at Mtg

Presentation Event Month, Year
Case Presentation/Panel Discussion 9th Annual UCSF Clinical Cancer Update January, 2010
TECHNICAL APPROACHES (15:45-17:50) Drug Repositioning Summit: Finding New routes to success (Oct 10-11) October, 2007
TECHNICAL APPROACHES: Relating Protein Pharmacology by Ligand Chemistry (15:50-16:20) Drug Repositioning Summit: Finding New routes to success (Oct 10-11) October, 2007

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