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Yinon Ben-Neriah

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The Authority for Research and Development is the main administrative department responsible for encouraging, furthering and arranging all research activities at the University. The Authority is governed by administrative regulation 02-021 , in accordance with the policies established by the Authority's Steering Committee, headed by the President of the University.

Its main duties are:

1. Identification of potential sources of funding for research and development in Israel and abroad, as well as development, administration and maintenance of good working relations with these sources in order to enhance the availability of funding and increase the likelihood of grant awards.

2. Providing assistance to researchers in submitting grant proposals to outside sources; dissemination of information on the availability of grants; assistance in drawing up budgets according to the granting source's requirements; assistance in the logistics of submitting grants; conducting negotiations with the funders and the signing of contracts.

3. Administering the research budgets of the University whether the funding is from the Authority's research contracts, contributions (under the Division for Development and Public Relations) or research requests from commercial sources (under Yissum Research Development Company). This includes:ccording to the needs of the researchers, the rules of the institutions involved and the agreements with the funding agencies.

4. Administration of the University's research centers; setting up new centers and assistance in administering their day-to-day activities.

5. Organization of conferences on research and development with scientists and others in institutions in Israel and abroad, in cooperation with the Division for Development and Public Relations and academic departments directly involved in research.

6. Publication of reports, surveys and other material which describe the research activities at the University for various target populations (staff, researchers, donors, publicists, government agencies, etc.)

7. Participation in updating the University's research policies and in determining standards for activity in these areas.

8. Representing the University in Israel and abroad (in front of funders, legislators, government and regulatory agencies, research partners, etc.) in order to further research and development activities of the University and its researchers.

9. Allocation of internal funds for assistance to new researchers, incentive grants for new proposals, awards for excellence in research and direct monetary assistance.

10. Advice to faculty and administrative staff regarding the use of research budgets within contractual commitments and University regulations.

Name:Yinon M. Ben-Neriah

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