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University of Chicago Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Intellectual Property:

The Mission of UChicagoTech

May 2001

Basic Research and the Public Good

Central to the mission of the University is research, education, and the publication and dissemination of ideas and discoveries. As our motto (Crescat scientia, vita excolatur.) suggests, the creation of new knowledge can enrich life of all. When the University accepts funding support for faculty research, it also frequently accepts an obligation to disseminate and manage the results of that research for the benefit of the public. When combined with traditional modes of dissemination, the commercial development of research results may contribute to their achieving the greatest impact, the widest dissemination, and the maximum contribution to the public good. Revenues from commercial development are used to support new and ongoing efforts in basic research and education.

The Role of UChicagoTech

UChicagoTech manages the University's dissemination of intellectual property through commercial channels, including inventions, software, and educational or research materials involving new information technology. The office is engaged with and responsive to the faculty, in an environment that is broadly supportive of entrepreneurship among the faculty.

A Market-Based Approach

Successfully using commercial channels for dissemination and generating revenue depends upon the discipline of market-based decision-making. Each commercialization decision entails multiple costs - time on the part of faculty and administrators, possible effect on other means of dissemination of the work, and (sometimes extensive) financial resources from the University. Thus once a faculty member has decided to explore commercialization as a means of dissemination, UChicagoTech must analyze the viability of commercial development. If opportunities exist, UChicagoTech will oversee intellectual property protection, marketing, licensing, relationships with companies, and if appropriate, the creation of new businesses.


Successful use of commercialization for both dissemination and generation of resources depends upon a close working relationship between UChicagoTech and those who have developed new intellectual property. UChicagoTech will also contribute to relevant efforts within the University: participation in new educational technologies; cooperative efforts with other universities or research centers on mutually beneficial initiatives; the creation of a climate for richer and more productive interactions between the University and corporations. Partnerships and communication with faculty, the Divisions and Schools, Argonne National Laboratory, and specific educational programs and administrators are essential ingredients for UChicagoTech's success.

Laws, Regulations, and Obligations

The management of University intellectual property is complex. There can many constituencies and conflicting interests. UChicagoTech works at the interface of science, business, and law, and within the multiple contexts of University policy, federal and state regulation, research sponsor obligations, and commercial contractual obligations. UChicagoTech will strive to achieve its mission while ensuring compliance within these contexts.

Name:Ezera E.W. Cohen

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