MacuCLEAR and Mystic Successfully Complete Phase Ib Clinical Trial for Macular Degeneration

MacuCLEAR, Inc. (“MacuCLEAR”) and Mystic Pharmaceuticals, Inc., (“Mystic”) announced today preliminary successful results of a Phase Ib Clinical Trial for the treatment and prevention of the progression of Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). The preliminary results indicated that MacuCLEAR’s MC-1101 drug is safe and well tolerated by study participants, and has a biological effect on blood flow in the back of the retina. Mystic’s VersiDoser™ ophthalmic delivery system was used by trial participants to self-administer MC-1101 to the front of the eye during the trial. The study included Proof Of Concept (“POC”) indicators. A key finding of the study was the successful migration of the drug to the back of the eye.


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