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Communication is central to, and increasingly important in, the world. The Department of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is defined by its commitment to providing outstanding educational opportunities for students at this University and to being a leading force in shaping the direction of communication studies, education, and practice in the state, nation, and international community, following these principles:

1. We want to foster critical awareness of communication choices, behavior, and technologies.

2. We expect that in doing so, we will enhance the democratic potential of students, indeed of all citizens, to participate in a humane and just society.

3. This approach implies a significant integration of:

* the relationship among conceiving, producing, and understanding communication messages;

* ethical, creative, and aesthetic perspectives in both teaching and research;

* different approaches to communication across the sub-areas of the field; and

* the practical experiences of students as members of the diverse communities to which they belong.

4. Finally, communication as it is expressed, taught, and studied at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill must be responsive to significant needs, changes, and demands of the various constituencies served by the University.

Communication Studies is a field of inquiry that produces a working understanding of the presuppositions, production, performance, and interpretation of communication in its diverse forms ranging from speech to electronic media. As a department, our guiding assumption is that Communication Studies is a form of critical activity. In it, the "everyday" objectivity of human meaning production is called into question, scrutinized, and transformed. This work is done for a practical aim. Through our teaching, research, and service, we seek to develop and enhance the ability of students, fellow citizens, and communities to express their interests, understand others, and contribute to the aesthetic, political, social, and cultural environments in which they live.

OUR GOAL, THEREFORE, is to build on our vigorous traditions of excellence in teaching, research, and service by embodying commitments to

* foster critical perspectives,

* contribute to an informed and participatory democratic citizenry,

* integrate theory and practice, and

* respond to local and global demands for communication knowledge

in a graduate and undergraduate program that is, and will be, one of the leading programs of its kind nationally.

Name:Richard M Goldberg
Organization:University of North Carolina

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