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Jeff Hall

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Brandeis University is at the forefront of research in many of the most exciting areas of modern life sciences. Research programs in over 50 laboratories investigate fundamental life processes ranging from the structure and function of individual macromolecules to the mechanisms that control the behavior of whole organisms. About 125 graduate students, 100 postdoctoral fellows, and numerous undergraduates explore outstanding questions in areas as diverse as neuronal development and plasticity, signal transduction, immunology, the molecular basis of genetic recombination, and the three-dimensional structure of macromolecular assemblies. Our researchers take advantage of state-of-the-art approaches in molecular and cell biology, biophysics, physiology, biochemistry, and neuroscience.

To discover the full breadth of research currently underway in our laboratories, please follow the links below. They list the research interests of faculty members connected with the life sciences:

Name:Jeffrey Hall

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