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The UBA was founded 12th August 1821 . At present, it represents a well-known prestigious place for the training of professionals with over 6650 teachers and more than 100.800 students characterized by its strong commitment with society.

The authorities of the University of Buenos Aires are the Rector and the Superior Board. The former is elected by a University Assembly - that represents the Senates and Faculties- and the position is held for a period of four years.

The Superior Board is made up of the Rector, the Deans of all Faculties and five representatives per senate: teachers, graduates and students.

Each Faculty has a management made up of the Dean and the Superior Board. The latter is composed of eight teacher representatives, four graduate representatives and four student representatives.

The Superior Board is in charge of appointing both the Dean and Vice- dean, positions which are to be held by teachers of the Faculty.

Name:Alberto Kornblihtt

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