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Year Title Authors
1. 2010 Attitudes of Health Care Professionals to Heterozygote Carrier Identification and Disclosure.
2. 2010 My siblings keeper: What are the ethical issues surrounding participation of minors as hematopoietic stem cell donors?
3. 2010 How Different Conceptions of Risk Are Used in the Organ Market Debate
4. 2009 The University of Chicago Institute for Translational Medicine: Lessons Learned in Implementing a CTSA Program.
5. 2009 Knowledge and Attitudes of Illinois Pediatricians about Sickle Cell Disease and Sickle Cell Trait.
6. 2009 Medical Genetics: Translating Genes into Health
7. 2009 Are Illinois Pediatric Providers Keeping Up With Newborn Screening?
8. 2009 Parental Knowledge After a Negative Sweat Test Post-Newborn Screening for CF. Poster for the 23rd Annual North American Cystic Fibrosis.Conference.
9. 2009 Reactions to Refusals of Medical Treatment for Minors
10. 2009 A Systematic Review and Ethical Assessment of Clinical Trials in Ulcerative Colitis
11. 2009 Whats New in the Committee on Bioethics.
12. 2009 Arguments against Respecting a Minors Refusal of Efficacious Life-Saving Treatment Redux
13. 2009 Against the Tide: Arguments against Respecting a Minors Refusal of Efficacious Life-Saving Treatment.
14. 2009 The Ethics of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donation by Minors
15. 2009 Ethical and Policy Issues in Newborn Screening: Historical, Current, and Future Developments.
16. 2009 Clinical and Ethical Considerations in Managing Carrier.
17. 2009 Long-Term Consequences of Kidney Donation when the living donor is non-white
18. 2008 When is it ethical for a minor to serve as a living organ donor?
19. 2008 American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statements on Bioethics
20. 2008 Policy Statements on Bioethics: Summaries and Commentaries, Part I, Pediatrics in Review online
21. 2008 Ethical and Policy Issues in Pediatric Genetics.
22. 2008 What it means to have sickle cell trait?:
23. 2008 Genetic Health Professionals Attitude About Fragile X Newborn Screening
24. 2008 Is there a justification for the attitudes and practices of hepatologists and transplant surgeons regarding transplantation in patients with alcoholic liver disease?
25. 2008 Ethical and Policy Lessons to be Learned from a Family with Inherited Bone Marrow Failure.
26. 2008 Policy Considerations in Designing a Fragile X Population Screening Program
27. 2008 American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statements on Bioethics: Summaries and Commentaries, Part III, Pediatrics in Review
28. 2007 Who Should Bear the Responsibility?
29. 2007 The Start of pay-for-performance in pediatrics.
30. 2007 Tobacco use among individuals presenting for cancer risk assessment
31. 2007 When Do Family Members Have a Right to Know Genetic Information about a Patient?
32. 2007 The Moral Status of the Newborn and its Implications for Medical Decision Making
33. 2007 Ethical Considerations in Research on Pediatric Patients with Type 1 Diabetes
34. 2007 Against Newborn Screening for Type 1 Diabetes.
35. 2007 The participation of children in non-therapeutic diabetes research in the US.
36. 2007 Methodology Matters
37. 2007 Growth Attenuation by Commission and Omission may be Ethically Justifiable in Children with Profound Disabilities.
38. 2007 Is It Appropriate to Attenuate Growth in Profoundly Developmentally Disabled. Children to Facilitate Their Care?
39. 2006 Newborn Screening Technology: Proceed with Caution
40. 2006 Phase I Research and the Meaning of Direct Benefit. Journal of Pediatrics.
41. 2006 Children in Medical Research: Has the Pendulum Swung too Far?
42. 2006 Children in Medical Research: Has the Pendulum Swung Too Far?
43. 2006 A Compounding of Errors: The Case of Bone Marrow Donation between Non-Intimate Siblings.
44. 2006 Ask the ethicist: Should a PVS patient be a live organ donor?
45. 2006 A Shameful waste of youth and experience. The Times Higher Education Supplement
46. 2006 The Attitudes of Genetic Counselors toward Expanding Newborn Screening
47. 2006 Ethical issues in gene-based diagnosis for hematologic X-linked conditions.
48. 2006 Implications of Disclosing
49. 2006 In reply: ABO-incompatible List Paired Exchanges including an O recipient cannot be ethically justified
50. 2006 The Ethics of Placebos in Clinical Asthma Trials.
51. 2006 Sorry to Wake You...But I Have to Inform You of Your Imminent Death.
52. 2006 Pediatric Research and the Federal Minimal Risk Standard
53. 2006 The Ethical Limits in Expanding Living Donor Transplantation.
54. 2005 In Defense of a Single Standard of Research Risk for All Children
55. 2005 When did Teron Francis Die?
