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1. 2012 Diagnosis of gout in patients with asymptomatic hyperuricaemia: A pilot ultrasound study Ann Rheum Dis Dis ; 71:157–158
2. 2012 Metrological properties of ultrasound vs. clinical evaluation of synovitis in rheumatoid arthritis: results of a randomized, multicentre study. Arthritis Rheum ar-11-0045.R2(Epud ahead of print).
3. 2012 Uric Acid Excretion in Normal Subjects: A normogram to assess the mechanisms underlying purine metabolic disorders Metabolism METABOLISM-D-11-00386R1(Epud ahead of print).
4. 2012 Practice of ultrasound-guided arthrocentesis and joint injection, including training and implementation in Europe: results of a survey of experts and scientific societies Rheumatology (Epud ahead of print).RHE-11-0732
5. 2011 Seguimiento clínico y ecográfico a un año del Estudio Piloto de Derivación de pacientes con Espondiloartritis Precoz (ESPIDEP). Reumatol Clín. ; 7:230-235.
6. 2011 New perspectives in enthesis ultrasound: validation of enthesis fibrocartilage. Int J Clin Rheumatol ; 6: 11-14
7. 2011 Diagnostic Accuracy of Enthesis Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Early Spondyloarthritis Ann Rheum Dis . 70:434-9.
8. 2011 the Esperanza Group. A model for the development and implementation of a national plan for the optimal management of early spondyloarthritis: the Esperanza Program Ann Rheum Dis ;70(5):827-30.
9. 2011 OMERACT Ultrasound Task Force.A systematic literature review analysis of ultrasound joint count and scoring systems to assess synovitis in rheumatoid arthritis according to the OMERACT filter J Rheumatol. ; 38:2055-62.
10. 2011 High prevalence of ultrasonographic synovitis and enthesopathy in patients with psoriasis without psoriatic arthritis. A prospective case-control study. Rheumatology (Oxford). ;50:1838-48
11. 2011 An Audit of the Variability of Diagnosis and Management of Gout in the Rheumatology Setting: the GEMA Study J Clin Rheum. ;17:349-355
12. 2011 Enthesis erosion in spondyloarthritis is not a persistent structural lesion Ann Rheum Dis ;70:2008-10
13. 2011 Role of the CCR5/Δ32CCR5 polymorphism in biopsy-proven giant cell arteritis. Human Immunology,;72:458-61
14. 2011 A non-synonymous functional variant of the ITGAM gene is not involved in biopsy-proven giant cell arteritis. J Rheumatology ; 38:2598-601
15. 2011 Entheses ultrasound workshop group. Teaching Enthesis Ultrasound: Experience of an Ultrasound Training Workshop Rheumatol Int. Sep 14. [Epub ahead of print]
16. 2011 the ARTROACAS study group, Spain. Feasibility and efficacy of a multidisciplinary health care programme for patients with knee osteoarthritis Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology ; 29: 000-000. (Epud ahead of print).
17. 2011 The CD226 gene is not involved in Giant Cell Arteritis in the Spanish Caucasian population Clin Exp Rheumatol CER5062 revision (20111122125910-5399) (Epud ahead of print).
18. 2011 Value of a short four-joint ultrasound test for gout diagnosis:A pilot study. Clin Exp Rheumatol CER5172 revision (20111212210351-5511) (Epud ahead of print).
19. 2010 Superiority of SDAI over DAS28 in assessment of remission in rheumatoid arthritis patients using Power Doppler ultrasonography as a gold standard. Rheumatology (Oxford) ;49:683-90
20. 2010 Uric acid metabolism in patients with primary gout and the metabolic syndrome. Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids. ;29:330-4
21. 2010 Metabolic syndrome characteristics in gout patients Nucleos Nucleot Nucl ;29:325-9
22. 2010 . The Incidence of Early Spondyloarthritis: results from the pilot registry ESPIDEP. Clin Exp Rheumatolgy ; 28:498-503
23. 2010 Compliance in gout patients. Acta Reumatol Port ;35:466-74.
24. 2010 Índices ecográficos en espondiloartritis Reumatol Clin ; 6 (S1):37-40.
25. 2010 Three dimensional volumetric ultrasonography. Does it improve reliabililty of musculoskeletal ultrasound? Clin Exp Rheumatol ; 28:79-82
26. 2009 Ecografia músculo-esquelética em reumatologia. Acta Reumatol Port. ;34:388-394
27. 2009 Hip arthritis in an young adult - a diagnosis to consider. Acta Reumatol Port ; 34:651-55.. 2009;34:651-5.
28. 2009 Utilidad y futuro de la ecografía en el diagnóstico de la arteritis de células gigantes Reumatol Clin ; 5:1-2
29. 2009 Validity of Enthesis Ultrasound Assessment in Spondylarthropathy Ann Rheum Dis ; 68:169-174
30. 2009 Imaging of Gout Arthritis Research & Therapy ; 11:232-239
31. 2009 Ultrasound validity in the measurement of knee cartilage thickness Ann Rheum Dis ; 68:1322-1327
32. 2009 Enthesis Inflammation in Recurrent Acute Anterior Uveitis without Spondyloarthritis Artrhitis Rheum ; 60:1985-1990
33. 2009 Reacção de corpo estranho a folha de palmeira Acta Reumatol Port ;34:136-7
34. 2009 Ultrasound Giant Cell Arteritis Group. Learning and Reliability of Color Doppler Ultrasound in Giant Cell Arteritis Clin Exp Rheumatolgy ; 27 (suppl 52):S53-58
35. 2009 Doppler color echocardiography in the diagnosis of giant cell arteritis. Acta Reumatol Port. ;34:183-9
36. 2008 Recommendations for the content and conduct of EULAR Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Courses Ann Rheum Dis ; 67: 1017 - 1022
37. 2008 Ombro Acta Reum Port ; 33:27-30.
38. 2008 Color Doppler e Power Doppler em Patologia Reumatológica Acta Reum Port ; 33:34-35
39. 2008 Asympmatic hyperuricemia: Impact of ultrasonography Nucleos Nucleot Nucl ;27:592-5.
40. 2008 Papel de la Ecografía en las Artritis Microcristalinas Reumatol Clin ; 4 Supl 3:50-54.
41. 2008 Una ventana abierta en la arteritis de células gigantes Los Reumatismos ; 6:27-31.
42. 2008 Validez y utilidad de la ecografía en el síndrome del túnel carpiano Reumatol Clin ; 4:100-106.
43. 2007 Agudeza diagnóstica del examen físico de rodilla en la artritis reumatoide: estudio clínico y sonográfico del derrame articular y quiste de Baker Rheumatol Clin ; 3:98-100
44. 2007 Level of agreement between rheumatologists on US image acquisition using a 3D volumetric probe Clin Exp Rheumatol ; 25:116
45. 2006 Assessing the intra- and inter-reader reliability of dynamic ultrasound images in power Doppler ultrasonography Ann Rheum Dis. ; 65:1658-1660
46. 2006 EULAR Working Group for Musculoskeletal Ultrasound.Inter.-observer reliability in musculoskeletal ultrasonography: Results from a “teach-the-teachers” rheumatologist course Ann Rheum Dis 65:14-19
47. 2006 Clinical and ultrasonografic findings related with knee pain in knee osteoartrhitis. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage ; 14:540-544.

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