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Li Su

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NIBR is a global research organization committed to discovering innovative medicines that treat disease and improve health. NIBR scientists strive to discover novel drugs by pursuing a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates new concepts and tools across many disease areas including:

* autoimmunity/transplantation/inflammatory disease

* cardiovascular disease

* diabetes

* gastrointestinal disease

* infectious diseases

* musculoskeletal disease

* neuroscience

* oncology

* ophthalmology and

* respiratory disease.

In addition, NIBR has several groups pushing the boundaries of Discovery Science including:


analytical sciences




biologic-based medicine


developmental and molecular pathways




high-throughput screening/hit discovery and



The Novartis pipeline has consistently been ranked by experts as one of the strongest in the industry. With an ongoing focus on diseases where medical needs remain unmet, NIBR scientists are working to ensure that Novartis maintains its strong pipeline and successful track record in innovative drug discovery.

Name:Li Su
Organization:Novartis Pharmaceuticals

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