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Integrins mediate adherence and migration of T lymphocytes on human peritoneal mesothelial cells

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We previously showed that a local immune response largely composed of type 1 T cells correlated with a favorable outcome of the peritonitis associated with peritoneal dialysis. To clarify how these subsets are recruited to the peritoneal cavity during inflammation, we measured integrin-mediated interactions between the T cells and human peritoneal mesothelial cells. Direct microscopy showed that lipopolysaccharide or peritoneal dialysis effluent stimulated the adherence of T cells to mesothelial cells, a process mediated by the integrins alpha6beta1 and alpha4beta1. Further, the migration of Th1 cell across human mesothelial cell monolayers grown on transwell surfaces was reduced by anti-alpha6beta1 integrin antibody while that of Th2 cell was inhibited by an anti-alpha4 integrin antibody. Pretreatment with either lipopolysaccharide or rapid response peritoneal dialysis effluent stimulated T cell migration and this was significantly decreased by the alpha6beta1 compared to the alpha4 antibody. These results suggest that integrins may play an important role in mediating selective T cell subset adhesion and migration across human peritoneal mesothelial cell monolayers and differential integrin expression and selective T cell subset recruitment during peritonitis may affect outcome.

Name:Yi Liu
Name:Shu Chien
Name:Pedro A Jose
Name:Z Wang
Name:L Huang
Name:A K Singh
Name:Hong Zhang
Name:Xiaolian Zhang
Name:Friedo W Dekker
Name:Xin J Zhou
Name:Dinesh Rakheja
Name:Michiel G H Betjes
Name:Lynda A Szczech
Name:Brad H Rovin
Name:Toshio Miyata
Name:Thomas L Nickolas
Name:Edward Y Skolnik
Name:Heike Wulff
Name:Chunyu Zeng
Name:Nanping Wang
Name:Youfei Guan
Name:Aiji Yajima
Name:Aeilko H Zwinderman
Name:Carmine Zoccali
Name:Xueqing Yu
Name:Ramesh Saxena
Name:Nosratola D Vaziri
Name:Fred G Silva
Name:Mary B Leonard
Name:Jing Wu
Name:Shekhar Srivastava
Name:Martin Huisman
Name:Masaomi Nangaku
Name:Norio Yamada
Name:Takashi Dan
Name:Sadayoshi Ito
Name:Masaaki Inaba
Name:Bharati V Mittal
Name:Donal N Reddan
Name:Gyongyi Nadasdy
Name:Nathan Harris
Name:Kari Green Church
Name:Haikady Nagaraja
Name:Daniel J Birmingham
Name:Chack-Yung Yu
Name:Lee A Hebert
Name:Ching-Yuang Lin
Organization:University of California

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