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Grant Support

Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 2010 2011 Eradication of lymphomas by the NK killer receptor NKp46 Lewis family donation NA
2. 2009 2011 The function of the NK killer receptor NKp46 in CMV and Influenza infections. Israel Croatia Joint Research Grants NA
3. 2010 Learning from viruses: MicroRNAs controlling tumor cell attack by NK cells. ICRF professorship grant NA
4. 2010 Identification of cellular microRNAs controlling the function of tumor cells Israel Cancer Association NA
5. 2010 Identifying microRNA-based tumor immunoevasion mechanisms through the study of viral microRNAs AICR NA
6. 2010 Regulation and function of viral and cellular microRNAs controlling the immune response DKFZ-MOST NA
7. 2009 2010 Killing of beta cells by the NK killer receptor NKp46 JDRF NA
8. 2007 2010 Tumor development in the absence of NK activating receptors AICR NA
9. 2009 The function of Natural Killer cells in TAP-2 deficient patients ISF NA
10. 2007 2009 The Role of Natural Killer Cells in Pregnancy and in Cancer: Identification of Proteins that are Recognized by Natural Killer Cells in Pregnancy and in Cancer Roosetrees Trust NA
11. 2007 2009 Tumor development in the absence of the NK activating receptor Ncr1 Israeli Cancer Research Foundation NA
12. 2006 2009 NK defense and therapy European consortium NA
13. 2006 2009 Anti-tumor targeting European consortium NA
14. 2008 Killing of pathogens in the absence of NCR1 Israel Science Foundation NA
15. 2006 2007 Short title TAP2-deficiency and tumors ministry of health Israel NA
16. 2004 2007 The molecular mechanism controlling the interactions between members of the CEACAM family and immune cells BSF NA
17. 2003 2007 Identification of CMV-induced ligands recognized by inhibitory and activating NK receptors Israel Science Foundation NA
18. 2002 2005 CMV and host defense European consortium, Quality of Life and Lining Resources NA
19. 2002 2005 Identification of lysis ligands in tumor prostate cell lines CapCure NA
20. 2004 The function of CEACAM1, CEACAM5 and CEACAM6 proteins in the inhibition of human NK killing Israel Cancer Association NA
21. 2004 Studying the function of human Natural Killer cells in a newly Identified family of patients suffering from TAP2 deficiency Fritz Thyssen Foundation NA
22. 2001 2004 Identification of the NKp46-ligand: A ligand which is involved in the lysis of tumors and viral-infected cells German-Israeli Research Program NA
23. 2003 The function of CEACAM1, CEACAM5 and CEACAM6 proteins in the inhibition of human NK killing, 150,000 Shekels for one year Israel Cancer Association NA
24. 2001 2003 Immunological markers related to prostate cancer prognosis: Identification of “lysis ligands” for human NK lysis receptors Cancer Research Institute NA
25. 2000 2003 Identification of the NKp46 ligand The Israel Science Foundation NA
26. 2000 2001 A novel way of killing mechanism used by NK cells Binational Science Foundation NA

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