Biotech China 2014
People Making News at Upcoming Life Science Events
Jerald C. Sadoff Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation Ebola vaccine development: Controlling and containing outbreaks of Ebola April 7, 2015
Rino Rappuoli Novartis Pharmaceuticals New horizons for vaccine research and innovation: Aligning new technologies together for new possibilities April 7, 2015
Greg Poland The Mayo Clinic Why scientists and physicians inhibit scientific advances: Historical examples and the role of cognitive biases and distortions in judgment and decision-making April 7, 2015
Paula Annunziato Merck and Co Inc Gardasil 9: Building on the Success of Gardasil April 7, 2015
Doran Fink (FDA) Regulating vaccines at the FDA: The recent experience and moving forward April 7, 2015
Lance Gordon Global Health Investment Fund The importance of developing vaccines for neglected infectious tropical diseases: Clinical advancement and partnerships April 7, 2015
Michael Watson Sanofi Pasteur Inc What impact have recent changes in the vaccination ecosystem had on its future shape and sustainability April 7, 2015
Gregory Glenn No affiliation recorded Rapid response and control to influenza and MERS pandemics and outbreaks April 7, 2015
Chip Clark Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc Positive top-line phase 1 results for a novel universal pneumococcus vaccine April 8, 2015
Leslie J. Williams Ventaira Pharmaceuticals Panel: Addressing allergy and autoimmune disorders with similar approaches: How do clinical approaches differ to other disease areas and what can we learn from each other? April 8, 2015
Stephen L. Hoffman No affiliation recorded Panel: How much clinical efficacy is enough? April 8, 2015
Eugene Kennedy Harvard University HyperAcute® Immunotherapy: A Whole-Cell Vaccine Approach to Cancer Treatment April 8, 2015
Danilo Casimiro, Merck Vaccines against Dengue: Challenges and opportunities April 8, 2015
Anne S. De Groot Brown University Developing an Ebola vaccine using FastVax technology: Can we apply the power of computational vaccinology to the development of more effective vaccines? April 8, 2015
Samir Khleif NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE,NIH Chair’s opening remarks April 8, 2015
Harriet L. Robinson GeoVax Labs, Inc. Phase II development of a prophylactic HIV vaccine April 8, 2015
Michael G. Hanna Vaccinogen Inc. Active specific immunotherapy: Using tumour heterogeneity to successfully fight cancer April 8, 2015
George Siber Genocea Biosciences Chair’s opening remarks April 8, 2015
Pamuk Bilsel FluGen The Promise of Prevention: Developing a universal novel vaccine virus, M2SR, based on deletion of a portion of the M2 gene April 8, 2015
Marc Mansour Immunovaccine Inc Novel delivery systems to facilitate or enhance the sub-optimal uptake of the cancer antigen and adjuvant by the antigen presenting cells April 8, 2015
Biotech China 2014
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