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Raju Kucherlapati

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MISSION: Promote Genetics and Genomics in Research and Clinical Medicine

Harvard Medical School (HMS) and Partners HealthCare System (PHS) established the Center for Genetics and Genomics in 2001. Dr. Raju Kucherlapati was recruited to be the first Scientific Director of this Center. The Center is accomplishing its mission through a number of strategic approaches that are described below.

The fields of Human Genetics and Genomics have matured significantly during the past several years. The science of Genomics enabled us to obtain the maps and DNA sequence of many organisms, including the human, and it is now well established that many aspects of human health and disease have a genetic basis. The tools that have been developed to accomplish the mapping and sequencing goals are promising to revolutionize medical research and clinical practice. Harvard Medical School and the participating institutions in Partners HealthCare possess a number of outstanding geneticists and genomicists. The Center will bring together this great talent to change the rate of discovery of genes involved in human disease, as well as to develop programs that will assist in the understanding of the roles of the large number of human genes and how changes in these genes result in predisposition to common diseases. Most importantly, the Center will strive to utilize this knowledge to better manage and treat the large patient population served by the Partners institutions.

Name:Raju Kucherlapati

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