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Peptide Vaccines Prevent Colon Cancer in Mouse Model

Cancer researchers working with a mouse colon-cancer model have demonstrated the effectiveness of selected peptide vaccines in protecting the animals from developing the disease.

Investigators from the University of Colorado School of Medicine (Denver, USA) created five peptides that mimicked regions in wild type and mutated T cell antigens. They used these peptides as vaccines for populations of mice. Each animal was injected twice with a candidate vaccine and was challenged a week later with colon tumor cells.



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Jack, I enjoyed reinadg yours and your wife's blog recounting your trip to Asia. It's so encouraging that you were able to encounter such holistic ministry and see living proof of its results. My husband and I have the privilege of serving in Cambodia with an orphan care organization with a similar holistic approach and incredible, life changing results. So wonderful to see what the Lord is doing throughout the world and to be reminded that we are all a part of the same body of Christ!Blessings to you and Whitney.~Michelle

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