9th Annual Biomarkers Congress

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Pre/Non Reviewed Papers, Proceedings

Year Title Authors
1. 2004 The Invisible Condom a microbicide to protect women against HIV/AIDS, other STIs, unwanted pregnancies and possibly cervical cancer
2. 2004 Clostridium difficile
3. 2004 Saving vital time in the war on drug resistance.
4. 2003 Genomique et bioterrorisme
5. 2002 Future of infectious diseases testing. Molecular testing in laboratory medicine. Selections from Clinical Chemistry, 1998-2001. Introduction, section 4. Infectious Diseases. Editors David Bruns, YM. Dennis Lo, and Carl Wittwer
6. 2002 Development of conventional and real-time PCR assays for the rapid detection of Group B streptococci
7. 2002 New rapid DNA-based tests will revolutionize the practice of infectious diseases control.
8. 2001 La prevention: solution ultime pour controler les infections
9. 2001 Rapid PCR diagnosis for bacterial infection : Impact on clinical practice and antimicrobial resistance. 14th Principles of Internal Medicine
10. 2001 Genetic tools for the simultaneous identification of bacterial species and their antibiotic resistance genes: impact on clinical practice. Newsletter of the International Society of Chemotherapy
11. 2001 Rapid polymerase chain reaction detection of bacteria and their antibiotic resistance genes: improved management, better treatment and less resistance! Invited Commentary article
12. 2001 Participation to guidelines for the prevention of opportunistic infections in persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus
13. 2000 Premier medicament oral contre la grippe deja teste par des chercheurs du Centre de recherche en infectiologie du CHUQ, le Tamiflu annonce des hivers moins penibles.
14. 1999 L'UHRESS du CHUQ au service des patients de l'Est du Quebec infectes avec le virus du SIDA
15. 1999 Pourquoi developper des tests rapides (<1h) d'identification bacterienne a base d'ADN
16. 1999 Fonctionnalite genetique et technique de tests rapides (<1h) d'identification bacterienne a base d'ADN
17. 1998 Preventing antibiotic resistance using rapid DNA-based diagnostic tests
18. 1997 Principes pharmacologiques du traitement de la pyelonephrite: Distribution, efficacite vs toxicite renale des antibiotiques
19. 1997 Le diagnostic des maladies infectieuses en une heure: une revolution necessaire.
20. 1997 La Societe canadienne de recherches cliniques. SCRC: synergie avec le CRM et la CRBS
21. 1997 La Societe canadienne de recherches cliniques. SCRC
22. 1997 Effective Treatment of pyelonephritis
23. 1995 Comparative, randomized, pharmacoeconomic evaluation of sequential antibiotic therapy
24. 1995 Revue Interface
25. 1995 Proceedings of the plenary sessions. 19th International Congress of Chemotherapy
26. 1995 Proceedings of the plenary sessions
27. 1995 Treatment of pyelonephritis in adults
28. 1995 Diagnosing bacterial infectious diseases in one hour: An essential upcoming revolution
29. 1994 Medical Science News. Chapter. Antimicrobial therapy: yesterday, today, tomorrow.
30. 1994 Medical Science News. Chapter. Antimicrobial therapy : yesterday, today, tomorrow
31. 1993 Microbiological spectrum and pharmacokinetic profile of clarithromycin
32. 1993 Pharmacodynamics of antibiotics in fibrin clots
33. 1993 Participation a l'edition. Guide des therapies de l'infection-VIH/SIDA: complications opportunistes et traitement anti-VIH
34. 1993 Le traitement des personnes infectes par le VIH.
35. 1992 Biological response modifiers.
36. 1992 Le traitement des personnes infectees par le VIH
37. 1992 Le traitement des infections des voies urinaires
38. 1992 Facteurs assoc ions aux relations anales a risque chez des hommes homosexuels seropositifs au VIH
39. 1992 Fonds de la recherche en sante du Quebec
40. 1992 Lignes directrices canadiennes pour la prevention, le diagnostic, la prise en charge et le traitement des maladies transmises sexuellement chez les nouveau-nes, les enfants, les adolescents et les adultes.
41. 1992 un fleuron qu'il faut soutenir et non detruire
42. 1992 Le traitement des personnes infectees par le VIH. Guide d'utilisation du ganciclovir dans le traitement des infections a cytomegalorirus
43. 1991 Advances in the treatment of fungal infections
44. 1991 Le traitement des personnes infectees par le VIH. Les infections fongiques chez les personnes infectees par le VIH
45. 1991 Le traitement des personnes infectees par le VIH
46. 1990 Pathogenic factors in aminoglycoside
47. 1989 The pharmacokinetics and tissue penetration of the fluoroquinolones
48. 1989 Ceftizoxime a new third generation cephalosporin
49. 1988 Treatment of parasitic infections: Canadian versus US recommendations
50. 1988 The future of new oral antibiotics including the quinolones
51. 1988 Norfloxacin: a new quinolone
52. 1988 Imipenem: a new carbapenem
53. 1987 Third-generation cephalosporins: their role in clinical practice
54. 1987 Pharmacokinetics in the elderly: Studies on ciprofloxacin
55. 1987 Aminoglycosides: their present status and their future
56. 1987 New oral antibiotics.
57. 1987 Pathogenesis of renal injury induced by endotoxin and aminoglycosides. In: Aminoglycosides: their toxicity and their future
58. 1987 Pharmacokinetics of carumonam after single and multiple 1 g and 2 g dosage regimens
59. 1986 Tissue penetration of Antibiotics
60. 1985 DNA Gyrase inhibitors. The present and future. Clinical perspective. Discussion: The clinical experience with the newer Quinolones
61. 1984 Attitude therapeutique face aux nouvelles cephalosporines
62. 1983 Research on sexually transmitted diseases in Canada.
63. 1983 Les aminoglycosides dans le rein
64. 1983 Le syndrome deimmunogeficience acquies (SIDA).
65. 1980 L'Haemophilus influenzae en 1980: Aspect clinique, microbiologie et therapeutique
66. 1980 Les pneumonies, approche clinique
67. 1978 Antibiotherapie et infections des voies respiratoires
68. 1978 A Review of models for the therapy of experimental infections

4th Annual Pharma R&D Asia Congress
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