56. 2005 In the Shadows of Schiavo: Sun Hudson
57. 2005 In Support of Some Risk, Some Payment, and Some Parental Responsibility
58. 2005 Payment in Pediatric Research
59. 2005 Attitudes of Minority Patients on Dialysis to Expanded Kidney Transplant Options
60. 2004 Conflicts of Interest in this Newsletter
61. 2004 Ethical Issues and Policy Developments in Newborn Screening.
62. 2004 Why Illinois is a great state for the pediatrician interested in bioethics
63. 2004 Should Children and Adolescents Undergo Genetic Testing?
64. 2004 Practical and Ethical Challenges to Paired Exchange Programs.
65. 2004 The Need for Consistency in 407 Reviews
66. 2004 In reply, Newborn Screening Can Readily Become Part of Prenatal Care
67. 2004 Parental Acceptance of Newborn Pilot Programs: Is >90% Participation Too High
68. 2004 Carrier Detection in Newborns: Should it be Discovered? Should it be Disclosed?
69. 2003 Do Not Resuscitate orders and Iatrogenic Arrests during Dialysis: Should No Mean No?
70. 2003 All Living Donors Should Not Be Treated Equally
71. 2003 Diabetes: In Reply
72. 2003 Lethal Language: In Reply.
73. 2003 Adolescent Autonomy in Health Care?
74. 2003 Minority Children in Pediatric Research
75. 2003 Responding to the Challenge of the Childrens Health Act: An Introduction to Children in Research
76. 2003 Is Kidney Donation in the Donors Best Interest?
77. 2003 Responding to the Challenge of the Childrens Health Act: An Introduction to Children in Research
78. 2002 "(Women and) Children First: Applicable to Lifeboats? Applicable to Human Experimentation
79. 2002 Research Not Otherwise Approvable
80. 2002 Protecting Research Subjects
81. 2002 Patient Autonomy: Imperfect, Insufficient, but Still Quite Necessary.
82. 2002 Ethical Issues in Genetic Research
83. 2002 Ethical Issues in Pre-Adoptive Genetic Testing,
84. 2002 How many parents should be needed to consent to a child s participation in medical research?
85. 2001 Salmeterol and inhaled corticosteroids in patients with persistent asthma
86. 2001 The Use of Placebos in Clinical Research
87. 2001 Research Ethics on Trial: Lead Studies in Maryland
88. 2001 Access and Confidentiality in the Genetic Testing of Children: Separating the Professional from the Personal
89. 2001 Genetic Testing in Adolescents
90. 2001 Cystic Fibrosis carriers with and without a family history: Attitudes and Practices about disseminating carrier status
91. 2001 Ethical and policy issues in genetic testing
92. 2001 Ethical Issues in Pediatric Trials
93. 2001 Options for Increasing the Supply of Living Organ Donors.
94. 2001 Whose Word Should Be Final?
95. 2000 Donating a Second Kidney: A Tale of Family and Ethics
96. 2000 Children in Research: Access versus Protection
97. 2000 Siamo molto di più del nostro codice genetico?
98. 2000 What Academic Medicine is Really Selling.
99. 2000 Non-Disclosure of the HIV diagnosis in the pediatric setting
100. 2000 The Neurologically Devastated Child: The Issues Between Parents and Physicians
101. 2000 Genetic testing of Adolescents: Is it in their best interest?
102. 2000 Current Events: Gene Therapy Research
103. 1999 Perspective and Commentary: Let the Parents Decide
104. 1999 Pediatric Bioethics: Re-introducing the Parents.
105. 1998 Commentary: The Case of Elective Vaginoplasty.
106. 1998 Paired Exchanges Should be Part of the Solution to ABO Incompatibility in Living Donor Kidney Transplantation
107. 1998 AAP Pediatric Update: Bioethical Problems in Practice
108. 1997 In reply Overriding a Patients Refusal of Treatment after an Iatrogenic Complication
109. 1997 Advantages and Disadvantages of Neonatal Circumcision
110. 1997 Informed Consent and APC testing.
111. 1997 In reply Paired-Kidney-Exchange Programs
112. 1997 More questions on varicella vaccine
113. 1997 Presymptomatic Testing for Genetic Disease: Ethical Considerations.
114. 1996 Spheres of Order.
115. 1996 Adolescent Sexuality and Public Policy: An Unrepentant Liberal Approach
116. 1995 Whos and Hows of Treating Adolescent Bleeding
117. 1995 Arguments against Health Care Autonomy for Minors
118. 1995 Immunisation against chickenpox: Better to confine immunisation to those at high risk
119. 1995 In reply - Immunisation against chickenpox.
120. 1993 Autonomy for Cervical-Level Quadriplegics
121. 1992 Vaccines today, boosters tomorrow?
122. 1990 Reporting Impaired Physicians

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