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Joseph M. Ahearn

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Each year, hundreds of Pitt students participate in undergraduate research projects by working alongside faculty in laboratories, libraries, and offices across campus.

Excellence in Research

Excellence in Research celebrates the University of Pittsburgh’s achievements in multidisciplinary research by highlighting 12 areas of endeavor in which the University is a current or emerging leader.

Understanding Neurotransmitter Transporters

Susan Amara, Pitt's Thomas Detre Professor of Neuroscience, studies the molecules that function as targets for addictive drugs and therapeutic antidepressants. Her work will enable us to better understand how neurotransmitter transporters regulate communication in the brain.

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Adventures in Structural Biology

Angela Gronenborn can create an image of the inside of a protein molecule to explore its structure and dynamics. Her laboratory is achieving as complete a description as possible for molecular structures, principally through NMR spectroscopy.

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Research in Quantum Computing

Jeremy Levy, director of the Center for Oxide-Semiconductor Materials for Quantum Computation, is developing computers that may one day solve problems faster than all of the world's computers put together.

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Nano-optics Research Offers a Bright Future

Researchers led by Hong Koo Kim, co-director of the Institute of NanoScience and Engineering, have developed a new technology that may revolutionize optics and fields like imaging, spectroscopy, and information technology.

Name:Joseph M Ahearn
Organization:University of Pittsburgh

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