Biotech China 2014
People Making News at Upcoming Life Science Events
Kevin M. Ryan Beatson Institute for Cancer Research Autophagy in Cell Death and Cancer October 3, 2014
David Wallach Weizmann Institute of Science Anti-inflammatory Functions of Caspase-8 October 3, 2014
Patrice Codogno INSERM STK38 Kinase is a New Beclin 1 Partner required for Autophagosome Formation October 3, 2014
Donna G Albertson University of California Oral cancer associated microbiome – opportunities to enlist the microbiome to monitor and treat patients. October 3, 2014
Ivan Dikic Goethe University Medical School Linear Ubiquitination in Cell Death Pathways October 3, 2014
Ding Xue University of Colorado, Boulder Targets of Caspases -- Death by A Few Cuts October 3, 2014
Rob Knight University of Colorado, Boulder Dynamics of the Human M icrobiome October 3, 2014
Guido Kroemer Institut Gustave Roussy Therapeutic Modulation of Autophagy October 3, 2014
Elizabeth Grice Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Microbiomes of Chronic and Acute Wounds: Predicting Outcomes and Defining Patient P opulations October 3, 2014
Michiel Kleerebezem NIZO Your Food Researchers Impact of Probiotic Consumption on the Human Small Intestine Microbiota and Mucosa October 3, 2014
Susan Erdman MIT, USA Title To Be Confirmed October 3, 2014
Patricia Boya No affiliation recorded Autophagy, Cell Death and Aging October 3, 2014
Bertrand JOSEPH Cancer Centrum Karolinska The Return of the Nucleus: Epigenetic Control of Autophagy October 3, 2014
David RUBINSZTEIN Cambridge Institute for Medical Research United Kingdom Autophagy - from Neurodegeneration to the Plasma Membrane October 3, 2014
Wellington Sun No affiliation recorded Regulation of Microbial Therapeutics October 3, 2014
Jens Walter University of Alberta Dietary Modulation of the Human Gut Microbiota – An Ecological Perspective October 3, 2014
Huiying Li University of California The Human Skin Microbiome in Acne October 3, 2014
Andrea Azcarate-Peril University of North Carolina The Gut Microbiome as a Therapeutic Target for Prebiotics: To Each One Its Own October 3, 2014
Jennifer Fettweis Virginia Commonwealth University The Vaginal Microbiome and Women's Health October 3, 2014
Gary Huffnagle University of Michigan The Lung Microbiome: Re - writing the Textbooks October 3, 2014
4th Annual Pharma R&D Asia Congress
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