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Amir Arav

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CORE DYNAMICS (formerly I.M.T. Interface Multigrad Technology

Ltd.) is a rapidly growing biotechnology company conducting

research and development in areas of freezing and freeze-drying

of cells, tissues and organs.

The company's mission is to enable long term banking of tissues

and organs intended for transplantation, storage that may allow

improved screening for contaminating factors, better tissue

matching between donor and recipient, and increasing availability

of tissues and organs. In the field of blood transfusion, CORE

DYNAMICS aims to improve storage and inventory management of

blood and to increase safety of transfused blood, all through its

freezing, freeze-drying and sterilization technologies.

Research and development in the area of whole organs is

progressing rapidly to the point where female patients undergoing

chemo or radiation therapy will be able to cryopreserve a whole

ovary for future retransplantation thereby ensuring continued

fertility upon recovery from their disease. Thanks to CORE

technology and development, it will soon be possible for

physicians to correct traumatic cartilage injuries in the knee

with frozen/thawed cartilage allografts. The ability to freeze

cartilage allografts means that a ready supply can be held for

future use, thereby reducing the waiting time of potential

transplant recipients significantly. Both the ability to test for

pathogens and to create banked reserves of biological material

are important advantages that the company is making available in

a number of additional areas as well.

Name:Amir Arav
Organization:Institut Pasteur

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