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Peer Reviewed Papers, Books, Chapters

Year Title Citation Authors Review type Summary Keywords File filename File mime type
1. 2007 Cartridge filter systems containing immobilized enzymes. Part I. Concept and features J. Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic 2007, 45, 1-9
2. 2005 Azlactone-reactive Polymer Supports for Immobilizing Synthetically Useful Enzymes. II. Penicillin G Acylase Reactive & Functional Polymers 2005, 64, 13-24
3. 2004 Azlactone-reactive polymer supports for immobilizing synthetically useful enzymes. Part I. Pig liver esterase on dispersion polymer supports J. Mol. Catalysis B: Enzymatic 2004, 30, 33-42;
4. 2003 The Chemistry of 2-Alkenyl-5(4H)-oxazolones. IX. Acid-Catalyzed Oligomerization J. Macromol. Sci. Part A – Pure & Appl. Chem., 2003, A40(8), 755-790
5. 2002 Synthesis and Properties of Waterborne Self-Crosslinkable Sulfo-Urethane Silanol Dispersions J. Polymer Sci.: Polymer Chem. Ed. 2002, 40, 3037-3045

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