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Computer science established itself early as a particularly distinctive element in Saarland University's research profile. The expertise in computer science found within the University is complemented by a range of top-class research institutes including the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence, the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science and the International Conference and Research Centre for Computer Science at Dagstuhl Castle. Computer science in Saarbr├╝cken has also proved extremely successful in combination with other disciplines. Examples of such fruitful interdisciplinary co-operations include business information technology, law and informatics, computational biology, computational linguistics and cognitive science, the latter being the subject of a nationally funded collaborative research centre.

Other collaborative research centres at Saarland University have been established in the areas of biomedicine and materials research. New research centres, one for language research and language technology and one for nanobiotechnology are presently under construction.

The skills and expertise at the University in the field of new technologies have led to the creation of numerous spin-off companies. With its specialist young enterprise seminars and a successful start-up centre for spin-off companies, the University is actively promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. To encourage and develop contacts to both the academic and the industrial and commercial sectors, the University has established the Contact Centre for Technology Transfer, and the Centre for Innovative Production, which it runs jointly with Saarland University of Applied Sciences (HTW).

Name:Veit Flockerzi

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