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Lifeact: a versatile marker to visualize F-actin

TypeWhite Paper Summary

Live imaging of the actin cytoskeleton is crucial for the study of many fundamental biological processes, but current approaches to visualize actin have several limitations. Here we describe Lifeact, a 17-amino-acid peptide, which stained filamentous actin (F-actin) structures in eukaryotic cells and tissues. Lifeact did not interfere with actin dynamics in vitro and in vivo and in its chemically modified peptide form allowed visualization of actin dynamics in nontransfectable cells.

Name:M. S. Arnold
Name:Marc Vidal
Name:Frederick P Roth
Name:Zena Werb
Name:Frank Vollmer
Name:Kourosh Salehi Ashtiani
Name:Nicole Cloonan
Name:Alistair R R Forrest
Name:Gabriel Kolle
Name:Kwanghun Chung
Name:Hang Lu
Name:Peter W Zandstra
Name:Carsten Werner
Name:Tilo Pompe
Name:Martin Bornhäuser
Name:David E Hill
Name:Michael E Cusick
Name:Subeer S Majumdar
Name:Roland Wedlich- Soldner
Name:Tad A Holak
Name:Frank Bradke
Organization:University of North Carolina

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