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Sharma Usha

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The mission of The Western Pennsylvania Hospital is to provide selected clinical and health related services to meet the general health needs of the residents of metropolitan Pittsburgh and certain of the specialized health needs of the residents of the tri-state area. To enhance its ability to provide these services, the Hospital is committed to operating a variety of educational programs for physicians, nurses, and other allied health professionals and promotes basic and clinical research.

In fulfilling its mission, the Hospital adheres to the following principles:

1. The patient is the focus of all of the Hospital's activities.

2. Services are provided to all individuals who present themselves for medically necessary care, regardless of race, religion, national origin, or ability to pay.

3. Quality is the foremost priority in the provision of services.

4. The services provided are responsive to individual and community needs.

5. As a not-for-profit institution, the Hospital exercises all reasonable measures to maximize the return on the assets entrusted to it by the community.

6. Fostering mutually beneficial relationships with members of the medical community is a goal of ongoing operations and of efforts to develop new programs.

7. Facilitating Hospital employees' professional and personal fulfillment is the highest human resource priority.

8. All patient care, education, and research activities are based on established scientific precepts.

9. The Hospital has an obligation to support the development of public policy related to healthcare.

Name:Sharma Usha
Organization:Penn State university

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